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Transcript of Soles for souls

Soles for Souls

Soles for SoulsBy: Emily WhiteSaving the world one pair at a time

Purpose and ObjectivesSoles for Souls is an organization collecting shoes for people who need themI was a part of this group in my high schoolThis app will spread awareness to the programSoles for Souls Emily White, Soles for Souls, 2/19/13What it doesTell the user:Where they can donateA running number of current total of shoes collectedWhere the shoes will be donated toShow pictures Spread the wordGive examples on how to donate

Emily White, Soles for Souls, 2/19/13The menu will have the mission statementFrom there you can click on the different optionsSaving the world one pair at a timeCurrent total: 23,205!Drop OffAlternativeWhere is it going?Contact Us!PhotosFollow on Twitter!Emily White, Soles for Souls, 2/19/13Soles4SoulsGoals: to spread awareness of Soles for Souls

main website3 Years LaterEmily White, Soles for Souls, 2/19/13Soles4Souls will sponsorthis appThis is for the United States todonate to other countries

Emily White, Soles for Souls, 2/19/13Resources:

Emily White, Soles for Souls, 2/19/13