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  • 1.The 2011-2013 Spanish Protests The Hottest New Ideology Sweeping Europe: Indignant Joe Weisenthal

2. The 2011-2013 Spanish Protests Also known as: 2011-2013 Spanish protests 15-M Movement (Movimiento 15-M) The Indignants Movement Take the Square #spanishrevolution 3. The 2011-2013 Spanish Protests Series of ongoing demonstrations in Spain Started: May 15, 2011 Place: Puerta del Sol, Madrid, Spain Inspired by: France uprisings (1968) South Korea (1980 and 1987) Greece (2008) Tunisia, Egypt revolution (2011) Origins: Real Democracy Now (Democracia Real YA) Youth Without a Future (Juventud Sin Futuro) 4. The 2011-2013 Spanish Protests Where? Began in Puerta del Sol, Madrid Spread to other parts of Spain Barcelona Valencia Seville Bilbao, etc. 5. Background During the Eurozone crisis Fall of the banking sector Housing bubble Unemployment (1 out of 3 are unemployed) Welfare cuts Soaring borrowing costs (investors are driven away) Implementation of Sinde Law DEAD ECONOMY 6. Whats the big fuss? Spain low levels of civic and social participation Spanish economy as 4th largest after Germany, France and Italy (11% of the blocs GDP) A MAJOR movement organized through social media and those who are called The Facebook Generation and is broadcast and spread through social media 7. Demand Democratic representation Junk SINDE law Change in the Political System Democratic representation PP and PSOE 8. Effect Spread of the concsiousness Organization of different mass movements made easy through social networking Issues were addressed 9. Sources Spain eurozone crisis: Where jobs are a lottery How the indignidados motivated Spain opinion Crisis in Spain, a solution? 20112013 Spanish protests _protests Spain set to reveal the pain in its books