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  • Zachary Gordon

    The brand



  • Table of contentsPage # Content

    1 Name 2 Table of Contents 3 Social Media Audit 4 Social media objectives 5 Persona and voice 6 Strategies and tools 7 Timing and Key dates 8 policy and Critical Response plan 9 Measurement and Reporting Results


  • Social Media Audit


    Social Network URL Follower Count Average Weekly ActivityAverage Engagement Rate

    Instagram /zackattack.polaroid/ 11.3k 2 posts 700 likes, 4 comments

    Twitter /realzackgordon1 13 8 posts 2 likes, 1 retweet

    Facebook /zackattack.poalrodi 80 3 posts 100 exposure

    Assessment Summary: At present time, the highest number of interactions per post occurs on Instagram.

    Source Volume % of Overall Traffic Conversion Rate

    Instagram NO DATA 85 No Data

    Twitter NO DATA 5 No Data

    Facebook 1000 10 No data

    Although no direct traffic data is available for Instagram, many social interactions occur on this network.

  • Social media objectives


    1. Increase unique visitors from social properties to my online shop by 30% in 6 months via:

    2. a. Increased brand awareness through partnerships through Instagram b. Increased use of brand hashtags across all social platforms

    Increase Instagram followers by 10k in 6 months.

    3. Increase volume of visual content published on Facebook and Instagram channels by 30% in 2 months.


    1. Number of unique visitors from Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

    2. Number of Instagram followers

    3. Number of weekly photo and video posts to Facebook and Instagram

    4. Sentiment analysis

    Key Messages

    -Photography is fun and I am not a professional

    -My website is only for fun (but if you want to buy something you can!)

  • Persona and voice (hashtags)






    #fun with friends5

  • Strategies and tools



    I love Hootsuite for engagement but most activity takes place on my phone or an android emulator


    I use Buffer as well as Hootsuite to manage and strategize for Twitter. It lets you pre-set posts


    Facebook has a built in analytics tool that integrates with my website as well as Google analytics

  • Timing and Key dates

    This is a year-round operation

    I am graduating this semester and I am seeking employment, it would be nice to grow my network on LinkedIn to aid in this effort

    Most posts are heavily engaged at peak hours around 10pm or 11:30am


  • Roles/policy

    I manage my social media accounts

    I outsource my website to to handle payment processing and apparel production.

    Critical Response plan

    Be respectful to all

    Use common sense

    Stay out of trouble (dont start a fight or post something thats illegal)

    Be polite, not rude or insensitive Be the solution, not the problem Be nice to strangersAct helpful to customers


    situation #1

    Very rude comment on instagram

    I would leave the comment to show that i am a real person, I may reach out personally to find the root of the problem.

    Ignore the trolls

    situation #2

    Someone left a rude comment on my linkedin blog

    I would delete the comment because in that professional space, i would prefer to improve than show my faults


  • Measurement and Reporting Results


    Quantitative KPIs Reporting Period: 2 months Data as of February 18, 2017

    Website Traffic Sources Assessment Timeframe: Monthly average, February 2017 to May 2017

    Qualitative KPIs Sentiment Analysis

    An analysis of the interactions on 4 Facebook posts, 20 Instagram posts and 10 Tweets revealed the following:

    There is an abundance of positive sentiment from customers following their visit. This includes shout outs, sharing photos and stories of their experience and recommendation of the park to their friends/followers.

    Social Network URL

    Follower Count

    Average Weekly Activity

    Average Engagement Rate


    11.3k 2 posts 700 likes, 4 comments


    13 8 posts 2 likes, 1 retweet


    80 3 posts 100 exposure

    Source Volume % of Overall Traffic Conversion Rate

    Instagram NO DATA 85 No Data

    Twitter NO DATA 5 No Data

    Facebook 1000 10 No data

    I am currently partnered with Magic-Flight,, Rastabuddatao, EnoHammocks and Victorinox.

    I wish to build these relationships and open new doors for myself