Sowing the Seeds at Fruit Logistica 2016-03-15¢  Sowing the Seeds at Fruit Logistica Issue...

Sowing the Seeds at Fruit Logistica 2016-03-15¢  Sowing the Seeds at Fruit Logistica Issue 79 | March
Sowing the Seeds at Fruit Logistica 2016-03-15¢  Sowing the Seeds at Fruit Logistica Issue 79 | March
Sowing the Seeds at Fruit Logistica 2016-03-15¢  Sowing the Seeds at Fruit Logistica Issue 79 | March
Sowing the Seeds at Fruit Logistica 2016-03-15¢  Sowing the Seeds at Fruit Logistica Issue 79 | March
download Sowing the Seeds at Fruit Logistica 2016-03-15¢  Sowing the Seeds at Fruit Logistica Issue 79 | March

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Transcript of Sowing the Seeds at Fruit Logistica 2016-03-15¢  Sowing the Seeds at Fruit Logistica Issue...

  • Sowing the Seeds at Fruit Logistica

    I s s u e 7 9 | M a r c h 2 0 1 6 www.Famalco.Net


    Representatives of Fruitland Co. Ltd., namely Mr. Hermann Mallia, Mr. Ryan Muscat, Mr. Noel Ambrogio and Ms. Charmaine Vassallo, attended this year’s edition of Fruit Logistica between the 3rd and 5th of February at the German Capital, Berlin. Around 70,000 trade visitors, and 2,891 exhibitors from 84 countries, rendered this year’s Fruit Logistica, an excellent platform for business and professional networking in the international fresh produce trade.

    Company director, Mr Hermann Mallia, emphasized that this yearly event is an

    important business network opportunity to expand the knowledge of this fast perishable commodity industry. Mr. Ryan Muscat, Fruitland Co. Ltd.'s Finance and Operations Manager, added that this experience served to establish numerous contact points with potential new suppliers from around the globe. Muscat also stated that the Company's business is set to flourish further throughout the coming months.

    During the trade event, Fruitland Co. Ltd. delegation together with the other visitors chose Genuine Coconut, a refreshing

    coconut water drink, as the winner of Fruit Logistica Innovation Award. Northern Greens Kitchen Minis tomato from Denmark, was chosen as the runner-up, whilst the red and yellow striped pepper, Enjoya, placed third.

    Fruit Logistica is a specialized annual trade show and conference event that covers every single sector of the fresh produce business, introduces the latest innovations in the market, and serves as a business network for businesses.

    Keeping in Touch is the monthly newsletter of Famalco Group.

    Harley-Davidson® Malta delegate attends Sales and Marketing Training

    From the 9th-11th February, Rossella Bonello, Finance and Operations Manager of Fapi Motors Ltd. travelled to Athens, Greece and attended two intensive training sessions at Harley-Davidson® SEE Office. The training sessions focused on how a dealership can avoid the risk of slow and non-moving inventory, and how one can create a valuable marketing plan.

    The first training session was conducted by Mr. Antonis Daskos, from DOOR Training and Consulting, and focused on how a dealership can identify slow or non-moving inventory by running relevant reports, and implement methods to measure the inventory and retail section. This session also covered leadership skills, communication methods,

    footfall monitoring, business planning, and allocating timeframes to achieve targets.

    The second training session was conducted by Ms Eleftheria Kallitsa, Marketing Manager at Harley-Davidson®, SEE. This session covered the marketing planning and strategies in using the right tools and media channels, which creates more effective marketing plans. Further, it included the measuring and evaluation on the return of investment of the conducted events.

    Attending both sessions was a great opportunity for Harley-Davidson® Malta to learn key strategies and effectively improve the performance of the dealership operation in Malta.

  • 2 Keeping in touch March 2016

    W H Y M Y J O B I S I M P O R T A N TBirthdays in March

    - 1st - 4th - 7th - 11th - 11th - 12th - 13th - 14th - 16th - 19th - 23rd - 31st

    Clayton Bezzina Karl Camenzuli

    Milan Vukas Jonathan Joseph Gauci

    Mark Briffa Christopher Borg Ronald Camilleri Joseph Camilleri

    Ciprian Avadanei Roberto Mifsud DeGiorgio

    Vladimir Stivala Emanuel-Dorel Boboc

    Every venture needs a structured way of how to scope, manage and commercialise opportunities, its products and services. Fritz Energy Ltd. is no different, and the role I currently occupy confirms this basic principle.

    Interestingly enough whilst occupying this position, a significant amount of time is spent listening to what clients need with the intent of developing the right technical solution for the customer. Based on my experience, in order to be successful, one has to make sure that the customer is always at the centre of the overall company strategy.

    Commercialisation is a process that runs in parallel to the establishment of a solution. One cannot exist without the other. At the end, a business’s survival depends on the adequate monetization of what Fritz Energy Ltd. has to offer to its clients. It is at this stage, that experience is fundamental. I’d always advise to pool in the extensive commercial experience that the owners and other experienced personnel have in making sure that we deliver the right service for the client and for Fritz Energy Ltd.

    In general, I base my day to day job on a few principles that I’d recommend to anyone irrespective of their age and background. Integrity, inquisitiveness, discipline and communication are all traits that I consider fundamental in everyone’s life and I do my best to convey this attitude to my co-workers. I strongly believe that these traits promote a positive working environment and in turn this contributes to employee retention.

    In the long run and looking at the business over a medium to a long term, I’d like to be an active contributor to the company’s growth ambitions, but I also aspire to disseminate more and more sound work practices that may leave long standing positive impact.

    Recruits in February


    Ryan Mario Micallef

    Motorcycle Mechanic & Instructor

    Fapi Motors Ltd.


    Robert Busuttil

    Business Development & Commercial Manager for Fritz Energy

    Peter John Cutajar

    Media Production Executive

    Focused Knowledge Ltd.

    QUOTE OF THE MONTH “Speed is useful only if you are running in the right direction.”

    Joel Barker

    Tonio Caruana Excavator & Operator

    Faceworks Ltd

    Mohamed El Aida

    Project Manager (Property Development

    & Finishes) Fulani Properties Ltd.

  • 3 March 2016 Keeping in touch

    Mario Abdilla, Operations Manager at Faceworks Ltd. joined the company back in 2008, making him one of the first recruits in the company. His role involves managing staff, providing quotations, meeting with clients, operating excavation and demolition machinery and equipment, coordinating construction operations, on-site monitoring and ensuring that high quality work is maintained throughout all projects, amongst other tasks.

    Mario starts his typical working day in the early morning by working at construction sites, and ends the day in the late afternoon back at the office, so as to report what happened during the day. When asked if he loves what he does on a daily basis, Mario replied that his job is his passion and he cannot imagine doing anything else. He finds his job of upmost importance as he and the rest of team manage to successfully complete various projects from start to end, which in return creates great job satisfaction. Founded in 2008, Faceworks Ltd. delivers high-quality excavation and demolition services to the construction industry by constantly investing in the most advanced technologies and offering the safest possibilities in all projects.

    A day spent with

    Mario Abdilla Faceworks Ltd

  • 4 Keeping in touch March 2016

    Age: 21 years

    Status: Single

    I joined Famalco Group on the 24th August 2015

    The best part of my job is the variety of tasks that I have on a daily basis.

    My dream job is working in accounts.

    In my free time I sing and dance at weddings.

    My favourite cartoon characters as a child till today are Tom & Jerry.

    My favourite film is Fast and Furious.

    My favourite singer/band is Beyoncé.

    My most memorable experience is when I learned that I am going to become an aunt for the first time.

    My ultimate dream is to sing and perform with my idol Beyoncé.

    I love spending my free time with my beloved pets. I have four dogs (two Yorkshire Terriers, Toy Poodle, Springer) and two turtles.

    I absolutely hate people that are double faced.

    The most important thing in life is to be happy and live my life to the full.

    If I could go back in time I would correct some of the mistakes that I made.

    Something not many people know about me is that I am a really caring person.

    Badger Karting Event

    Tuesday 15th March 19:30 – 22:30

    Mini Grand Prix & Finger Food ORIGINAL PRICE €32.50 subsidised to €15.00 per person (i.e. €17.50 is being paid by the Company)

    Payment in full must be effected when placing booking

    Event open to Famalco Group staff only

    For those not participating in the Mini Grand Prix, come join the fun and support your colleagues for only €7.50 for finger food 2016

    The wedding singer : Antonella Abela