Solar Physics within OPTICON O. von der L¼he Kiepenheuer-Institut f¼r Sonnenphysik...

download Solar Physics within OPTICON O. von der L¼he Kiepenheuer-Institut f¼r Sonnenphysik Freiburg, Germany

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Transcript of Solar Physics within OPTICON O. von der L¼he Kiepenheuer-Institut f¼r Sonnenphysik...

  • Solar Physics within OPTICONO. von der LheKiepenheuer-Institut fr SonnenphysikFreiburg, Germany

  • Solar Physics activities in the current OPTICON Programme NetworkingNA2: Coordination and Integration of ENO FacilitiesWP 2 Site CharacterisationWP 3 Solar JISNA6: Telescope Directors ForumAccess ProgrammeFour solar telescope facilities: DOT, SST, THEMIS, VTTNo solar participation in JRAs

  • Solar Telescopes participating in OPTICON Transnational Access Programme Diameters 0.45 1.0 m large solar telescopes!Most productive groundbased telescopes with high spatial and spectral resolution worldwideInformal collaboration at European and international level

  • Other FP6 activities funded by the ECEuropean Helio- and Asteroseismology NetworkCoordination Action involving 10 institutes2.26 MFour years starting April 2006

  • Recent development of groundbased solar physics communityEuropean solar physics is struggling with finding a common position with respect to ATST since siting decision in 2004 (Haleakala and not La Palma)Meeting of European solar physicists with ATST project and EU representatives (Villa Mondragone, April 12-14, 2006) Mondragone ResolutionMeeting of European solar physics community representatives from 12 nations (Freiburg, June 13-14, 2006) forming of EAST

  • Advanced Technology Solar Telescope4m aperture solar telescopeAmerican project led by NSOSite Haleakala / Hawaii or La Palma / CanariesCTC ca. US$ 175MStart of construction 2008 (?)Ready by mid next decade

  • European Solar Physics PositionMondragone ResolutionEstablish an organisation to define and coordinate EU solar physics access to world leading groundbased facilitiesSeek funding for active partnership in ATSTDevelop own facilitiesOpen own facilities to ATST communityEuropean Association for Solar Telescopes (EAST)Consortium to evolve into a non-profit legal entity Austria, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Slovak Republic, Spain, Sweden, SwitzerlandDevelop, construct and operate a large European Solar Telescope (EST) in the CanariesCoordinate operation of solar facilities in EuropeCoordinate and facilitate participation in ATSTEncourage new members to join

  • Solar Physics Position towards OPTICONRemain a partner of OPTICONDont develop a competing I3 proposalPropose EAST as own Network ActivitiyParticipate more actively in other networksSite testingDirectors ForumContinue SolarJISContinue participation in Transnational Access ProgrammePropose JRAs in collaboration with general OPTICON community

  • Solar Telescopes participating in an FP7 Transnational Access Programme

  • JRA proposal 1: high throughput etalonsTunable FP etalons are used in integrated field spectroscopy (1 arcmin fields)Large aperture telescopes require FPIs with large tendueDevelop 200mm dia airgap FPIs or smaller oil-filled or solid state FPIs3 years, 465 ktelecentriccollimated

  • JRA proposal 2: demodulating imaging detectors (DID)DIDs are needed for high precision photometryPolarimetry with I/I 10-5Several storage areas per pixelDetected charges are shifted between buffers at ~ 100 kHz rates4 years, 500 k

  • JRA proposal 3: adaptive opticsSolar adaptive optics offer unique capabilities to study technologies advanced adaptive optics, in particular MCAOAO offconventional AOMCAO

  • ConclusionsEuropean solar physics community comparable to US communityTheory community considerably stronger Groundbased experimental (optical) community has more recent experience with new facilitiesSpace community except UK considerably weakerOptical solar physics in Europe is NOT a large community and should remain with OPTICONSolar physics should become more visibleBenefit from better interaction with optical community at large Facilitate management/reporting with EAST as sole contractorDefinition of a large European solar facility