SolidWorks 2012 Launch Event

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Learn about the new features and benefits of SolidWorks 2012 software. With SolidWorks 2012, you’ll experience faster design, a more continuous workflow, shorter development times, and more efficient collaboration. New automated functionality makes design go more smoothly with less work, and improved performance creates a more continuous workflow. New productivity features reduce cycle time and speed up product development, while extensive connectivity and collaboration support enables project teams to work from around the world.

Transcript of SolidWorks 2012 Launch Event

  • 1. SOLIDWORKS 2012
    Whats New Launch Event

2. Your Hosts for the Launch Event
3. Afternoon Agenda
Morning Agenda
General Enhancements
Part and Assembly Design Enhancements
SolidWorks Toolbox
SolidWorks Costing
Sheet Metal
SolidWorks Routing
Drawing & Annotation
SolidWorks eDrawings
SolidWorks Enterprise PDM 2012
SolidWorks Simulation 2012
3DVIA Composer V6R2012
4. Key Themes for SolidWorks 2012
Automates design functions you use most often
Improved performance and quality for a more continuous workflow
Enables fundamental changes to your product development process
Extensive support for project collaboration and team connectivity
System & User Interface
6. User Interface Improvements
Command Search & Alias
Pin Favorite Files
Units Indicator/Switcher
Maintain Section View Colours
to Select All
Mouse Gesture Support
7. Sketching Improvements
Centerline Selection Modal for Diameter Dimensions
Sketch Shortcut Menus
Sketch Rotation
8. NEW Equation Editor
Completely revamped
Automatic Solve Order
Measure for Equations
Automatically displayed Equation Modify Dialog
9. NEW Complete Clean Uninstall
Completely remove program, registry and download files.
Custom uninstall allows you to control what is uninstalled.
Requires no expertise or experience of the SolidWorks program structure.
Enhancements in SolidWorks 2012
11. Exploded Views for Multi-body Parts
Create Exploded Views for multi-bodyparts or welded designs.
Exploded views created directly at the part level.
Cut-list properties are now generated automatically for sub-weldments.
12. NEW Feature Freeze
Features frozen in time.
Can be locked so that they never require updates.
Increase performance of your complex parts
Configuration Support.
13. Assembly Enhancements
Tab Through Components
Smart Mate Workflow
Missing Files Search Improvements
New Sub-Assembly from the Graphics Area
Add Non-Sequential Parts and Mates to a Folder
Modify dims independent of Configuration in Use
14. Large Design Review
Open large assemblies quickly for review
Able to run commands when in review mode:
Section Views
Open/Edit Component
15. Import STEP/IFC/Parasolid Improvements
SolidWorks will not save the imported part file to disk
Reduction in translate time and used disk space
Only require a portion of an assembly? You can open and save individual components
16. Installing SolidWorks Toolbox
Pre-selection of which Toolbox standards that are to be installed during installation
Save installation time and disk space
17. SolidWorks Costing Tool
For Sheet metal and machined components
Costs can be instantly calculated
Create Cost Reports
Included with SolidWorks Professional and Premium
18. Why SolidWorks Costing?
You probably spend a lot of your time redesigning for cost
Using spreadsheets, quotes and experience
Takes far too long to obtain costing estimates
Costing is mainly done by designers, engineers or engineering managers
Key Benefits
Enables quick comparisons for different vendors, design changes and materials
Design for cost with speed, repeatability and accuracy
Catch cost overruns before manufacturing
19. Sheet Metal
Swept Flange
Enhanced Flange Options
Form Tool Improvements
Punch & Bend Tables
20. SolidWorks Routing
Piping Spools
Automatic Drawing View Creation
BOM Table Support for Routing Components
Splices in Electrical Routes Components
21. CircuitWorks ProStep EDMD Import/Export
ProStep EDMD (*.idx) files are supported by the major ECAD vendors
Improved communication between ECAD and MCAD designers
Ensures reduction of errors and speeds up time to market for electrical design
22. Drawing & Annotation
Changed Dimension Value Highlighted
Sequential Balloon Ordering
Magnetic Lines
Easier Exploded Views
Reuse Letters and Numbers for Section and Detail Views
Automatically Insert All Centermarks in a View
23. Drawing & Annotation
View Palette Update Performance
Maintain Unique Hole Callouts in Hole Table
Open Sub-Assemblies from Drawing Views
Export Multiple Sheets to a DWG
Insert Bill of Material from Non-Active Sheet
Independently Change View Label Items
Dimension and Section Arrow Properties Separated
24. SolidWorks eDrawings
eDrawings now understands SolidWorks file references
When viewing an eDrawing users can check files are up to date from SolidWorks
eDrawings users will always be working from the latest version
Launch Event Afternoon Session
26. Afternoon Agenda
SolidWorks Enterprise PDM 2012
SolidWorks Simulation 2012
Simulation, Professional & Premium
SolidWorks Motion
SolidWorks Flow Simulation
3DVIA Composer V6R2012
27. SolidWorks Enterprise PDM
Integrated Search
Menu Customization
Version and Configuration Button
Level Column Added to BOM CSV Export
Browse to in Same Window
Draftsight Integration
28. SolidWorks Simulation
Auto-Bonding Shell Edges to Faces
Flow Results onto Shells
Beam Analysis Improvements
Display Results on the Actual Beam Geometry
29. Premium, Professional & Motion
Beam Elements in Linear Dynamics Analysis
Motion Optimization
SolidWorks Motion Sensors
30. SolidWorks Flow Simulation
Thermal Joint
Invalid Contact Diagnosis
Color Bar
Plot Highlight
New in HVAC Module
Tracer Study
Draught Rate
31. 3DVIA Composer V6R2012
Visual Effects
Depth of Field Focal Point
Digger Rendering
Cutting Plane Vectorization
Standard Web Templates
Animation Controls and Link Navigation
32. Summary Top 10 Enhancements
SolidWorks Professional: Costing Tool
SolidWorks Standard: Large Design Review
SolidWorks Standard: Magnetic lines and balloon enhancements
SolidWorks Standard: Feature Freeze
SolidWorks Standard: Enhanced equation editing
SolidWorks Standard: Swept sheet metal flange
SolidWorks Standard: Command search
SolidWorks Simulation Professional: Motion optimization
SolidWorks Enterprise PDM: Integrated search
3DVIA Composer: Enhanced life-like experience, three new rendering effects
33. Additional SolidWorks 2012 Learning Resources
Javelin YouTube Channel
SolidWorks YouTube Channel
Javelin Tech Blog