Sophisticated microscopy - Bell Ophthalmic Equipment .Imaging Module IM 900 ... accessories, the

Sophisticated microscopy - Bell Ophthalmic Equipment .Imaging Module IM 900 ... accessories, the
Sophisticated microscopy - Bell Ophthalmic Equipment .Imaging Module IM 900 ... accessories, the
download Sophisticated microscopy - Bell Ophthalmic Equipment .Imaging Module IM 900 ... accessories, the

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Transcript of Sophisticated microscopy - Bell Ophthalmic Equipment .Imaging Module IM 900 ... accessories, the

  • Gartenstadtstrasse 103098 Koeniz, SwitzerlandPhone Fax


    +41 31 978 01 11+41 31 978 02 82

    Slit Lamp BQ 900





    AG, 3



    iz, S



    nd -












    / 201



    Tungstenlight bulb

    Goldmann applanation tonometer

    AT 900 T AT 900 BQ

    AT 900 D T AT 900 D BQGoldmann digital

    applanation tonometer

    Halogenlight bulb




    Beam splier50/50 or 70/30

    2nd observer tube shortand long

    Contrastenhancing filter(yellow)

    Adaptor for 20inclined eyepiece

    Measuring eyepiece(red indicator)

    Eyepiece with McIntyrecomparison grid(blue indicator)

    Cold light sourcewith pivoting or fixed baground illumination

    Hruby lens


    Lotmar visiometer

    Imaging ModuleIM 900

    LED illumination

    Sophisticated microscopy ...


    Slit Lamps

    See the fascinating beautyof the eye in every detail.

    STEREO VARIATORThe BQ 900 stereo variator is a pat-ented accessory, offering you the possibility to reduce the angle of your stereoscopic convergent optics.

    Reducing the angle from the stand-ard 13 to 4.5 facilitates the stereo-scopic examination of the fundus, peripheral parts of the fundus and the vitreous, even under unfavour-able conditions such as high myopia and small pupils. The reduction of the angle enlarges the stereoscopic field of view under the described conditions, maintaining depth infor-mation of stereoscopic observation. Naturally the use of a diagnostic contact lens further enhances these already spectacular views.

    INCLINED EYEPIECEThis is a simple but effective accessory, with a 20 upwards inclination of the eyepiece, which helps to alleviate neck discomfort.

    GOLDMANN APPLANATION TONOMETERNo slit lamp is complete without a Goldmann Applanation Tonometer the gold standard for precise, repro-ducible IOP measurement.

    BEAM SPLITTERThe key to a wide range of accessories, the beam splitter diverts a portion of the light to secondary attachments such as the second ob-server tube, video or digital cameras.

    DIAGNOSTIC CONTACT LENSESDeveloped in association with Professor Hans Gold-mann, the range of HaagStreit diagnostic contact lenses allow binocular stereoscopic observation of most parts of the human eye, even under the most unfavourable conditions. HaagStreit also features laser treatment contact lenses, including the well known range of lenses developed by Professor Franz Fankhauser.

    Capsulotomy Goldmanncontact lens by three-mirror Riquin, Fankhauser contact lens

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  • Beam splier50/50 or 70/30

    Eyepiece with double crosshair (yellow indicator)


    LEDSlit illumination

    Digital photoadaptor DC 01

    Digital consumercamera

    Digital imaging System EyeCap

    Imaging ModuleIM 900

    Beam splier50/50 or 70/30

    Eyepiece with double crosshair (yellow indicator)

    Video adaptorfor 1/3 or 1/2 ip

    Digital imaging System EyeCap

    Monitor VCRPrinter

    Digital or analogue camerawith C-mount / CM 900

    Imaging ModuleIM 900


    LEDSlit illumination


    A SYSTEM THAT SUITS YOUR NEEDSDepending on these needs, the BQ 900 system provides imaging solutions from consumer camera through to digital video systems. Consult with your HaagStreit distributor or visit to determine the perfect solution for you.

    LED POWER FOR MORE DETAIL The new LED illumination provides significant improvement to all imaging applications. A bright, more homogenous light patch shows more detail, provides a sharper slit and offers improved fluores-ceine observation.

    EXCELLENT OPTICS LEAD TO GOOD IMAGESThe number of pixels within the camera is irrelevant, if the slit lamp image is not the best. The BQ 900

    is equipped with highest quality optics available, ensuring images par excellence.

    BACKGROUND ILLUMINATION A MUST FOR ANY IMAGING SOLUTIONOnly the use of adequate background illumina-tion allows you to compose images of unmatched brilliance and accurate details. The integrated LED background illumination or a high output cold light source with fibre optics and a pivoting mirror or a clip holder will serve these needs.

    The HaagStreit BQ 900 slit lamp system sets the standard for modern, high performance slit lamp microscopy

    BQ 900 The Versatile Slit Lamp System

    OPTICSThe quality of the optical system is the determining factor for the results of whatever application you are using the slit lamp for. The BQ 900 provides you with the best optics available on the market, leading to detailed, high resolution and contrast intense images for diagnostics, imaging and treatment.

    BQ 900 Excellence in Imaging Photo and Video Solutions

    ILLUMINATIONThe well established tungsten and the new LED slit illumina-tion paired with precision me-chanics and high quality optics establish an excellent and bright slit image from 8 mm length and width to a hairline.The possibility to rotate the slit 90 around the optical axis on either side, tilting it up to 20 and decentring it, lets you find the right adjustment for all examination situations.

    CROSS SLIDE Like all HaagStreit Slit lamps, the BQ 900 features the unique cross slide mechanism allowing effortless positioning of the slit lamp.

    ACCESSORIES/DIGITAL PHOTO AND VIDEOThe modular system and superb weightbearing capabilities of the BQ 900 ensure the continuing versatility of the BQ 900 with regards the addi-tion of new accessories as and when developed.

    VIDEO SOLUTIONSThere are three types of video solutions available: Pure ana-logue 1CCD video, high defini-tion digital video and 3CCD high-end video.

    1CCD analogueIs the easiest solution, if you want to display the ocular view on a monitor or record the examination on normal video.

    High definition digital videoState of the art cameras allow recording of video and high resolution still images directly to the PC for easy use in presen-tations and publications. e.g. the camera module CM 900

    3CCD high end videoThis technology, 3CCD video, offers the best image in respect of colour brilliance and photo-sensitivity. It is the choice for professional broadcasting and the preparation of audiovisual teaching material.

    EyeCapThe EyeCap imaging software is the solution to capture, pro-cess, store and manage medical images in accordance with the regulations for storing patient data.

    CROSS HAIR EYEPIECE ENABLES PERFECT FOCUSThe cross hair eye piece allows you to easily align the plane of focus of the imaging device and the slit lamp, by eliminating the effects of accommodation and ametropia.

    IMAGING MODULE IM 900The fully integrated, compact and ergonomic imaging solution for high resolution digital still imaging on the BQ.

    ALL IN ONECombined with EyeCap the IM 900 offers perfect digital still and video images.

    Goldmann applanation tonometer AT 900 BQ


    Beam splier50/50 or 70/30

    Adaptor for 20inclined eyepiece

    Video adaptorfor 1/3 or 1/2 ip

    Camera module

    Imaging ModuleIM 900consisting of:

    Release Module

    Imaging sowareEyeCap or EyeSuite

    For more informationsee our leafletImaging Module IM 900

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