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  • 1.D: 3/12/13A: South Africa NotesS: Why is South Africa more industrialized than other African countries?H: Apartheid Packetw.o.d: apartheidWarm-Up: Answer questions 1 & 2 on pg554. Write the questions and answers.

2. Word of the Day Word Definition SentencePictureSystem ofApartheidlaws that requiredapartheid separated Black Africansracial andto live inethnic groups homelands and limited and not vote. the rights of Blacks inSouth Africa. 3. Southern Africa 4. I. Republic of South AfricaA. Has coastal beaches, the grass covered high veld and Drakensberg Range.B. Their seasons are opposite of us and they have desert, steppe, Mediterranean, & subtropical climatesC. It is the most developed country in Africa and is rich in gold, diamonds, chromite, platinum & coal. They have high tech farms and produce many consumer goods in Johannesburg 5. I. Republic of South AfricaD. History1. Bantu people settled Africa and won its land in war over diamonds & gold2. Whites set up a system of apartheid that kept blacks and white separate from each other for over 40 years.3. In 1991 the first black president Nelson Mandela was elected 6. I. Republic of South AfricaE. Most live in cities areas. Those in rural are still poor but the Government is working to modernize those areas and improve education for all peopleF. Art and Music reflect the countries long struggle for justice & equalityG. Lesothos only natural resource is water that is sells to South AfricaH. Swaziland is rules by a royal family and mines coal & asbestos 7. II. Atlantic CountriesA. Angola1. Most of Angola is on a plateau with Tropical Savanna climate2. 85% of the people farm coffee & cotton3. 90% of their money comes from oil4. It was a Portuguese colony until 1975 and has suffered from civil war since then 8. II. Atlantic CountriesB. Namibia1. Become independent from South Africa in 19902. It has a hot, dry climate with the Kalahari desert3. Namibia has many mineral & natural resources but the money from those stay in the hands of foreign investors.4. Most people live in a patchy grassland 9. III. Inland Southern AfricaA. Zambia1. The Zambezi river provides hydroelectric power2. Known for their copper and import most of its food 10. III. Inland Southern AfricaB. Malawi1. Much of the land has been made into national wildlife preserves2. Sorghum is grown which makes syrup3. Many are Christians as a result of missionary work 11. III. Inland Southern AfricaC. Zimbabwe 1. Known for mining of gold, copper, iron, &asbestos 2. European owned plantations grow coffee, cotton& tobacco 3. People suffer from the AIDS epidemic 4. Its name comes from the Shona people and theirhuge stone houses 12. III. Inland Southern AfricaD. Botswana1. Hot, dry climate with very little rain causes droughts2. Known for diamonds & copper 13. IV. Indian Ocean CountriesA. Mozambique 1. Has tropical savanna climate and experiencescyclones 2. They practice slash and burn farming that hasresulted in deforestation. 3. They make money by charging other countriesto use its docks 14. IV. Indian Ocean CountriesB. Madagascar1. Grows most of the worlds vanilla2. The majority of the land has been ruined from slash and burn farming3. The beats in music are kept with hand clapping not drums 15. IV. Indian Ocean CountriesC. Comoros1. Tropical forest covers the volcano made island2. They grow cloves, rice, coconuts, and bananas3. They do not produce enough food for its people so the government is pushing industry & tourism 16. IV. Indian Ocean CountriesD. Seychelles1. 90 islands make up this country that grows coconuts & cinnamonD. Mauritius1. This small island has a varied economy of farming, clothing & textiles, and tourism