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Solitude Nursery. MWF/ FORESTRY nursery Capacity 75 000 seedlings Community nursery for community forest. Prepare media for sowing seeds. Seed sowing. In pots In plugs On beds. stacking. On table, On ground In cage. Potting in small or big pots or plugs. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Solitude NurseryMWF/ FORESTRY nursery Capacity 75 000 seedlingsCommunity nursery for community forest

Prepare media for sowing seeds

Seed sowingIn potsIn plugsOn beds

stackingOn table,On groundIn cage

Potting in small or big pots or plugs

Watering, hardening and weeding

Record keepingAccession numberDate sownMedia / pretreatment used Date germinated and numberDate removed DestinationRemarks

StaffOne nursery manager 9 other staffEveryboby does everything in the team, seed collection, nursery work, planting in the field, monitoring, bat and birds count, office work, education etc.Help from volunteers; scouts, school leavers, youth groups, staff of private companies, fishermen during octopus closed season, jeune chambre economique, etc.

Problems encounteredLack of water for irrigationLost of rare seedlings (cage)Lost/ misplace labels ( place one in pot)Lots of weedsPests and diseases snails, rats,