Spanish Conquests

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Spanish Conquests . Mr. Green . Other explorers. Ferdinand Magellan- In 1519, he decided to do the boldest exploration yet- Sail from Spain around the southern tip of South America through the Pacific all the way back to Spain This is known as Circumnavigating the World - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Spanish Conquests

Spanish Conquests

Mr. Green Spanish Conquests Other explorersFerdinand Magellan- In 1519, he decided to do the boldest exploration yet- Sail from Spain around the southern tip of South America through the Pacific all the way back to SpainThis is known as Circumnavigating the WorldUnfortunately, Magellan died in the Philippines Hernando Cortes Looking to claim land for Spain, Cortes marched his army inland He and other Spaniards are known as CONQUESTADORS He and his men carved out land in present day Mexico, South America, and the United States looking for GOLD AND SILVERCortes Conquers the Aztecs Bringing a force of 600 men, Cortes marched into the Aztec Capital of Tenochtitlan Emperor Montezuma thought he was a God; Cortes said, we have a disease of the heart and only Gold can cure it

WarOne of Cortes men killed some Aztecs-this created a problemAfter one year of fighting, Cortes conquered the Aztecs in 1521Spanish Advantages: Weaponry, Spanish Allies within Mexico, and DiseaseSince Native Americans had never been exposed to smallpox, measles, or typhus- killing 10 million in just 5 years

Spanish Conquest of PeruSpaniard Francisco Pizarro defeated the Incan Empire and ruler Atahualpa

Key TermsMestizo- Mixed Spanish and Native American Population

Encomienda- Forced slavery of Native Americans

Encomienda abolished in 1542But turned to African Slaves instead Mr. Green European Nations Settle north americaCompeting Claims for north americaThe Following Nations are involved:FranceBritainNetherlandsSpain

***Follow with worksheet (pg. 16)***New FranceExplorers: Giovanni da Verrazzano, Jacques Cartier, and Sam de ChamplainReasons for Exploration: Wanted to make money off the land through trade with Native Americans and through Fur Trade. Quebec City was foundedJamestown Founders: 100 Settlers of Investors from England to charter a colony in 1606

Significance: Over first ten years, 7 out of 10 people died from starvation, disease, and attacks with Native Americans- BUT were able to hold on and have England gain a foothold in the New World PlymouthReasons for Colonization: Pilgrims(came because they were persecuted for their beliefs in England) and Puritans(Came ten years later for the same reasons but settled in nearby Massachusetts Bay)

New NetherlandsLand Claims: Hudson River(New York) to Hudson Bay(Canada)

Reasons: Fur Trading Never Ending StruggleEnglish kick out the Dutch and have 1.2 million settlers in 13 Colonies

England wanted to push West but collided with France-this will cause a problemFrench and Indian War Colonists and British against French and Indians

After defeating the French, the British seized control of the Eastern part of North America

Settlers vs NativesKing Phillips War: Native American ruler Metacom and his men attacked settlers

Disease wiped out most of Nativea- leaving Africans the next option for labor for colonistsGood job today! (Me at jamestown)