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  • 1. South Africa
    5 themes of geography
    Ingrid Jamay PowerPoints

2. Location
3. Relative Location
Surrounded by Namibia , Botswana , Zimbabwe , and Mozambique
Absolute Location
25 degrees south , 28 degrees east
4. Place
5. Human Characteristics
Population:49,052,489 est. 2009
Visits since 1997-2007: 9,000,000
Top 2 major languages in South Africa are Afrikaans & English
Structure if Government- constitutional democracy
( the government is based on the permission of people)
Major transportations used in South Africa- minibus taxis or cars
6. Cities
minibus taxis
President Jacob Zuma
7. Physical Characteristics
Major Mountains in South Africa;
Njesuthi - 3408 meters
Sentinel- 3165 meters
Cathaderal Park- 3004 meters
Sneeuberg- 2027 meters
Tafelberg- 1969 meters
8. Sentinel
Cathaderal Park
9. Agriculture
Fruits grown in South Africa like : grapes, apples, cherries, peaches, pears, mangoes, lychees, papayas, bananas, etc. are exported mostly toEurope
Wine is a major export with South Africa. It has been ranked 5th largest maker worldwide
Wheat and Sugarcanes are also grown in South Africa
10. South Africa also have livestock farming. They have animals like : sheep, cows, ostrich, antelope, etc.
11. Climate
The Northwest part of South Africa is very dry . The south part of South Africa is usually a tropical climate.
12. H.E.I
Human Environment Interaction
Cold weather are bad for growing food outside and raising animalds outside
Warm weather is good for tourist and beach goers
13. Region
Formal Regions-
City of Johannesburg- 3,888,180
City of Cape Town- 3,497,097
City of Tshwane-2,345,908
Nelson Mandela Bay Metro-1,050,930
14. City of Cape Town
City of Johannesburg
City of Tshwane
Nelson Mandela Bay Metro
15. Movement
Major Exported Goods- gold, diamonds, platinum
Inventions by South Africans-
1. C.A.T Scan was developed by Allan Cormack
2. Dr. Chris Barnard performed the first heart transplant
3. The first swimming pool vaccum cleaner was invented by Ferdinand Chauvier
for more inventions go on to
16. Chris Barnard, Ferdinand Chauvier , Allan Cormack
17. For More Information About South Africa