South africa

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South Africa

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2. ChristianityAtheismCatholicProtestantJewishIslamHindi 3. ReligionAdherents % Adherents %2001 2007Undetermined 610,974 1.36Other 283,815 0.63Non-religious 6,767,165 15.10 3,262,428 8.08Judaism 75,549 0.17 68,640 0.17Islam 654,064 1.46 985,460 1.45Hinduism 551,668 1.23 504,707 1.25Christianity 35,750,641 79.77 29,684,861 73.52Buddhism/Chinese folk 12,113 0.03African traditional belief 125,898 0.28 6,056,487 15.00 4. RamkieMamokhorongChipendani 5. Human Rights Day March 21st On April 27th, South Africans celebrateFreedom Day Workers Day on May 1st June 16th, Youth Day National Womens Day August 9th Heritage Day on September Day of Reconciliation on December 16th 6. PotjiekosUmqombothi 7. The FIFA World Cup in 2010 gave the world a glimpse ofmodern South Africa. However, it was also criticized forfailing to portray what living in South Africa means forlarge parts of the population. The country is diverse in allpossible aspects, from language to religion, owing to themany, many ethnicities unified in this nation. The reality, however, still shows the old divides in terms ofeducation and income, for example. Blacks are, statisticallyspeaking, still the most underprivileged group withinSouth African society. Nonetheless, change does comestep by step, and South Africa has already successfullybegun to lose the aftertaste of decades of governmentalinequality and segregation through a series ofcountermeasures. 8. Today, some of the most important economic sectors includeindustry, particularly the automotive and the emerging IT andcommunications sectors. About a quarter of the population is outof a job, and the majority of unemployed people live on less than1.25 USD a day, the threshold for extreme poverty. South Africa has the continents biggest economy, though thiswent into recession in May 2009 following a sharp slowdown in themining and manufacturing sectors. The construction industry, onthe other hand, benefited from a huge program of governmentinvestment ahead of the 2010 World Cup. South Africa is, alongwith China, Brazil, Russia and India, a member of the BRICS club ofemerging world economic powerhouses. South Africa has the second-highest number of HIV/Aids patients inthe world. Around one in seven of its citizens is infected with HIV.Free anti-retroviral drugs are available under a state-fundedscheme.