Soft Launch Strategies for MobileApp Companies

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Learn First, Start Strong - Soft Launches give you an opportunity to test your game’s market readiness in a representative environment before launching to the wider world

Transcript of Soft Launch Strategies for MobileApp Companies

  • 1. Learn First, Start StrongSoft Launch Strategies for MobileApp CompaniesJeremy SaccoManager, Content and CommunicationsJune 17, 2014

2. 800 CLIENTS 2300 APPS40 of 502013 TOP GROSSING APPSAbout FiksuWorlds leading mobile appmarketing platform2.7 billionBostonHelsinkiNorthamptonSingaporeDOWNLOADS GENERATED San FranciscoTokyoLondonSeoul 3. What Is a Soft Launch?A controlled release of your appor game in a test market outsideyour primary market 4. POLL: Experience with Soft Launches 5. Why Do It? Getting it right the first time is essential Time in app: 6X growth in 4 years Mobile game usage grew 66% in 2013and games command 40% of app usage Can isolate success factors and problemareas and quantify user response togame mechanics or app features 6. What Data Should You Gatherfrom a Soft Launch?Know your goals and think about the testing scientifically: What outcome would prove your hypothesis or give you theinformation you need? Is there a possible outcome where your data is inconclusivebecause of either lack of granularity or insufficient data? Will the data lead to tangible improvements? 7. What Do You Want to Measure?User Acquisition How much does it cost to bring in users? Whats your organic lift?User Experience and Retention How are users interacting with your app or game? Are they moving beyond the first level or two?Monetization and Virality How long does it take players to make a purchase?Are people sharing your app or game?Overall Economics 8. Accurate detailed data is criticalUse both UA (User Acquisition) and UX(User Experience) trackingSOCIALFacebook in particularINCENTIVIZEDDISPLAYVIDEORTBChoosing a Tracking Partner UA: App marketing and ROI UX: In-app analytics 9. POLL: Tracking Partners 10. Choosing a Test Market Pick a country that has market similarityto your target audience Developers targeting the US typically testin Canada, New Zealand, or Australia 11. Getting the Details RightTriple check your app before releasing itto a test market. Make sure: Links are working Ratings tools and comments are operative 3rd party integrations are active and working Images and content are in correct sections 12. App Store PresenceYour first impression to users when its time to launch Test different banners and app icons Put lessons into effect immediately 13. General ScopeA soft launch typically takes 2-4 weeks,but depends on: How many users you need to get enoughdata Your internal resources Your budget 14. Whats Next? Analyze Improve Update 15. Case Study: Card Battler GameSoft launch led to improvements:13% increase in the % of returning users95% increase in the % of purchasersThen in US:28% increase in the % of returning users31% increase in the % of purchasers15% increase in the number of purchases 16. Planning a Soft Launch?Fiksu Can Help.What you get: Media buys against four different mobile adchannels in a chosen testbed country creativesincluded Optimized buying over two weeks Minimum 6K downloads (but expect more) Final report detailing performance,recommendations for full launch tactics, and adviceon next steps 17. Thank You!Learn to talk?