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Transcript of SOSA National Newsletter SOSA - Fall SOSA Newsletter.pdf SOSA National Newsletter Fall 2011 4 Design...

  • SOSA National Newsletter Fall 2011

    SOSA Fall Newsletter

    By: Marc Billings National SOSA Secretary

    Hello again from all of us on the National Board, and welcome to all of our new members. We have many exciting new things planned for this year, details of which you will find in this newsletter, including Fall Conference information, information concerning the SOSA Mentor of the Year, and a design contest for new SOSA shirts. I hope you enjoy this issue of the newsletter. As always, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns please feel free to contact us at any time. Thank you, and we look forward to seeing you all at the upcoming Fall Conference!

    Marc J. Billings VCOM 2013 Sigma Sigma Phi National SOSA Secretary Student Ambassador and Liaison






    Welcome from the Chair

    Fall Conference 2011

    Shirt Design Contest





    Membership Information

    Mentor of the Year (Application: 8-9)





  • SOSA National Newsletter Fall 2011


    Greeting From National

    Greetings SOSA members,

    My name is Aaron Berg and I wanted to welcome every one, as National Chair, to this up and coming year in SOSA. We have multiple meetings planned for this year, including the Fall Conference in Atlanta in a few weeks time. There is an elite mixture of speakers and events lined up for this fall that will make this conference a special one. If you have any last minute questions feel free to ask any of us on your national board.

    As for individual chapters, I wish you the best in all of your local endeavors. If you need help thinking up ideas for fundraisers or educational seminars, you can always ask the board. Also, if you think your chapter has good ideas and would like to share them you can send them to our Secretary, Marc Billings, and he will add them to future newsletters. For instance, at my chapter, we used the bowel that was normally thrown away from anatomy lab to practice different suturing techniques.

    Everyone on the National Board is working very hard to make this a unique and educational year and I trust you are as well at your respected chapters. I am looking forward to this year and I hope you all are too. Thanks.

    Aaron Berg OMS IV Touro University- Nevada Student Osteopathic Surgical Association National Chair, 2011-2012 [email protected] (612) 702-5465

  • SOSA National Newsletter Fall 2011


    National SOSA Fall Conference

    Hello, y'all! The 2011 Fall SOSA Convention is coming up quickly, and here are the final convention details.

    Again, the conference is September 16-18 (Friday- Sunday) of this year. But please note, there are no planned group activities for that Sunday. This year the ACA meeting is a day ahead, so instead of the typical Saturday/ Sunday set up, we're doing Friday/ Saturday. That being said, students who are around or have a later flight on Sunday are more than welcome to attend ACA speakers on that day, but it's not required. Just keep that in mind when booking flights. But also remember that we will be doing a fun nighttime event that Saturday night, so don't try to leave too early!

    Hotel Information (for those of you who haven't booked yet): Again I recommend staying at the Atlanta Hilton Hotel, as that's where everything will be happening. Slight change when booking the hotel; follow this script exactly to avoid confusion: 1. Call 404-659-2000 and navigate to reservations. 2. Say "I'm calling to book some rooms under the name of Pam Brownlee, phone number 810-444-0831, confirmation number 343-679-3178". Then switch the room out from my name into your own name and provide your credit card information. That last part is super important because I won't be available to get everyone into their rooms. Remember that the hotel will only allow 2 people in a room to get the room discount ($179/night).

    Flights: You can still get a discount with Delta Airlines by calling 800-328-1111 and using the code NM7CR.

    Registrations were due August 31st, but we will still be accepting late registrations on site that Friday morning. However, please note that the late registration fee is $100 dollars (instead of $90). If you're planning on registering on site, please email me so I can keep a count of everyone attending.

    If you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding anything, you can absolutely call, text, oremail me at any time. I look forward to seeing all of you in Atlanta very soon!

    Pam Brownlee 810-444-0831 [email protected]

  • SOSA National Newsletter Fall 2011


    Design Contest

    A special T-shirt/Sweatshirt design contest with YOU in mind

    The Student Osteopathic Surgical Association presents a unique design contest with YOU in mind.

    The T-shirt/Sweatshirt design contest is open to all SOSA members. We are looking for CREATIVITY!

    Think outside the box, make your designs anything you feel represents SOSA or the field of surgery in an interesting way.

    The designs can be abstract, conceptual, conventional, expressive…let your creativity and artistic nature run free from underneath all of those anatomy books!

    The competition will go as follows: YOU submit your design. Once we have collected all of the designs

    YOU will get to vote on your favorite top 3 designs!

    The 3 winners will then get their designs made into T-Shirts or Sweatshirts that will go on sale during our Spring Convention at VCOM. Be on the look out for more

    information coming your way soon!

  • SOSA National Newsletter Fall 2011


    Laser Engraved “SOSA” 2GB USB Keychain Price: $15.00


    SOSA Mentor of the Year Hello,

    We would like to invite you to nominate a surgical mentor for the Surgery Mentor of the Year Award.

    If there has been an influential surgical mentor that has sparked your interest in surgery and helped you realize your love for surgery, nominate them as the SOSA Surgery Mentor of the Year. All you have to do is tell us about how he/she has helped you and your SOSA chapter in 500 words or less.

    • There is to be a maximum of one nominee per school. How the individual schools determine their nominee is up to the individual chapters.

    • The winner will be awarded an engraved plaque and will be invited to give a presentation to the SOSA membership, during the Fall Conference.

    • Nominations are to be turned in at the SOSA registration table the first day of the Fall Conference. But you can always e-mail them in to [email protected] beforehand if you'd like.

    The rules and application are attached at the end of this newsletter. Good luck!

    SOSA is a student lead organization that relies on membership dues from each chapter. Fundraisers supplement these funds allowing us to provide the National SOSA scholarships that you are all eligible for each year. All profits from the sale of fundraiser items go directly to SOSA to help fund these National scholarships. Help us raise funds, and don’t forget to apply for a National scholarship!

    SOSA White Coat Pin Price: $5.00

  • SOSA National Newsletter Fall 2011


    SOSA Technologies

    Hey guys and gals,

    I am really looking forward to seeing you all in Atlanta in a few weeks for the fall conference. Our officers have worked really hard to put together what I believe will be a great experience for all of us future surgeons. I want to make sure you all have the ability to contact us at any time with any questions or concerns regarding SOSA. To access the National SOSA site visit and select the student section in the middle of the page. It contains not only the officer’s contact info, but also other useful information regarding SOSA such as bylaws, conventions, and general membership information. Thanks again for allowing us to represent you on the National level and we will see you all soon!

    Joe Chukwuma UNTHSC- TCOM MS III National SOSA Technologies Coordinator

    Don’t forget to submit your dues and membership roster to ACOS. If you need your chapter’s unique online membership form, instructions on where and how to mail in your checks and rosters or anything else, please contact me at [email protected] Jay Patel OMS III Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine – NY National SOSA Communications Coordinator

    Membership Information

  • SOSA National Newsletter Fall 2011


    SOSA Finances

    Hello! First, I’d like to welcome all of our new members and welcome back all of our returning members! We are very excited about this year and with your active involvement, we are looking forward to making it one of SOSA’s best! As for our finances, one of the SOSA national financial goals this year is to end the year with a positive balance in our account to create a slightly larger nest egg for ourselves. Accordingly, we are working hard on creating cost effective conferences in both the fall and spring. Last year SOSA national spent nearly three times the amount of money we received in registration dollars for the fall conference expenses (San Francisco is a pretty expensive city!). This year we set out to drastically improve upon that number. We estimate this year’s