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  • 8/7/2019 Some VERY INTERESTING Q's and A's


    1. "What are the minimum hardware requirements for Windows 7?1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) processor

    2. "What does the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor do?It sees if your PC is ready for Windows 7. It scans your hardware

    3. "What OS can be upgraded to Windows 7?Only Windows Vista can be directly upgraded to Windows 7 and only if youupgrade within the same processor architecture (X86 or X84)."

    4. "What can Windows 7 Enterprise can be directly upgraded to?Windows 7 Ultimate."

    5. "What does Windows Anytime Upgrade do?You can upgrade to a more advanced edition of Windows 7 say from HomePremium to Ultimate and take advantage of extra features while keeping your current programs

    6. "How do you upgrade windows 7?All you have to do is purchase an upgrade key from Microsoft or another authorized retailer to unlock those new features."

    7. "How do you upgrade windows vista to windows 7?Boot into Windows Vista to initiate a direct upgrade to Windows 7

    8. "What windows 7 OSs can join a domain?Only Business Track Windows 7 editions (Professional

    9. "How do you setup Windows 7 setup to run unattended?You create an answer file and place it on removable media. By default

  • 8/7/2019 Some VERY INTERESTING Q's and A's


    10. "How do you make a Windows 7 Answer File used for unattendedsetup?They are written in XML and be created using the Windows System ImageManager or a text editor like notepad."

    11. "Who can run the Windows Easy Transfer Wizard?Only a local administrator"

    12. "What can you use the User State Migration Tools (USMT) for?Streamline and simplify user state migration during large deployments of Windows Vista and Windows 7 operating systems. USMT captures user


    13. "Where do you get the USMT?Comes with the Windows Automated Installation Kit (WAIK)"

    14. "What does the MigApp.xml file do?Specify this file with both the ScanState and LoadState commands to migrateapplication settings to computers running Windows Vista or Windows 7."

    15. "What does the MigUser.xml file do?Specify this file with both the ScanState and LoadState commands to migrateuser folders

    16. "What does the MigDocs.xml file do?Specify this file with both the ScanState and LoadState tools to migrate alluser folders and files that resides on the root of any drive and in the Usersdirectory. However

    17. "What do you provide to Scanstate to prevent certain system settingsfrom being migrated?A CONFIG.XML file"

  • 8/7/2019 Some VERY INTERESTING Q's and A's


    18. "What is the command needed In order for ScanState and LoadStateto use any of the migration .xml files?You need to specify the files on both command lines using the /i option.Unlike previous versions of USMT

    19. "What does Scanstate /p do?Generates a space-estimate file called Usmtsize.txt. This option does notcollect the user state. You must also specify /nocompress."

    20. "What does Scanstate /OfflineWinOld: C:\Windows.old do?Perform an offline migration"

    21. "What does Scanstate /EFS:COPYRAW do?Migrates EFS encrypted files?"

    22. "What does Scanstate /GENMIGXML do?It create a report of which files will be migrated"

    23. "What is new in Windows User State Migration Tool (USMT) 4.0?Offline migration is a new scenario in which enables the ScanState tool to runinside a different Windows operating system than the Windows operatingsystem from which ScanState is gathering files and settings."

    24. "What are the two primary offline scenarios enabled in USMT 4.0?

    Windows PE and Windows.old."

    25. "Can Offline migration be performed on Windows 2000?No"

    26. "Are Migrated user accounts enabled by default?No they are disabled"

  • 8/7/2019 Some VERY INTERESTING Q's and A's


    27. "What are WIM files used for?Installing and imaging on hardware agnostic systems as long as the processor architecture is the same (32 or 64 bit)"

    28. "What is required to upgrade Vista to Windows 7?The latest Vista Service Pack"

    29. "What do you do if you install an older operating AFTER you installWindows 7?You will need to run ""Startup Repair"" from within the Windows RecoveryEnvironment (WRE)"

    30. "What is BCD?Boot Configuration Database - Boot Configuration Data (BCD) files provide astore that is used to describe boot applications and boot application settings.The objects and elements in the store effectively replace Boot.ini."

    31. "What is BCDEdit?Is a command-line tool for managing BCD stores. It can be used for a varietyof purposes

    32. "What is Bcdboot?BCD boot file creation and repair tool. The bcdboot.exe command-line tool isused to copy critical boot files to the system partition and to create a newsystem BCD store."

    33. "What is Bootsect.exe?Updates the master boot code for hard disk partitions to switch betweenBOOTMGR and NTLDR. You can use this tool to restore the boot sector onyour computer. This tool replaces FixFAT and FixNTFS."

    34. "What is Oscdimg?Command-line tool for creating an image file (.iso) of a customized 32-bit or 64-bit version of Windows PE. You can then burn that .iso file to a CD-ROMor DVD-ROM. Oscdimg supports ISO 9660

  • 8/7/2019 Some VERY INTERESTING Q's and A's


    35. "What is DiskPart?A text-mode command interpreter that enables you to manage objects (disks

    36. "What is Drvload?Tools adds out-of-box drivers to a booted Windows PE image. It takes one or more driver .inf files as inputs."

    37. "What is DISM.EXE?The Deployment Image Servicing and Management (DISM) tool replaces the


    38. "What is Sysprep?It can be used to configure an unattended install of Windows 7. The answer file is now an XML file instead of an INF file. You should to use WindowsSystem Image Manager to create the XML file. To use this XML file

    39. "What does sysprep /generalize /oobe /shutdown/unattend:sysprep.xml?The system will shut down. The next time you start this system (after cloningit)

    40. "What is the default Install image from a Windows 7 Setup DVD?A OOBE ready and will be booted into Windows Welcome"

    41. "What does IMAGEX /MountRW do?Expose a WIM file contents through Windows Explorer. You can runBCDEDIT.EXE against the mounted image to create or modify the image'sboot configuration database."

    42. "What does IMAGEX /SPLIT do?Divide up a large WIM file into multiple smaller .SWM files"

  • 8/7/2019 Some VERY INTERESTING Q's and A's


    43. "How do you capture a computer's hard disk to a .WIM file?Boot the computer with a WINDOWS PE disk that contains a copy of IMAGEX."

    44. "What does DISM /UNMOUNT-WIM /COMMIT do?Writes changes to a mounted WIM file

    45. "What does DISM do?It can add a driver to an offline WIM image with the /Add-Driver option"

    46. "What does DISM do?It can enable a windows feature on an offline image with the /Enable-Featureoption"

    47. "What does DISM /Get-Drivers do?Used to get a list of installed 3rd party drivers"

    48. "How can you can upgrade an offline image's Windows 7 edition?By using the DISM command with a /Set-Edition option: Example: DISM/IMAGE:C:\SAMPLE.WIM /Set-Edition:Ultimate"

    49. "Can DISM can apply an answer file to an offline image?Yes"

    50. "How do you create a custom Windows PE image that supportswindows scripting host?Modify the PE image using DISM by adding the WINPE-Scripting package toBOOT.WIM"

    51. "How do you add the Windows 7 VHD to the boot choices menu?Use the BCDEDIT.EXE command"

  • 8/7/2019 Some VERY INTERESTING Q's and A's


    52. "What does Diskpart.exe do?Can be used to create virtual hard disks"

    53. "What does the max=32000 mean in ""create vdisk file = c: \ vhd\windows 7\ vhdfilename.vhd max = 32000""It is the max size is expressed in megabytes."

    54. "What is the benifit of create a fixed size VHD instead of adynamically expanding VHD file?It improves performance"

    55. "How can you use ImageX to apply a WIM Image directly to a VHDfile?ImageX utility can extract the required operating system edition directly to theattached VHD file in Windows 7."

    56. "What happens when 3rd party vendors create a new driver?

    It is submitted to Microsoft for ""device signing"" to ensure the driver wasadequately tested and will not affect the integrity of the operating system.Critical files are digitally signed so that any changes to these may be easilydetected. However not all drivers are digitally signed

    57. "What does DRIVERQUERY /SI do?It will display driver signing status"

    58. "What does PNPUTIL.EXE do?It insert drivers into the Windows Driver Store so that users can add theassociated PNP hardware without having to provide the driver or administrator credentials"

    59. "Where is the Troubleshoot option for fixing common problemslocated?

    Devices and Printers Control Panel applet has a"

  • 8/7/2019 Some VERY INTERESTING Q's and A's


    60. "How do you repartition your hard disk by using the Shrink feature inDisk Management?If you are logged in as an administrator you can shrink an existing partition or volume to create unallocated disk space

    61. "What type of drives can Software RAID 01

    62. "How do you move a Dynamic Disk from one computer to another?

    Use the Import Foreign Disk option on the target computer"

    63. "What does it mean to Extend a Basic Disk Volume?You can add more space to existing primary partitions and logical drives byextending them into adjacent unallocated space on the same disk. To extend abasic volume

    64. "Where is Software RAID is configured?At the volume level

    65. "What does Windows ReadyBoost do?It can speed up you