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The campus newspaper of Southeastern University in Lakeland, Fla.

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Issue 1Students share their experiences as they served others across the world

Sept./Oct. 2011


SEUs president presents his vision for the school year and for the future

Dr. Ingle Speaks

Godspell Prev

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Students showcase their GodGod-given talents at Club RushPDF processed with CutePDF evaluation edition

Thursday Nig

ht Live ersep.17 p.20

Rock the Univ Weekend To-

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Photo by Sarah Allen


Issue 1. Sept/Oct 2011.

Renew Chapel: Back in ActionAngelique Heinsen

SEU Missions: ExposedRachel LaFlam


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Stories from the Field A Vision for the FutureMandee Winter

Who Am I in God? DevotionalMandee Winter

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Waiting at the Bus StopCampus News.

Cover Story | Club Rush 10Red Bull FlugtagForty Teams Take the Plunge on Oct. 8th

Ready and WillingAnna Roa

Staff Spotlight: Andrew GardNykole Lucatero



Staff Spotlight: Roy RowlandLiam Salgado

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Letters from PatmosMadison Shira

Battle of the A.L. EastBen Herrman

How to Have a Great WeekendSammie Perez

New PoliciesErica Earl


Student Voices.

Editors|NoteWelcome Back!Its that time of the year againthe campus is buzzing, dorm rooms are decorated, and notebooks are beginning to crinkle right around the edges as fall weather nally rolls in. Questions begin to build in our mindswhat will my mid-term in this class be like? Will I ever work out this equation? Will my roommate ever stop snoring? We all come from different majors, countries, and backgrounds. Some of us are studying to be the next great movie producer and make an irreplaceable mark on the industry. Others are up late memorizing terms and conducting experiments in hopes of someday nding cures for diseases and having the strength to deal with the life or death moments that they may encounter in the future. Some of us are focused on becoming effective teachers, courageous missionaries, or enthralling journalists. And some of us havent quite gured it out yet, but are still getting used to the idea of living away from home. Whatever category we fall into, we all have one thing in commonwe all leave a mark. Every day, your unique experiences, dreams, and talents give you stories that the rest of campusand the worldare waiting to hear. Through midnight cramming, missed workout sessions, and lifechanging chapel services, The Southeastern Times is here to express all those ups and downs. As a transformed magazine, The Southeastern Times will be an expression of what God is doing here and around the world. Its our school. Its our community. Were here to express it!

Southeastern Womens SoccerTara Duffy

Ask Tara Running on Hope: Mens SoccerTara Duffy

NYC Hosts Fall Fashion WeekSally Ibarra

Say What?Sarah Allen

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Godspell PreviewMadison Shira

Fashion on the GoShannell Evans

Leap of FaithJenna Kendall

Student SpotlightRachel LaFlam


Live from Lakeland Florida...Molly Dodd

Lakeland and Beyond.

Rock the UniverseBen Herrman

We hope you enjoy our new look,Mandee Winter Editor-In-Chief

2 | Southeastern Times | Sept./Oct. 2011 | Issue 1

POWERED IN by Angelique Heinsen

I want students to engage in what they are passionate about on mission trips. When you engage in what you care about oversees, you see why missions needs you. Michael Mutz, Missions Program Coordinator

Renew Chapel Southeastern Back in Action EXPOSED!On Kentucky Avenue in downtown Lakeland, a homey, cozy coffee shop faithfully opens their doors to Southeastern University students every Tuesday evening. Renew, an off-campus chapel held at Mitchells in downtown Lakeland, originally started as a commuter outreach intended to get commuters connected and involved and has quickly evolved into a popular chapel held offcampus. The owners Mitchell and Michelle Harvey have been hosting Renew at Mitchells Coffee House for three years. Renew is popular among both commuters and residents of Southeastern because of the more intimate experience and encounter with God and fellow students. Renew meets twice on Tuesday nights at 6:30 p.m. and 8 p.m., allowing for two unique opportunities and more student involvement. The Department of Spiritual Formation (DSF) is the on-campus organization ultimately responsible for this unique alternative chapel venue. They are here to create spaces to get involved according to Melissa Miller, student coordinator for Renew and senior at Southeastern University. Miller announced that this years focus for Renew is community involvement while its theme is Your Story, referring to the many stories of salvation. It ties in how God has written a story for each person, and throughout this semester, stories will be shared and featured at Renew. Speakers will also be talking about biblical characters, their stories, and how to relate to them in modern times. If you have a salvation story you would like to share, be sure to email your story to mystory@ To get involved and join Renews creative team, email Melissa at

MissionsMinistering to sex trafcked women, playing soccer with African children, assisting in postdisaster relief efforts, nurturing children in orphanages, trekking into the bush of Central Africa, teaching personal hygiene and life skills to the gypsy children of Romania, preaching to unreached Muslims, and teaching school classes to children in Kenya. These are only a few of the opportunities Southeastern students have to partake in the upcoming missions trips. Michael Mutzs vision for the missions department is every student, every nation. Mutz believes every SEU student should experience a missions trip and he would love to see Southeastern in every nation, whether its students or alumni. Mutz has a big dream this year when it comes to missions. His goal is for 500 students to go on a mission trip and for 25 trips to go out. Thus far, his goal is already being exceeded since there are 32 trips going out. However, Mutz believes that missions are much more than the work done oversees. Mutzs hope is that Southeastern students will reach out and get involved in the local missions opportunities that surround us. I dont like that we are in a place we can do a lot of ministry, and we dont, said Mutz. Part of his position as missions program coordinator is to coordinate students in local outreach, and he hopes to do much more in local missions this year. Missions needs everyone, no matter what their major is or what kind of talents they have. Mutz is strong in his belief that everyone has a place in missions and they should use their talents on the mission eld.

by Rachel LaFlam

I want students to engage in what they are passionate about on mission trips, said Mutz. When you engage in what you care about oversees, you see why missions needs you. Interested in going on a mission trip? Email Jesse Youmans (Destinations Student President) at or check out the list below of upcoming trips and contact the team leader via SEU e-mail.

2011-12 Missions Trips GO...............

SEU students listen to worship music at rst Renew chapel of the year. Staff Photo: Angelique Heinsen

ALASKA: Seth Spencer AMSTERDAM: Nadia Lindberg AUSTRALIA: Erin Bowe BANGLADESH: Brooke Rice BHUTAN: Taylor Clements CAMBODIA: Sera Manubens TBA: Joshua Berg COSTA RICA: Kathleen Hawley D. REPUBLIC: Ethan Alldredge D. REPUBLIC: Giexly Reyes GUINEA: Davin Ellenberger HAITI: Nicoleta Confusione HAITI: Courtney Meys (Simpson) HONDURAS: Joseph Rihn INDIA: David Hand ISRAEL: Vanessa Leef ISRAEL: Jordan Sweetser JAPAN: Michael Mutz KENYA: Matt Hoag LOS ANGELES: Samantha Land MALAYSIA: Carey Leader MOROCCO: Sam Pimental NEW YORK: Nick Foster PERU: Paz Aguayo ROMANIA: Suzanne Savage RUSSIA: Courtney Aperne SCOTLAND: Alexandra Vittetoe SPAIN: Jamie Descalzo TUNISIA: Corey Johnson UGANDA: Jesse Youmans ZAMBIA: Michael Mutz ZIMBABWE: Allison Larese Issue 1 | Sept./Oct. 2011 | Southeastern Times | 3

POWERED INTupsjft!gspn uif!Gjfmecz!Fsjdb!Fbsm Tvnnfs Njttjpot!Last summer, 18 different mission trips involved different corners of the world to serve for DestiNations. Countries in which students ministered include the Philippines, Israel, Paraguay, Mali, and Jamaica as well as Romania, Tanzania, and Cambodia. Dr. Houlihan, the advisor for DestiNations, hopes that every student goes on a mission trip during their university career. Both people are transformed, he said. Several students approached Dr. Houlihan after the trips to share their stories. You think you have seen poverty until you have been to some of these places, said Houlihan. Many groups worked with other missionary teams, so they were not working where unwanted. The students who went on these trips are now able to share a message of love with a new global view. Romania: The main goal of the team of 10 girls that Suzanne Savage led was to be with the kids and minister. The team worked with the gypsy children, also known as Roma, and taught them a curriculum for basic health and personal care. The traditional gypsy children of Romania do not t the mold of the stereotypical image of a brightly clad wonderer in a wagon. However, they are outsiders, with Turkish and Indian mixed backgrounds. They speak their own language a