Spark-Streaming-as-a-Service with Kafka and YARN: Spark Summit East talk by Jim Dowling

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Transcript of Spark-Streaming-as-a-Service with Kafka and YARN: Spark Summit East talk by Jim Dowling

  • Spark Streaming-as-a-Service with Kafka and YARN

    Jim DowlingKTH Royal Institute of Technology, StockholmSenior Researcher, SICSCEO, Logical Clocks AB

  • Spark Streaming-as-a-Service in Sweden

    SICS ICE: datacenter research environment Hopsworks: Spark/Flink/Kafka/Tensorflow/Hadoop -as-a-service

    Built on Hops Hadoop ( >130 active users

  • Hadoop is not a cool kid anymore!

  • Hadoops Evolution

    2009 2016


  • Hadoops Evolution

    2009 2016

    ?Tiny Brain

    (NameNode, ResourceMgr)

    Huge Body (DataNodes)

  • Build out Hadoops Brain with External Weakly Consistent MetaData Services

    Google-Glass Approach to Intelligence

  • NameNodes


    HDFS Client


    >37X Capacity

    >16 XThroughput


  • Larger Brains => Bigger, Faster*

    16xPerformance on Spotify Workload

    *Usenix FAST 2017, HopsFS: Scaling Hierarchical File System Metadata Using NewSQL Databases

  • Hopsworks Projects

    Datasets/Files Topics Jobs/Notebooks

    Hadoop Clusters Users Jobs/Applications Files ACLs Sys Admins Kerberos

    Larger Brains => More Intelligent*

    *HMGA2 gene mutations correlated with increased intracranial volume as well as enhanced IQ.

    User-Friendly Concepts

  • YARN Spark Streaming Support

    Apache Kafka ELK Stack

    Real-time Logs Grafana/InfluxDB



    YARN aggregates logs on job completion

  • Kafka Self-Service UI

    Manage & Share Topics ACLs Avro Schemas

    Manage & Share Topics ACLs Avro Schemas

  • Logs

    Elasticsearch, Logstash,

    Kibana(ELK Stack)

    Elasticsearch, Logstash,

    Kibana(ELK Stack)

  • Monitoring/Alerting

    InfluxDB and


    InfluxDB and

    Grafana StreamingMetrics.streaming.lastReceivedBatch_records == 0

  • Zeppelin for Prototyping Streaming Apps


  • Debugging Spark with Dr. Elephant

    Analyzes Spark Jobs for errors and common using pluggable heuristics

    Doesnt show killed jobs

    No online support for streaming apps yet

  • Integration as Microservices in Hopsworks

    Project-based Multi-tenancy

    Self-Service UI

    Simplifying Spark Streaming Apps

  • Proj-All


    Projects in Hopsworks


    Shared TopicTopic /Projs/My/Data


  • User roles


    Data Owner- Import/Export data- Manage Membership- Share DataSets, Topics

    Data Scientist- Write and Run code

    Self-Service Administration No Administrator Needed

  • Notebooks, Data sharing and Quotas Zeppelin Notebooks in HDFS, Jobs launcher UI.

    Sharing is not Copying Datasets/Topics

    Per-Project quotas Storage in HDFS CPU in YARN (Uber-style Pricing)

  • Dynamic roles








    Secure Impersonation



  • Look Ma, no Kerberos Each project-specific user issued with a SSL/TLS

    (X.509) certificate for both authentication and encryption.

    Services also issued with SSL/TLS certificates. Same root CA as user certs

  • Simplifying Spark Streaming Apps

    Spark Streaming Applications need to know Credentials

    Hadoop, Kafka, InfluxDb, Logstash Endpoints

    Kafka Broker, Kafka SchemaRegistry, ResourceManager, NameNode, InfluxDB, Logstash

    The HopsUtil API hides this complexity. Location/security transparent Spark applications

  • Secure Streaming App with Kafka


    1.Discover: Schema Registry and Kafka/InfluxDB/ELK Endpoints2.Create: Kafka Properties file with certs and broker details3.Create: Producer/Consumer using Kafka Properties

    4.Download: the Schema for the Topic from the Schema Registry5.Distribute: X.509 certs to all hosts on the cluster6.Cleanup securely

    These steps are replaced by calls to the HopsUtil API


  • Streaming Producer in HopsWorks

    JavaSparkContext jsc = new JavaSparkContext(sparkConf);String topic = HopsUtil.getTopic(); //Optional

    SparkProducer producer = HopsUtil.getSparkProducer();

    Map message = sparkProducer.produce(message);

  • Streaming Consumer in HopsWorks

    JavaStreamingContext jssc = new JavaStreamingContext(sparkConf,Durations.seconds(2));

    String topic = HopsUtil.getTopic(); //OptionalString consumerGroup = HopsUtil.getConsumerGroup(); //Optional

    SparkConsumer consumer = HopsUtil.getSparkConsumer(jssc);

    JavaInputDStream messages = consumer.createDirectStream();jssc.start();

  • Less code to write

    Properties props = new Properties();props.put(ProducerConfig.BOOTSTRAP_SERVERS_CONFIG, brokerList);props.put(SCHEMA_REGISTRY_URL, restApp.restConnect);props.put(ProducerConfig.KEY_SERIALIZER_CLASS_CONFIG, org.apache.kafka.common.serialization.StringSerializer.class);props.put(ProducerConfig.VALUE_SERIALIZER_CLASS_CONFIG, io.confluent.kafka.serializers.KafkaAvroSerializer.class);props.put("producer.type", "sync");props.put("serializer.class","kafka.serializer.StringEncoder");props.put("request.required.acks", "1");props.put("ssl.keystore.location","/var/ssl/kafka.client.keystore.jks")props.put("ssl.keystore.password","test1234")props.put("ssl.key.password","test1234")ProducerConfig config = new ProducerConfig(props);String userSchema = "{\"namespace\": \"example.avro\", \"type\": \"record\", \"name\": \"User\"," + "\"fields\": [{\"name\": \"name\", \"type\": \"string\"}]}";Schema.Parser parser = new Schema.Parser();Schema schema = parser.parse(userSchema);GenericRecord avroRecord = new GenericData.Record(schema);avroRecord.put("name", "testUser");Producer producer = new Producer(config);ProducerRecord message = new ProducerRecord(topicName, avroRecord );producer.send(data);

    Lots of Hard-Coded Endpoints Here!

    SparkProducer producer = HopsUtil.getSparkProducer();Map message = sparkProducer.produce(message);

    Massively Simplified Code for Secure Spark Streaming/Kafka

  • Distributing Certs for Spark Streaming

    1. Launch Spark Job

    Distributed Database

    2. Get certs, service endpoints

    YARN Private LocalResources

    Spark Streaming App

    4. Materialize certs

    3. YARN Job, config

    6. Get Schema

    7. Consume Produce

    5. Read Certs


    8. Read ACLs for authentication

  • Multi-Tenant IoT Scenario

    Sensor Node

    Sensor Node

    Sensor Node

    Sensor Node

    Sensor Node

    Sensor Node

    Field Gateway





    Evil CorpEvil Corp

    IoT Cloud Platform

    DontBeEvil Corp

    DontBeEvil Corp

  • IoT ScenarioACME DontBeEvil Corp Evil-Corp

    AWS Google Cloud


    User Apps control IoT Devices

    IoT Company:Analyze Data,Data Services for Clients

    ACME DontBeEvil Corp Evil Corp

  • Cloud-Native Analytics SolutionACME S3S3


    OracleOracleIoT Company

    Each customer needs its own Analytics Infrastructure

    Each customer needs its own Analytics Infrastructure

    Spark Streaming App

  • IoT CompanyProjectGatewayTopic

    Hopsworks Solution using Projects


    ACME Dataset

    Data Stream

    Analytics Reports

  • Hopsworks SolutionACME

    Spark Streaming App



    ACME Topic

    ACME Analytics Reports

    ACME Analytics Reports

    Spark Batch Job

    ACME Project

  • Karamel/Chef for Automated Installation

    Google Compute Engine BareMetal

  • DEMO

  • Hops Roadmap HopsFS

    HA support for Multi-Data-Center Small files, 2-Level Erasure Coding

    HopsYARN Tensorflow with isolated GPUs

    Hopsworks P2P Dataset Sharing Jupyter, Presto, Hive

  • Summary Hops is a new distribution of Hadoop

    Tinker-friendly and open-source. Hopsworks provides first-class support for

    Spark-Streaming-as-a-Service With support services like Kafka, ELK Stack,

    Zeppelin, Grafana/InfluxDB.

  • Hops TeamJim Dowling, Seif Haridi, Tor Bjrn Minde, Gautier Berthou, Salman Niazi, Mahmoud Ismail, Theofilos Kakantousis, Ermias Gebremeskel, Antonios Kouzoupis, Alex Ormenisan, Roberto Bampi, Fabio Buso, Fanti Machmount Al Samisti, Braulio Grana, Adam Alpire, Zahin Azher Rashid, Robin Andersso, ArunaKumari Yedurupaka, Tobias Johansson, August Bonds, Tiago Brito, Filotas Siskos.


    Alumni:Vasileios Giannokostas, Johan Svedlund Nordstrm,Rizvi Hasan, Paul Mlzer, Bram Leenders, Juan Roca, Misganu Dessalegn, K Sri Srijeyanthan, Jude DSouza, Alberto Lorente, Andre Mor, Ali Gholami, Davis Jaunzems, Stig Viaene, Hooman Peiro, Evangelos Savvidis, Steffen Grohsschmiedt, Qi Qi, Gayana Chandrasekara, Nikolaos Stanogias, Daniel Bali, Ioannis Kerkinos, Peter Buechler, Pushparaj Motamari, Hamid Afzali, Wasif Malik, Lalith S