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  • 1. SOUTH AFRICA Iyan Sandri

2. LOCATION Size 1.2 mil km2 (470,462 mile2) Continent Africa Southern Hemisphere 29-34 degrees latitude 3. CLIMATERedlands, Ca AVG precip 13.61 Moderate AVG temp 63.65 Comparable to Southern 96 20 California Sunny days cool nights 1676Rainfall in inches tempiture F56 123684 160 -4FebMarAprOctNovDecJanJunJulAugSepMay /~tbw/wc.notes/15.climates.veg/notes_ chap15.htm 4. CLIMATE: EXAMPLEKaroo, SouthAfrica 5. PHYSICAL ENVIRONMENT Inland Plateau Savanna Mountains Narrow Coastal plains Mount Njesuthi 3,408 m 6. PHYSICAL ENVIRONMENT:EXAMPLE Blyde RiverCanyon, Mpumalanga Province 7. BIODIVERSITY HOT SPOTSThree biodiversity hot spots Cape Floral region Succulent Karoo Maputoland-Pondoland 8. BIODIVERSITY,_autumn_2011_051.jpg 9. HISTORY Dutch traders landed 1652 Became know as Boers/Afrikaners British occupation 1795 Gold (1886) and Diamonds(1887) Boers War 1899-1902 Independence 5/31/1910 Republic of South Africa 10. APARTHEID Started in 1948 National Party was in control 4 providences and 10 homelands(black sections) Segregation/ White rule 4 races:white, Indian, colored, and black African National Congress(ANC) Main opposition Strained relations with West Ended in 1994 Full military integration 2003 11. POST-APARTHEID Continued racial tension if they [africans] didnt do theirhomework they got another try and we[whites] got detention. National Anthem National Anthem of South Africa (1994) Mix of Apartheid AnthemsGod Bless Africa non-white The Call of South Africa white Commonwealth restored ANC has won all presidentialelections Register of Reconciliation 12. GOVERNMENT Constitutional Republic Multiparty parliamentary Three-tier(local, provincial, national) Three Capitals Pretoria (Administrative) Cape Town (Legislative) Bloemofontein (Judicial) 9 Providences 13. ECONOMY Human Development Index 0.61 (2011) PPP (2009) $9,790 USD Randphp 7.164/USD 14. PEOPLEAge distribution 50.59 million (2001 census) 5.7 79.5% black 9% white 9% colored65.8 2.5% Asian (Indian) Estimated annual growth rate(2012) -0.412% BR 19.32/1,000 DR 17.23/ 1,00028.5 Life (2012) Expectancy: 48 female, 50 male% Infant mortality: 42.67/1,000 0-14 15-64 65+ 15. PEOPLE: CON. Languages Afrikaans, English, isiNdebele, isiXhosa,isiZulu, Sepedi, Sesotho, Setswana, siSwati, Tshivenda, and Xitsonga Religion Predominantly Christian Education Compulsory 7-15 year olds Sports Soccer Cricket Rugby 16. FOOD Boerewors Sausage Biltong Beef jerky form wild meat Pap Maze, flour, water Staple 17. UNIQUENESS Flag Totally encompassesLesotho Government body separatedgeographically 18. WHY SOUTH AFRICA? Friends Husband girlfriend District 9 Apartheid Bird of Paradise,_autumn_2011_051.jpg 19. SOURCES U.S. Department of State. Background Note: South Africa. Accessed4/12/12. Updated 1/2012 Kerry Kotze (immigrant from South Africa). E-mail questioner. 3/20/12 World Health Organization. South Africa. Accessed 4/5/2012. Updated 2012 CIA Factbook. South Africa. Accessed4/11/2012. Updated 3/2012 South African Government online. . Accessed 4/10/2012. Updated 4/2012 History of Apartheid. Endgame. Channel 4. Accessed 4/12/2012. Updated 5/2009. Accessed 4/11/12. Updated 2009. Western Regional Climate Center. . Accessed 4/13/2012. Updated2012. South Africa. Human Development Reports. . Accessed 4/20/12.Updated 20011 Images from noted URLS