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Solutions for London Low Emission Zone 2012

The Low Emissions Specialist

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We are a global vertically integratedmanufacturer and distributor of emissionscontrol systems and products, with a wellestablished London base. Our turnkeyin-house skills range from applicationsengineering and manufacture to patentedcatalysation techniques. This gives us thefreedom to develop new solutions for specificmarkets, free from the constraints of out-dated technologies.


CClleeaann DDiieesseell TTeecchhnnoollooggiieess is a low emissions specialist providing sustainablesolutions to reduce emissions, increase energy efficiency and lower the carbonintensity of on- and off-road engine applications. Our patented technologiesand products allow manufacturers and operators to comply with increasinglystrict regulatory emissions and air quality standards, while also improving fueleconomy and power. The Company’s solutions, which are in commercial useworldwide, significantly reduce emissions formed by the combustion of fossil-fuels and bio-fuels, including particulate matter, nitrogen oxides (NOx), carbonmonoxide and hydrocarbons. Our solutions also reduce carbon dioxide (CO2)emissions, a key greenhouse gas associated with global climate change.

Our focus is on the Heavy Duty Diesel (HDD)and Light Duty Vehicle (LDV) markets,utilising our proprietary patented MixedPhase Catalyst (MPC®) technology andPlatinum Plus® Fuel Borne Catalyst (FBC).Over 9 million Clean Diesel catalysts havebeen installed while its diesel particulatefilters have been applied in the mostchallenging conditions, e.g. continuous 18-24 hour day, 7 days a week usage inLondon Bus fleet operations.

“…the most efficient and effective solution for our inner city operating conditions.Metroline's technical expectations have been exceeded by employing Clean Diesel'stechnology” Ian Foster, Engineering Director, Metroline Travel Ltd.

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The London LEZ, which covers most ofGreater London, was introduced in 2008 toensure the most polluting diesel vehiclesbecome cleaner, to improve the health andquality of life for people visiting, working orliving in London. As LEZ now enters its thirdand fourth phases, Transport for London (TfL)estimates that approximately 150,000vehicles, such as larger vans, minibuses,trucks, buses, coaches, emergency andheavy or specialised diesel vehicles will beaffected by the new regulations.

TfL believes that approximately 20,000 ofthese vehicles will require diesel emissionretrofit solutions. To support this demand,Clean Diesel now supplies a new range ofproducts all fully featured to deliver reliableand cost-effective solutions to customers forLondon LEZ Phase 4.

We have an established network of skilledservice providers who are trained installersand also fully committed to recommendingsystems specific for your purpose – you canbe sure the right advice and solution isavailable at a Clean Diesel installer near to you.

Low Emission Zones are being introduced throughout Europe toencourage the use of less-polluting diesel vehicles.

“Based on our experiences with CleanDiesel in 2008 for the first phase ofLondon LEZ and the quality of thoseinstallations, we are happy to be re-engaging for this next phase…” Chris Hayter, Managing Director, HayterTransport

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Petrol DieselDiesel with

Clean Diesel Technology





The Technology

The main reason that most diesel engines appear to produce more exhaustsmoke than comparable petrol engines is because they produce a higher levelof soot particles in the exhaust gases, known as Particulate Matter. The broadobjective of the new legislation is to provide cleaner air inside the Londonconurbation improving human health.

Clean Diesel is an accredited supplier of low emission control solutions.However unlike most competing suppliers, Clean Diesel takes care to alsomeet the primary operational need of all operators – reliability and durability onthe road.

The diagram below provides a comparison of the primary emissions (CarbonDioxide, Nitrogen Oxides and Particulates) produced in the combustion of bothpetrol and diesel fuels and shows the dramatic improvements achievable withClean Diesel’s Technology.

Primary emissions comparisons

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MPC TechnologyCatalytic Solutions MPC® family of ceramicoxide catalytic substrate coatings, and theprocess by which they are applied, are theresult of the development and application ofadvanced material science by our dedicatedproduct development team. The coatingscontain patented mixed-metal oxidesproduced from combinations of low-costmaterial that form active and stable ceramicoxides when fired at high temperatures. Incertain applications, the coatings use smallamounts of platinum group metals togetherwith inexpensive transition metals andlanthanides. When compounded in ourcoatings, their atomic structure uniquelyenables the reactions necessary for high-performance catalytic converters. • Provides flexibility in tailoring performance

characteristics for specific customer requirements

• No ‘sintering’ and loss of surface area that occurs at high temperature

• Catalytic coatings capable of significantly better catalytic performance than previously available

• High levels of performance over time using substantially lower platinum group metals than products previously available

• Proven durability

Platinum PlusPlatinum Plus is a major step forward in FuelBorne Catalyst (FBC) technology, combiningmany of the advantages of previous FBCswith unique benefits of its own. Consisting ofPlatinum and Cerium metallic compoundsformulated as a stable fuel soluble liquid, thetechnology works by introducing very lowlevels of Platinum and Cerium catalyst intothe combustion chambers via the fuel. The catalysts are deposited on the metalsurfaces of the combustion chambersthroughout the exhaust system as activemetals in the soot particles are trapped in theDPF. This results in a significant reduction inDPF regeneration temperature.• Reduces hazardous fumes – higher

particulate reductions• Up to 90% reduction in other gaseous

emissions, HC, NOx, CO and PAH – no additional catalyst hardware needed

• Unlike many alternative regeneration systems based on catalytic hardware. Platinum Plus does not produce unwanted and potentially harmful NO2

emissions during operation

“We’ve also observed the additional benefits of extending the longevity of particulatefiltration components and offering a significant maintenance and running costreduction” Ian Foster, Engineering Director, Metroline Travel Ltd

• Lowest metal content – low ash build-up in the DPF results in longer service intervals

• Improves fuel economy• Includes a diesel detergent – keeps the

engine’s fuel injection system clean, thereby eliminating one of the common causes of DPF failure

Platinum Plus has multiple mechanismsworking simultaneously to provide maximumperformance and long-term durability.

To make this advanced technologycommercially available, Clean Diesel hasdeveloped the new ‘Purifier™ e4’ family offilter systems capable of reducing particulateemissions by up to 98%. In these days ofsoaring fuel costs, this new family is alsorecognised for being able to deliver improvedfuel economy, while still meeting thestringent Low Emission Zone regulations

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‘Purifier e4’ systems are available, with 2-yearwarranty cover as standard and 3-yearwarranty available on certain systems, throughClean Diesel’s network of specialist registeredinstallers. Our qualified Installers will helprecommend the most appropriate filter for your application. They can quickly andinexpensively update your vehicle to meet the new requirements.

Purifier e4 Family

Our Purifier e4 Particulate Filter Systems family is capable of reducingparticulate emissions by up tp 98%. It provides a complete range of particulatematter reduction solutions to suit your vehicle and its driving profile. In thesedays of soaring fuel costs this new family can also deliver improved fueleconomy, while meeting stringent Low Emission Zone regulations. Thepatented Purifier solution combines modern durable filter hardware with achoice of catalytic technologies to suit your driving style and duty cycle. Thisallows operation over a much greater range of conditions than the competitionand traditional filter solutions, especially in low temperature applications, verytypical of London-centric operators.

The range comprises:1. A robust Silicon Carbide, Diesel

Particulate Filter substrate for superior durability compared to older DPF technologies.

2. A range of regeneration technologies to create reliable filter regeneration delivering on the primary operational objective of the operator – reliability and durability on the road.

3. A common electronic control platform known as iAD. This is the best in class electronic control platform, enabling individual system upgrades within the Purifier e4 range. It removes the risk of spending more than you need and allows you to select the most appropriate regeneration technology.

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Purifier e4 HighwayA DPF system utilising Clean Diesel’s unique‘MPC catalyst technology’ (a modern sinterresistant precious metal catalyst). Theproduct provides a durable, highperformance, low maintenance solution aswell as a low cost upgrade option to Purifiere4 Hybrid. It is used by fleets in mixed andhighway operating conditions. This allowsLEZ compliance at a fixed cost whilstmaintaining flexible modular upgrade optionsif operating conditions alter. This significantlyreduces the risk on your investment for thelong-term when making this choice of DPF.

Simple functionality for true highwayapplications:• Non-FBC passive system for low running

costs• Used for high mileage operations with

Euro I-III

Purifier e4 Hybrid• This is a DPF system that provides the

best possible passive regeneration performance. It is optimised for Euro III engines operating inside the M25 and backed by Clean Diesel’s Performance Guarantee, which provides for free upgrade to Clean Diesel’s Active retrofit technology if required.

• Best in class passive performance & best in class diagnostic

• High performance for demandingoperations

• Optimised for Euro III in urban drive cycles

Upgrading your Clean Diesel System couldnot be easier as Clean Diesel leads theindustry with flexible upgrade options for allthree technologies

In addition to in-cab alerts, the iAD systemutilises a GSM-radio enabled ECU which canbe fitted with a SIM card to deliver real-timediagnostic signals via SMS messaging whenmaintenance attention is required. It is alsoprogrammable and capable of delivering on-demand diagnostic information remotelyvia any mobile handset or SMS browsingsoftware.

Purifier iAD Diagnostic Technology

This is an ‘Intelligent Additive Dosing’ and diagnostic technology used in retrofitapplications. It is designed to minimise operating and maintenance costs,offering integrated vehicle and DPF diagnostics and when required, fuel bornecatalyst dosing. iAD monitors both DPF and customer defined vehicleparameters.

Purifier e4 UrbanThis is a fuel borne catalyst that utilisesClean Diesel’s Platinum Plus Fuel BorneCatalysts. Platinum Plus delivers catalyticproperties without the need to use valuableprecious metal catalytic coatings on the DPF.This results in a wider operational andapplication range for DPFs in general andallows London LEZ compliance at a low initialpurchase price whilst maintaining anupgrade option to Purifier e4 Hybrid.• Optimised for low mileage & niche

applications• Lowest Cost compliance using Platinum

Plus FBC• Used for urban applications Pre Euro III

and selected specific Euro III operations

Purifier e4 ActivePurifier e4 Active is a DPF system that isideal for extreme operating conditions forvery low engine temperatures. It uses electricelements in combination with a passivelyregenerating DPF. While the engine isrunning, the catalyst coating on the DPFallows for the oxidation of accumulated soot.When parked, the unit can be plugged intoan off-board electrical panel, which willactively regenerate the DPF ensuring that allsoot is oxidised, thereby ensuring it is 100%fully operational. The result is a DPF with anextended application range. It also providesthe enhanced ability to operate undervariable or colder duty cycles.

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The Purifier e4 Family

Purifier e4 UrbanPurifier e4 HighwayPurifier e4 HybridPurifier e4 Active

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