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PowerPoint Presentation

My mood board reflects ideas that I would like to see in the production of our music video. The images I have chosen show various clips of what scene ideas I would like to have. For example the picture of the fun fair, is a scene I would like to create in our music video, to show the conventions of a fun and exciting setting which is typically of EDM music genre.I have also used a lot of images that contain the colour pink because I feel like the colour portrays the emotion and feeling of the lyrics. As the lyrics are very Pop/ Bubble-gum Pop, they tend to be very cheesy about how he feels in love. The pink represents this idea as pink is a very playful, bubbly- girly colour. I have also chose to use an image with illuminating lights and colours. This is because I want elements of the music video to have almost a party/ club feel to it. This way we are able to conform to the expectations of a music video coming from our chosen genre as they tend to be set in clubs or house parties. The image of the greenery scene and the runner correlate to the setting idea that I vision for our music video, which is a scene in a park. I like the idea of having a scene in park as it is a suitable place for a quite intimate moment, which I vision the main characters, coming together to have a moment without the presence of many people. Also by having a scene in a park, around mid-day much like the picture of the runner we are able to capture some beautiful scenery shot of the sun setting, and also adding to the atmosphere we are trying to create relationship wise with our characters, adding to that clich first date image.Overall all the images I have chosen, come together to form the idea of fun. I want the music video to not only be creative and full of colour but fun. The genre of EDM is very up- beat, exciting and exhilarating, so much like the genre these images all conform to ideas of fun and creativity. I would like our video to be fun as it will not only be satisfying to film and edit but also enjoyable for the audience who will watch our music video, and even though we may miss out key elements of the genre we are still able to present the main idea of having fun.