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Soneri Bank Limitted

Contents About the bank Bank mission statement OBJECTIVE OF THE BANK Shareholders information Board of directors Management WOT ANALYSIS

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Soneri Bank Limitted

A BREIF HISTORY OF THE BANK:Soneri Bank Limited was formally incorporated on September 28, 1991. The first Branch commenced operations in Lahore on April 16, 1992, followed by the launch of Karachi's first Branch on May 09, 1992. The bank currently operates 216 branches, spread all over Pakistan including the Northern Areas of the country. The banks expansion policy is based on the principle of maintaining a balance between the urban and rural areas.

We take great pride in offering services even in the remote areas of Pakistan. Our fully airconditioned and computerized branches provide a pleasant, convenient and hassle free banking experience every time.

The essence of our business philosophy is to cater to the banking requirements of small & medium sized entrepreneurs, effectively providing them qualitative & competitive services with emphasis on encouraging exports. Nearly forty percent of our credit portfolio is related to export financing and credit decisions are taken within 48 hours.

MISSION STATEMENT:To develop Soneri Bank into an aggressive and dynamic financial institution having the capabilities to provide personalized service to customers with cutting edge technology and a wide range of products, and during the process ensure maximum return on assets with the ultimate goal of serving the economy and the society.

OBJECTIVES OF THE BANK:The essence of business philosophy is to cater the banking requirements of small & medium sized entrepreneurs, providing them qualitative & competitive services with emphasis on encouraging exports.


Soneri Bank Limitted

SHARE HOLDER INFORMATION:Associated companies: Rupali Polyester Limited Rupafil Limited Spintex Limited Rupali Nylon (Pvt.) Limited

PATTREN OF SHARE HOLDING:Pattern of Share Holding



Percentage 1.3321

Directors, CEO and their spouse 12,027,971 and minor children Associated Companies, undertaking & related parties Trustees Alauddin Feerasta Trust 199,678,993 Trustees Feerasta Senior Trust 196,684,455 Trustees Alu Trust 98,387,756 Executives NIT and ICP Banks, DFI & NBFI Insurance Companies Madarabas & Mutual Funds Joint Stock Companies Foreign Companies General Public (Local) General Public (Foreign) Others Total 290,991 161,196,787 22,253,163 13,633,405 24,701,015 5,617,027 40,541,354 111,805,503 15,990,639 190,436 902,918,495

22.1148 21.7832 10.8966 0.0233 17.8529 2.4646 1.5099 2.7357 0.6221 4.4900 12.3827 1.7710 0.0211 100.00

Refer our Annual Accounts as of December 31, 2011


Soneri Bank Limitted

BOARD OF DIRECTORS: Chairman President & C.E.O Directors Director (NIT Nominee)

Sub-Committees of the Board: Audit committee of Board: Chairman Three members Secratary

Credit committee of Board: Chairman Three memebers Secretary

Risk Management Committee of Board: Chairman Two members Secretary

Human Resource Committee of Board: Chairman Three members Secretary


Soneri Bank Limitted

MANAGEMENT: Management Team: The president and cheif executive Head of establishment Head-international Divission Country treasurer Head credit Head complaince and controle group Cheif financial officer (Mr. Sheikh Muhammed Moeen) Head human resource Cheif information officer

Sub Management Committees: Management committee Executive credit committee Assest and liablity committee Investment committee I.T Steering committee Credit risk management committee Market risk management committee The Company Secretary (Mr. Muhammad Altaf Butt)

S.W.O.T Analysis:SWOT analysis gives a review of an organization, which is comprised of organizations strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. On the basis of SWOT analysis, one can analyze the present status and performance of an organization and can make conclusions and recommendations.


Soneri Bank Limitted

Strengths of SBL:Strengths are the internal plus points that make an organization strong. Soneri bank has got a very good image in the society. Soneri bank mainly focuses on its customers. Soneri bank has got a very friendly staff. Because of the policies of Soneri bank employees are very much motivated and devoted to their work. It has product innovation skills and resources. Its online banking facility to its customers has given Soneri bank a competitive edge over its competitors, ensuring fast and reliable banking transactions. Staff is young and rich in experience and working skills. It has got access to all parts of the world, thus also providing services to outside Pakistan The environment of all branches is friendly. Computerized and reliable service of inland remittances.

Weaknesses of SBL:Weaknesses are the internal weak points, which every organization has. The lower level management lacks clear direction and is not having the managerial depth. Marketing skills of the bank are good but they have little presence at different media. Physical setup of the branch is not impressive. Customers having accounts with small amount are not given the same attention as compared to those with large amounts Most of the personnel are not qualified. .

Opportunities for SBL:An external situation, which an organization can benefit from, is called opportunities for that organization. Soneri bank should take interest in the new market segments like IT business and software business.


Soneri Bank Limitted

Soneri bank should extend their branches network to other parts of Northern Areas. Increasing credit facilities to lower income groups, thus reducing the risk of loss improving the image of the bank. Increasing need and potential of leasing in Pakistan provides SBL an opportunity to utilize its skills and efficiencies in leasing business as well.

Threats for SBL:An external situation posed to harm organizations interest is regarded as threat to that organization. Increasing number of private / foreign banks in the country. Global technology advancement. Political, economical situation of the country. Reducing the rates of savings in different segments of people. Deteriorating confidence of people in bank uncertainties of the investors.

PRODUCTS AND SRVICES: Saving Accounts: PLS ( profit and loss saving) account PLS Savings Bank Account is a simple, straight forward Savings Bank Account with a great convenience for individuals (in single or joint names) minors (to be operated by the guardian) charitable institutions, provident fund and other funds of benevolent nature local bodies, autonomous corporations, limited companies, firms associations, educational institutions, etc Soneri saving account Soneri Savings Account is a flexible and fast growing cumulative profit account with a great convenience for individuals (in single or joint names), minors (to be operated by the guardian), charitable institutions, provident fund and other funds of benevolent nature local bodies, autonomous corporations, limited companies,


Soneri Bank Limittedfirms associations, educational institutions etc. The rate of Profit in this savings scheme increases as your balance increases without demanding and negotiating with us. The account may be opened with any amount

Term Deposits: Term deposit account Term deposit is offered by Soneri Bank to Individuals (in single or joint names), Minors (to be operated by the guardian), Charitable Institutions, Provident Fund and other funds of benevolent nature local bodies, Autonomous Corporations, Limited Companies, Firms, Associations, Educational Institutions etc who have the intention of retaining their savings for a fixed period thereby earning a higher rate of profit. The Term Deposit allows you to save a fixed amount in Pak Rupee for a set period ranging from 1 month to 60 months at a provisional and attractive profit rate. The depositor has the option to reinvest the deposit automatically with or without profit. Diamond deposit certificate Soneri Diamond Deposit Certificates provide investment opportunities to small and medium income group investors, Charitable / Benevolent Funds, Trusts, Societies, Associations and Clubs with an attractive return.

Features: Certificates are issued for fixed periods of 1, 2 and 3 years. Annualized Rates of expected Profit: from 10.50 % p.a. to 10.75 %p.a. Profit paid at monthly intervals calculated from date of deposit. Minimum Investment Rs. 25,000/ `Financing facility upto 90 % of Deposit available.


Soneri Bank Limitted

Current Account:Current is a non profit account, flexible account with a great convenience for individuals (in single or joint names), minors (to be operated by the guardian), charitable institutions, autonomous corporations, limited companies, firms, associations, educational institutions,etc. Current account may be opened with any amount; however accounts with average monthly balance below Rs.10, 000- on any day shall be subject to Service Charges as per our Schedule of Charges in force

Basic Bank Account:Soneri Bank Limited introduces Basic Banking Account Scheme with effect from July 01, 2006. Salient feature of th