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South Africa. By: Mr. Hunter. South Africa/Paleontology. BANTU. 1. How were the Bantu different from earlier groups of people in Africa? 2. Why do people think the Bantu migrated south? 3. What happened to the Bantu culture as a result of this migration?. Bantu. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of South Africa

  • South AfricaBy: Mr. Hunter

  • South Africa/Paleontology

  • BANTU1. How were the Bantu different from earlier groups of people in Africa?2. Why do people think the Bantu migrated south?3. What happened to the Bantu culture as a result of this migration?

  • Bantu1. The Bantu were farmers instead of hunter-gatherers.

    2. The desert was spreading; the population was growing.

    3. It became widespread throughout Africa.

  • Trade Networks1. What did the people in southern Africa trade for the salt they needed?Gold, slaves, ivory, cola nuts2. How did camels change the nature of trade in Africa?Camels were well-equipped for travel across the desert, so traders could carry goods across the desert to North Africa.

  • Animal AdaptationsPolar bearsSalamandersFrogsDolphinsGiraffesAnacondasPenguins

  • Ghana, Mali, Songhai?Ruled by Muslim leader, SundiataKnown as the land of goldCapital city became the cultural center of the Islamic worldConquered Mali after Mansa Musas deathDefeated by the Moroccan army in the 1590sPeople became Muslims but continued to practice traditional religions

  • ColonialismBefore the Europeans came,Varied governmentsCitiesVillagesNomadic HuntersArtists

  • SlaverySlavery existed in Africa long before Europeans arrived.

    Movements to stop the slave trade in 1750 occurred, but owning a slave was still legal.

  • SlaverySlaves died of disease or starvation.Communities were robbed of young men.Family structures were destroyed.

  • Slavery

  • Slavery

  • The Road to Independence1. What is nationalism? How did it affect young peoples thoughts in south Africa in the 20s and 30s?2. Why did many Europeans feel that south Africans were able to govern themselves? How did pan-Africanism help to bring about change in Africa?3. How did diversity cause problems for the Nigerians after they gained independence?4. Why did the apartheid in south Africa end?

  • What color are you?_____ : Europeans_____ : White south Africans_____: Muslim Nigerian_____: ex-African soldiers_____: young, educated Africans_____: Nelson Madela