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Transcript of Society for Creative Anachronism Newsletter for the Quid Novi November 2016 The Quid Novi (QD)...

  • Quid Novi November 2016

    The Quid Novi


    Society for Creative Anachronism

    Newsletter for the

    Barony of Caer Mear Volume 38, Issue 8

    Our new Crown Prince Cuan and Princess Signy

  • Quid Novi 2 November 2016

    Baronial Polling Please be sure that your mailing address is current with the Society if you wish to partici- pate in the Baronial Polling to select our new Baron & Baroness!

    And the nominees are...

     Viscount Tojenareum Grenville of Devon  Mistress Magda z Stalburg  Mestre Tomas de Montroig  Mistress Aelfwynn Gyrthesdohtor  Lord Hjörr Guðmundson  Lady Arnóra in Rauða

    Bids for Ruby Joust VI (and Investiture) need to be presented at the December Business Meeting.

    Are you experienced in HTML, PHP or Web Design in general? Are you look- ing to add “Web Design for a local Non-Profit” on your resume? If so, please contact our Webminister at Webminister AT


  • Quid Novi 3 November 2016

    Letter from the Senseschal

    Good Gentles of Caer Mear, Greetings from the Seneschal:

    Summer has come to an end and the Winds of Autumn are blowing. They

    drive us into our homes and give notice of the coming winter. And so we

    prepare for feasts and fellowship.

    Soon approaches our annual gathering of Yule. Please join us on Sun-

    day, December 11th for this year’s celebration of family and friends. Lord

    Henricus has planned what will undoubtedly be an excellent afternoon

    and evening.

    This winter will also be a time for us to reflect on the direction our Barony

    will take in the coming years. Yes, we must again advise Their Majesties

    and Their Highnesses on whom we feel will best represent Them as

    Baronage of Caer Mear.

    Candidates have come forward and I have sought the advice of the

    Atlantian Royals. To ensure that your voice is heard, you should verify

    that the Society has your correct address and that your membership is

    up to date. You must be a paid member of the SCA in order to receive a

    polling letter per Kingdom Law.

    To this end, we have proposed to The Royals that our investiture be held

    at Ruby Joust VI. However, we are in need of an event steward for Ruby

    Joust. If you have thought about running the event or are planning to

    submit a bid, please let me know. Help will be provided to any who need

    help with the event proposal or what do to.

    Thank you all for your continued support of our great Barony. Have a safe

    and happy holiday season.

    Yours In Service,

    Lord Hjörr Guðmundson

    Seneschal, Barony of Caer Mear

  • Quid Novi 4 November 2016

    Atlantian calendar of events

    November 2016

    5 Atlantia Fall Crown Tournament (R) Lochmere Street, MD

    11-12 Known World Fiber Arts Symposium Calontir

    11-13 Rise of the Child King (formerly Hawkwood's Su- Hawkwood Arden, NC

    12 Marinus Baronial Birthday Marinus Virginia Beach, VA

    12 Buckston Birthday Bash Buckston-on-Eno Hillsborough, NC

    12 Storvik Song and Dance Storvik

    19 Runestone Collegium Sacred Stone Winston-Salem, NC

    19 Holiday Faire Stierbach Manassas, VA

    December 2016 3 Unevent Raven's Cove Kenansville, NC

    9-11 Yule Toy Tourney Nottinghill Coill Pickens, SC

    11 Yule Caer Mear Richmond, VA

    February 2017

    January 2017 7 Inter-Baronial 12th night (R) Marinus

    13-15 Kingdom of Atlantia 12th Night (R) Sacred Stone Greensboro, NC

    21 Spanish Inquisition - Torquemada's Trans-Iberian Tour

    Lochmere Severna Park, MD

    27-29 Tourney of Mannanan Mac Lir XXVI Tear-Seas Shore Ridgeville, SC

    28 Ice Castles (R) Black Diamond Salem, VA

    February 2017 4 Feast of Fools Roxbury Mill Rockville, MD

    4 Winter University 2017 Raven's Cove Kenansville, NC

    11 Tournament of Love and Beauty - Ponte Alto Baro- nial Birthday

    Ponte Alto Leesburg, VA

    11 Giita of the Stone Middlegate Winston Salem, NC

    17-19 Nottinghill Coill Baronial Birthday Nottinghill Coill Bennettsville, SC

    18 Bright Hills Baronial Birthday (R) Bright Hills Manchester, MD

    24-26 Tournament of Ymir and Baronial Investiture (R) Windmasters' Hill Reidsville, NC

    December 2016

    January 2017

  • Quid Novi 5 November 2016


    Officer Reports

    From their Excellency's:

    We are looking for bids for Ruby Joust by the December meeting Queens Rapier Tourney was held at Tom Scott Park and was well attended.

    Fall Crown was a great event and we had several entries as fighter or consort

    from Caer Mear.

    Seneschal: My warrant has been extended pending the result of the Baronial Polling.

    Exchequer: Reconciled balance: $11,692.62

    River’s Point fund to be held until 11/2016 - $2,133.69

    Caer Gelynniog fund to be held until 10/2017- $2,837.52

    Chatelaine: - Position to be filled soon It has been a very busy few months! We continue to receive donations of garb and feast

    gear items which are to be sorted and added to the barony's Gold Key. If you have any

    gently used feast gear or garb that you are willing to part with, please give to Lady Arnora

    on any Tuesday night gathering.

    Communications: Please let Lady Arnora know if there are any discrepancies on the website or if you have

    any articles you would like published in the QD.

    Letters of intent to be posted in QD and Website

    Knights Marshal: No injuries to report. Waivers are being signed, as needed, at Tuesday night practice.

    Herald: Absent but seen popping corks with much vigor at recent events

    MOAS: Absent but classes have been held and attended well

    Quartermaster: “We have stuff”

  • Quid Novi 6 November 2016

    MOL: absent

    Chancellor of Youth: There will be lots of activities at Yule!. Please contact me for infor-

    mation at YouthChancellor AT I hope to start having youth ac-

    tivities at practice soon.

    Group reports


    Still meeting on Thursday nights unless otherwise announced


    Caer Mear Yule - December 11, 2016

    Old Business:

    Must have bid for next Joust soon.

    New Business: Baronial Polling

    Three couples have stepped forward.

     Viscount Tojenareum Grenville of Devon

     Mistress Magda z Stalburg

     Mestre Tomas de Montroig

     Mistress Aelfwynn Gyrthesdohtor

     Lord Hjörr Guðmundson

     Lady Arnóra in Rauða

    Mistress Melisent wishes to put in a bid for Fall Crown Tourney 2017

    Bid was approved by populace vote.

    Meeting end 7:38 pm


  • Quid Novi 7 November 2016

    Caer Mear Yule 2016

    The Baron and Baroness of Caer Mear have traveled to Milan to open winter trade routes and to celebrate Yule. Courtly life in Milan is much different than back home in Germany; more dancing, more games, family rivalries.... Join the Baron and Baroness of Cear Mear in a day of dance, games, and family competitions as three Italian Households vie for Cear Mear’s winter trade contract. Clever wits, gold coin, and quick feet will determine with winning Household for the day!

    Cost Notes: This event is being offered for F