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South Africa. South Africa…. South Africa achieved independence from Britain in 1910. Racial breakdown- White - 16% Black - 70% Other - 14% mixed. South Africa…. In 1948 the Nationalist party came to power in South Africa. Mostly descended from Dutch settlers who favored segregation. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  • South Africa

  • South AfricaSouth Africa achieved independence from Britain in 1910.Racial breakdown-White - 16%Black - 70%Other - 14% mixed

  • South AfricaIn 1948 the Nationalist party came to power in South Africa.Mostly descended from Dutch settlers who favored segregation.

  • ApartheidThe Nationalist party established a strict legal system of apartheid, or the rigid separation of races.

  • ApartheidAll South Africans were categorized according to their race.Races were kept separate Nonwhites could not vote.Nonwhites could not live in white areas.

  • Passbook

  • ApartheidSupporters believed it would allow each group to develop its own culture80% of land remained in white hands.VS.

  • ApartheidEnforced a system of inequality.BathroomsBeachesRestaurants Schools

  • Apartheid at a sporting event

  • Bantu Authorities ActSet up as reservations for blacks in S.A. called BantustansThese were independent black nations within S.A.Blacks were stripped of their S.A. citizenship and voting rights

  • Bantu Authorities ActAmounted to 13% of the land of S.A.Whites set up corrupt tribal leaders enforce the system on blacksLaw of 1970 made all blacks in S.A. citizens of the homelands.Forced 3.5 million blacks into these homelands from the 1950s-1980sIdea was to remove all blacks from S.A.

  • Struggle Against ApartheidMany black leaders demonstrated against Apartheid.Nelson MandelaArchbishop Desmond TutuSteve BikoBoth encouraged Nonviolent resistance to voice their views.

  • Peaceful demonstrations

  • Struggle Against ApartheidSouth African police used violence to suppress protests.

  • Sharpeville MassacreDuring a peaceful demonstration police opened fire killing more than 60 people.

  • Nelson MandelaGov. banned groups that opposed apartheidBlack leaders like Nelson Mandela went into hiding.In 1964 he was captured and placed in prison for life.

  • Outside PressureThe rest of the world demanded South Africa to change its ways.OAU - urged members to boycottUN placed arms embargoOlympic Committee banned S.A. from competition.Many nations (U.S.) imposed economic sanctions on S.A.

  • Steps toward changeEnding ApartheidBy mid 1980s changes were taking placeGov. repealed pass lawsIn 1989 F.W. de Klerk lifted ban on groups who opposed ApartheidMandela was freed in 1991.

  • A new South AfricaNew constitution was written in early 1990s to guarantee rights for allMandela becomes new president

  • South Africas futureMandela retired in 1999.Thabo Mbeki became new PresidentStill many issues in countryCorruption in gov.Economic issuesAIDS is rampant in S.A.

  • South Africas futureJacob Zuma won presidential election April 2009 (landslide ANC victory)Been charged of corruption, but acquittedHad been accused of rape, but acquitted