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1. Siti Rosikho 18213584 1EA22 Historic house where " confinement " Soekarno- Hatta by youths in Rengasdengklok Japan declared unconditional surrender to the Allies on August 14, 1945 . News of the defeat of Japan is still kept secret by the Japanese . However pergeraakan leaders and youth in Indonesia through overseas broadcasts have known at the date of August 15, 1945 . To the young men soon met Bung Karno and Bung Hatta in Jakarta 56 East Pegangsaan and request that would proclaimed Indonesian independence free from the influence of Japan . Bung Karno and Bung Hatta do not agree with the reason that the proclamation should be discussed in the meeting PPKI ( Committee for Indonesian Independence ) . So that on the night of August 15, 1945 held a meeting in a room at the Microbiology Laboratory East Pegangsaan attended by Soekarni , Joseph Kunto , Syodanco Singgih , and Chaerul Saleh as its leader . The result of the meeting was delivered by Dervish and Wikana are urged Soekarno- Hatta decide ties with Japan . Appearing tense atmosphere because Soekarno - Hatta did not approve . But the young group still urged that the date August 16, 1945 declaration of independence . The principle is still the need to emphasize the old group held a meeting PPKI . Later in the morning on August 16, 1945 , a young group held a meeting in Dormitory Baperpi , Jalan Cikini 71 Jakarta with the decision to bring the Bung Karno and Bung Hatta out of town to avoid being hit Japanese influence . In the early hours of 16 August 1945 , Soekarno - Hatta were kidnapped by Soekarni , Joseph Kunto , and Syodanco Singgih to Rangasdengklok . In the afternoon , Ahmad Soebarjo guarantee that tomorrow lambantnya later dated August 17, 1945 will Soekarno-Hatta proclaimed Indonesian independence , then Cudanco Subeno ( MAP army company commander in Rengasdengklok ) allows the Soekarno -Hatta returned to Jakarta . Formulation Proclamation Text 2. For the services of Ahmad Soebarjo meeting was held at the home of Rear Admiral Maeda at Jalan Imam Bonjol No.1 Jakarta to discuss the implementation of the proclamation . Towards the morning of August 17, 1945 proclamation formulated by Ir . Sukarno , Drs . Moh . Hatta , dam Ahmad Soebarjo witnessed by Sayuti Melik , Sukarni , BM Diah , and Sudiro . Tanggan written copy of the proclamation by Sukarno read before the meeting participants . After this approval and who signed the text typed by Sayuti Melik later with some changes that were signed by the Soekarno - Hatta on behalf of the Indonesian nation . Also agreed that the proclamation was held at the home of Sukarno in Jakarta Pegangsaan Road 56 East . Proclamation of handwritten text Ir. Sukarno Text Proklamasiketikan Sayuti Melik Reading of the text of the Proclamation On Friday August 17, 1945 at 10:00 am in the right Pegangsaan No. East . 56 Jakarta Indonesia Independence Proclamation was read text by Ir . Sukarno , accompanied by Drs . 3. Moh . Hatta and continued with the red and white flag by S. Latif Suhud and Cudanco Hendradiningrat and accompanied by the singing of national anthem Indonesia Raya and forwarded by Mayor Suwiryo and Dr welcome . Mawardi . After the ceremony each leave . The proclamation takes place in a simple , but solemn and was attended by about 1,000 people, consisting of the nation's leaders , youth group fighters and people who know the event . Proclamation statement has particular significance for Indonesia . Proclamation is the culmination of the struggle for independence movement , free from the shackles of foreign rule and other Unitary Republic of Indonesia . With the proclamation , the Indonesian people can determine their own lives in accordance with the dignity , as well as the joints of Indonesian life . Thus proclamation brought great changes in the life of the Indonesian nation . Reaction Top Rakyat Indonesia Indonesian Independence 1 . At the Central Level After successfully formulate proclamation Sukarno advised the leaders who work in the press and news agencies , especially BM Diah to reproduce the text of the proclamation and broadcast it to the world . All existing communication tools used to disseminate news of the proclamation of independence . News proclamation that has spread throughout the city , immediately disseminated throughout the world . On August 17, 1945 proclamation has reached the hands of the Head of the Office of Radio Waidan . For that F. Wuz ( a wireless operator ) to broadcast news of the proclamation in a row every half hour until 16.00 during the broadcast stopped although forbidden by the Japanese . While the helm of the Japanese army in Java proclamation ordered to rectify the news and expressed as a mistake . On August 20, 1945 , sealed by a Japanese radio transmitter and employees are prohibited from entering . But youth is not lost my mind by creating a new transmitter with the help of a few people who were taken from a radio technician News Domei . Menteng 31, the youth managed to assemble a new transmitter by dialing code DJK I. This is where the news of the Declaration of Independence continues to broadcast . In addition, through the press and pamphlets . Almost all of the daily publication date in Java in August 20, 1945 and carries news of the proclamation of the Republic of Indonesia Constitution . So welcome the efforts 4. of the public and young people in the center of the proclamation spread the word to all corners of the country . 2 . At Local Level People welcomed news of the proclamation with a high fighting spirit , evidenced by the Japanese army disarmament , taking power , burning passion to continue to fight for and defend freedom. In addition to the radio broadcasts , pamphlets, news proclamation officially also brought by the messenger who happens to attend the trial and witnessed events PPKI proclamation of Indonesian independence on August 17, 1945 in Jakarta , namely : Teuku Muhammad Hassan ( appointed Governor of Sumatra ) Sam Ratulangi ( appointed Governor of Sulawesi ) Ketut Pujo ( appointed Governor of Nusa Tenggara ) P. Mohammad Noor ( appointed Governor of Borneo ) The arrival of the delegates in each area were greeted with joy and festive ceremonies followed . 3 . Contributions Areas In Indonesia Maintain Independence On August 24, 1945 , between the Government of the United Kingdom and the Kingdom of the Netherlands reached an agreement known as the Civil Affairs Agreement . Under the agreement stated that the commander of the British occupation forces in Indonesia will hold the power on behalf of the Dutch government . In carrying out matters pertaining to civil government , its implementation organized by NICA is under the command of English . Power later in life will be returned to the Netherlands . Allied forces ( British troops ) landed in Jakarta on September 15 , 1945. Joint British soldiers were also Dutch soldiers and civil servants Netherlands ( NICA ) , led by Van der Pals . The task is to disarm the allied forces and the Japanese army kemabali repatriate the prisoners to their country . To carry out these tasks , the Allies formed a special command called Aliied Forses Netherland EastIndies ( AFNEI ) . Since September 29 , 1945, a large group AFNEI started coming to Indonesia . Netherlands and the allies who landed in Surabaya hotel wants Yamato used as the headquarters of the Dutch Navy . Flag at the Hotel Yamato derived by the Dutch and replaced with the flag of the Netherlands . Red - White - Blue . This of course raises ire rakayat Surabaya . They trooped stormed the hotel to drop Dutch flag . The Dutch flag after bawagh till , torn blue warana then flown back as the Red 5. and White Flag . The incident is known as the flag incident that occurred on September 19 , 1945. To commemorate the event , now in front of the monument built Yamato struggles . Ally after seeing various perlawananan in Indonesia was not mamapu perform tasks without the help of the Indonesian government . Therefore , on October 1, 1945 , General Christison recognized de facto Indonesian republic state and willing to negotiate . With the advent of foreign powers simultaneously trying to maintain the independence of Indonesia . The role of each region in maintaining the independence of Indonesia looks like the following : Fighting in London ( March 23, 1946 ) Allied forces permission of the government of Indonesia on October 12, 1945 entered London by train. GOI allow Allied forces entered London aims to take care of the prisoners of war II ( Japan ) . On 23 November 1945 the Allied leaders in North Bandung Bandung mengultimatum order soon discharged from the armed youth . However , the youth refused to hand over the weapon so fierce fighting in the city . The first battle took place on December 1, 1945 . Therefore the government of Indonesia Jakarta, Bandung youths asked to stop the fighting and had to vacate the city of Bandung . With a heavy heart , the young man left the city of Bandung . In order for a building - bangunann peting in the city can not be used Allied retreat while they burn . This incident occurred on March 23, 1946 . Entire city was engulfed by flames Bandung . This event is famous Bandung Ocean of Fire event . The figures were involved in the battle of London , among others, Muhammad Toha from South London ( Autumn ) , Kol . A.H Nasution , and Colonel Hidayat . As the driving force morale , it gives birth to the song '' '' Halo - halo Bandung creation Ismail Marzuki . This song depicts the struggle of the people who do not resolve outages possible to reclaim the city of Bandung . Fighting in Sumatra ( Medan Area , December 10, 1945 ) Dated August 27, 1945 people heard the news of the proclamation of the new field brought by Mr . Teuku Mohammad Hassan as Governor of Sumatra . Mengggapi news of the proclamation of the youth under the leadership of Ahmad born form the Indonesia Youth ranks . Allied landing in Medan occurred on