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Transcript of Social media strategy

  • Social Media

    StrategyChipotle Mexican

    GrillArielle Roth

    September 21, 2016

  • Table of contents1. Executive Summary2. Social Media Audit

    a. Social Media Assessment b. Websitec. Audienced. Competitiors

    3. Social Media Objectives

    4. Online Brand Persona and Voice

    5. Strategies and Tools

    6. Timing and Key Dates

    7. Social Media Roles and Responsibilities

    8. Social Media Policy

    9. Critical Response Plan

    10. Measurement and Reporting Results

  • Executive Summary Our major social media priorities for 2017 will be to grow our community, and the strength of our new app.

    The primary focus will be to offer more deals through our application so people will be more willing to use it, and continue to update our graphics to make them more relatable to our customers.

    Two major social strategies will support this objective:

    1. A plan to increase the number of users by increasing content2. Conduct surveys to see what is the most eye-catching and relatable type of graphics

  • Social media audit

    Network URL Follower Count Weekly Activity Engagements


    3,031,176 5 posts .0007%

    Instagram @chipotlemexicangrill

    382k 10 posts .03%

    Twitter @chipotletweets

    808k 20 posts .004%

    Google Plus

    658,540 4 posts .0001%

    Social Media Assessment

  • Social Media AssessmentAt this time, Facebook has the most followers. However, Instagram has the highest amount of engagement. This could be because you must post pictures on Instagram, and this captures more attention than a status or tweet without pictures would.

  • Social Media Audit Website Traffic Sources Assessment

    Source Volume % of Overall Traffic Conversion Rate

    Facebook 10k 79.34% 2%

    Instagram - - -

    Twitter 6k 6.93% 3%

    Google Plus - - -

  • Traffic summaryFacebook makes up the web traffic summary. Almost 80% of the traffic comes from Facebook, with YouTube coming in next with 7.56%. This agrees with the social media audit, saying that Facebook is by far doing the best in the world of social media.

  • Audience Demographics Assessment

    Age Distribution

    Gender Distribution

    Primary Social Network

    Secondary Social Network

    Primary Need

    Secondary Need

    70% 18-3020% 31-407% 41-553% 55+

    52% Female48% Male

    50% Facebook30% Twitter20% Instagram

    40% Twitter20% Facebook20% Instagram

    Good size for good price

    Good Mexican Food

  • Audience Demographics SummaryIn conclusion, the main target audience would be a female in her twenties who primarily uses Facebook and is looking for a bang for her buck.

  • Competitor Assessment

    Name SM Profile Strengths Weaknesses

    Moes IG: @moessouthwestgrill

    Extremely high traffic on FacebookA lot of their traffic is from social mediaA lot of content

    Not that many followers

    Tijuana Flats FB: facebook.comtijuanaflats

    Facebook makes up their traffic

    Not that many followersLack of high quality photos

  • Competitor Assessment SummaryMoes seems to be the biggest competitor. Chipotle has more followers on all social media accounts, however many customers seem to think they get more bang for their buck with Moes according to reviews.

  • Social Media ObjectivesOur main social media goal is to make our app more popular, and to engage more customers on all platforms.

    By increasing the quality of our graphics and videos, it will be easier to gain more likes and followers.

    Specifically, reach out to the millenials.

  • Social Media Objectives Cont.Since 70% of our customers are 18-30 years old, the smartest idea is to target them. According to the chart below, approximately 20% of the US population are millenials.

  • Online Brand persona and voiceAdjectives that Describe our Brand:

    1. Youthful2. Bold3. Fresh

    When interacting with customers we are:

    1. Energetic2. Caring3. Helpful

  • Strategies and Tools -Paid:Every month boost most popular Facebook posts for the end of the month. The post must have a minimum organic reach of 85, as well as a minimum of 100 likes or 50 comments.

    -Owned:Introduce hashtag #FasterandFresher to encourage use of the app. Customers can get their food in a matter of minutes right after they order, and itll still be as fresh as it would be if you ordered in store.

    -Earned: Create a video showing how easy it is to use the app, like a real life demonstration and time it. 10 random comments will be picked and the users will receive a free meal for using the app.

  • Strategies and tools continuedApproved: Rejected: Existing Subscriptions:

    Buffer N/A Vimeo




  • Timing and Key datesHolidays: Internal Events: Lead Times:

    Cinco De Mayo Employee Meetings Reporting will

    National Burrito Day occur twice a

    Valentines Day quarter

    Labor Day

  • Social media roles and responsibilitiesSocial Media Director: Richard Scricca

    -creates strategies, see what the trends are in order to create the best material

    Social Media Manager: Sarah Jones

    -manage the customers: complaints, problems etc.

    Social Media Coordinator: Darryl Thomas

    -promotes social media within the company

  • Social media policy-Social Networks are to be used, but keep them clean and not derogatory towards our company. We expect you to be:




    -Violation of this will result in corrective action, including termination.

  • Critical response planScenario 1 - Inappropriate Tweet Sent from @Chipotletweets

    Action Plan

    When Tweet is detected:

    Take screenshot (on Mac press: Command+Shift+ 3)

    Delete Tweet

    Alert Darryl Thomas (Social Media Manager). If Rob unavailable, alert Kim Jang (Marketing Director.)

    Darryl to sync with Richard and Sarah to discuss impact and reach, and evaluate further action.

    Develop appropriate apology tweet

    Sarah deals with media

    Preapproved message: dependent on tweet

  • Critical response plan contScenario 2- customer finds something gross in food

    Action Plan

    Alert Sarah who will sync with Darryl to evaluate impact of tweet.

    Once you have figured out the problem, alert customer you have fixed it.

    Offer customer a gift card or some kind of compensation.

    Pre approved message:

    Twitter: Our food is as fresh as ever!

  • Measurement and reportingQuantitative KPIs

    -Reporting Period:1 month

    Shares and Retweets Assessment

    Source Weekly Activity Multimedia Activity Share/RT Rate

    Facebook 5 posts 5 posts +25%

    Twitter 20 posts 15 posts +30%

  • Measurement and reporting summaryThe use of multimedia posts seems to engage viewers the most. Without the photos or videos, the posts dont get liked or retweeted as much.