South Africa`s crisis situations and South Africa`s reputation

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Transcript of South Africa`s crisis situations and South Africa`s reputation

  • South Africa`s crisis situations and South Africa`s reputation

  • Reputation Management

    It takes years to build a Reputation! If you lose money for the firm, I will be very understanding...If you lose reputation for the firm, I will be ruthless.

    Warren Buffet - Berkshire Hathaway (The best ranked investment house in the world)

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  • What is Reputation?Reputation is an emotional connection and measures how stakeholders feel about your institution`s in terms ofReputation is the HEART of the Company!Your reputation and the reputation of your institution exists in the perceptions of not only your students, investors, and suppliers, but also advocacy groups and regulators.

    Anticipating the reputational impact of business decisions requires understanding how these perceptions are formed, how they change, and their effects on attitudes and behaviour.

    Direct link between your reputation and the reputation of your institution.3 of 15

  • Vuma Reputation Management DashboardAny change within an organisation can have an impact on its reputation. A crisis can damage an organisations reputation, which can have far-reaching implications for the bottom line if not managed effectively.4 of 15

  • Seven Reputation Dimensions drive the overall Reputation which influences supportive behaviour Reputation is Driven by Seven Dimensions5 of 15* Slide sourced from The Reputation Institute

  • Country RepTrak Overview The Model6 of 15The core of the model is the degree of liking, trust, respect, and admiration that people feel for the country.Country RepTrak is a scientifically-developed standardised scorecard that measures perceptions of countries based on key performance indicators designed to assess the relative appeal of the country to responses on a number of attributes.

    Country RepTrak is an instrument that was developed by Reputation Institute to measure the reputation of a country with the public and with more specialised interest groups.

    The model can be used to:Gauge overall reputationDetermine drivers of reputationGauge performance on each attribute of reputationDetermine priorities for reputation-based branding and communications* Slide sourced from The Reputation Institute

  • And what does this mean?The perceived value of a company or organisation that its stakeholders think it has in relation to its counterparts and competitors.

    A companys reputation, good or bad, impacts on how an organisation conducts its business.

    While companies cannot control who talks about them and where, what they can do however is influence what is being said about them.

    Management of stakeholder expectations will maximise the perceived competitive value of an organisation in relation to its peers and competitors.

    How a company is perceived internally and externally is what leads to the reputation it subsequently has.

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  • How to enhance your personal reputation8 of 15Personal dedication going the extra mileBy being above averageBy striving to be the best The importance of confidentiality (team and stakeholders)The importance of words your tone of voiceYour reputation could influence how your institution`s reputation is being perceivedAs a manager understand that your morale has an impact on your teamWhat happens in Vegas stays in VegasKnow and always remember important dates (birthdays, anniversaries, special events)Be prepared to give free advicePropose and accept casual meetings to keep in touchInvite stakeholders to events

  • Reputation Blunders Ernst & Young changing name to EYEskom & Medupi Power StationCollusion in construction industry9 of 15

  • Social Media Crisis Management: Dont Drink and Post10 of 15Published on 21st October 2013 by Jonathan & Erik Bernstein. Leave a Comment

    Should you really even need to be told?

    Most people wouldnt hold a press conference or shareholder meeting after spending a few hours at the bar, yet for some reason many of those same people feel strangely comfortable sharing to social media when theyre in the midst of tying one on.Using social media under the influence creates problems so frequently that the social pros over at Addvocate created a great tongue-in-cheek infographic to help you know when youve had to many to make that brilliant status update:Its not all joking, though. People really have lost major accounts, and their jobs, because they ignored this simple crisis management rule. Feel free to finish your work, then enjoy a few libations, but mixing the two is just asking for trouble.

  • Ensured reporting and coverage on the Oscar Pistorius case was factual and balancedDaily statements and press releases to +/- 370 global mediaVuma managed and responded to between 300 500 call per day1000 email requests and queries per day were individually managed and responded to by the TeamMore than 100 interviews as official spokespeople of the contract periodTracking, monitoring and trend analysis of all media including all social media platformsWe operated within 3 different time zones on an 18 hour day, including weekendsWe designed and managed a new website, which was updated regularly to ensure relevance and information was currentDaily contact with the Pistorius FamilyLeverage our relationships with Media Houses to ensure we achieved our objective of factual and balanced reporting

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  • I Am The Bullet In The Chamber Oscar Pistorius Website Image Is Now Shockingly InappropriateFollowing the recent tragic events and the enormous global interest, the family of Oscar Pistorius has taken the decision to devote his official website to the latest news about developments as well as messages of support. @katthechild: Nike has sponsored Tiger Woods, Lance Armstrong and Oscar #Pistorius.Case Study Oscar Pistorius12 of 15

  • Oscar Pistorius reports to South Africa authoritiesOscar Pistorius has reported to the authorities in the South Africa, despite not being required to under the bail terms set by a judge last week.Mr. Pistorius visited correctional officers in the capital, Pretoria, spokeswoman Lunice Johnston said.

    BBC News Africa - 25 February 2013 Pistorius And South Africa's Culture Of ViolenceTime Magazine - Alex Perry Monday, Mar. 11, 2013Four days before Oscar Pistorius shot her in the elbow, hip and head through the bathroom door at his home in Pretoria, Reeva Steenkamp tweeted a message about violence against women in South Africa. "I woke up in a happy safe home this morning," the 29-year-old wrote.Case Study Oscar Pistorius13 of 15

  • Reputation ManagementIt takes YEARS to build a REPUTATION!14 of 15

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