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The Brand Called YOU: Jasmine Melendez

The Brand Called YOU:Jasmine MelendezFebruary 20, 2016

Executive SummaryMy social media priority for 2016 is to grow my online following on my social media sites and my blog.

Two major social strategies to support this objective:1. Create more shareable content each week2. Interact with users who have content similar to mine.

Social Media AuditAs of Feb. 20, 2016Social NetworkURLFollower CountAverage Weekly ActivityAverage Engagement posts per posts per week0%WordPressWearejemz.wordpress.com91 post per post every 3 months0%

Social Media Assessment: Currently, I am struggling in my social media engagements. My Twitter engagements have increased recently, so I believe engagement will increase here soon. I have visitors on my blogs but I need more engagement (i.e. comments).

Website Traffic Sources AssessmentAs of Feb 1, 2016SourceVolume% Overall TrafficConversion rateTwitter4,824 unique views70%5%Facebook20 unique views1%0.5%WordPress44 unique views2.3%0.3%LinkedIn10 unique views0.50%0.02%

Assessment Summary:The largest driver of traffic is Twitter. WordPress gets 44 unique views in a month and Facebook gets 20, but with little to no engagement.

Audience Demographic AssessmentAge DistributionGender DistributionPrimary Social NetworkSecondary Social NetworkPrimary NeedSecondary Need75% 18-3065% Female60% Twitter70% TwitterEntertainmentFind style and20% 31-4035% Male20% Wordpress5% WordPressmakeup tips4% 41-5515% Facebook5% LinkedIn1% 56-805% LinkedIn15% Facebook

Assessment Summary:The majority of readers are 18-30 years old. The majority are women. Their main platforms are Twitter and LinkedIn. The reason for visiting the site is entertainment.

Competitor AssessmentCompetitor NameSocial Media ProfileStrengthsWeaknessesNatalie WalkerFB TheWalkingTrend-More likes-More frequent content-Entertaining content

- Not much engagement on postsCorey ZimmermanFB Corey ZImmermanAesthetic profileMany likes on the pageA lot of engagement on the pageHasnt posted recently

Competitor Assessment Summary: The competitors have strong content but could use improvement in frequency of posts.

Social Media ObjectivesIn 2016, the main objective is grow a follower base on my social media platforms. In order to do so, my social media priority will be to post quality, shareable content on a more frequent basis.Some specific objectives include:Create 4 posts a weekPost a mix of photos, statuses and blog posts.Share content from popular, but related profiles.Increase Facebook likes by 20 in 2 monthsIncrease Twitter followers by 40 in 3 months.Increase number of posts shared by 30 across all platformsIncorporate more hashtags into postsKPIsKey MessagesNumber of posts shared per week1. Live a happy lifestyleNumber of posts liked per day2. Create your own fashion senseNumber of followers increased3. Discover what youre passionate about

Online Brand Persona and VoiceAdjectives that describe When interacting with readersmy brand: I am:Fun1. FriendlyHappy2. GratefulStylishPassionate

Strategies and ToolsPaid: If I were to use paid content, I would use Boost Post and sponsor Tweet.Owned: I would create my own content such as hashtags and blog posts.Earned: Repost blogs and articles related to the topics I discuss such as beauty, makeup and fashion. I would share on Facebook and retweet on Twitter._____________________________________________________Tools: Approved ToolsRejected Tools Existing SubscriptionsHootsuite- N/A - N/ABuffer

Timing and Key DatesHoliday DatesValentines DayNational Lash Day (Feb. 19)National Lipstick Day (July 29.)National Beauty Day (Oct. 29)Internal EventsN/AReporting DatesReporting will take place January, April, July and November

Social Media Roles and ResponsibilitiesDirector of all Marketing and Social Media:

-Self (Jasmine Melendez)

Social Media PolicySocial media is an important aspect to getting the message of my personal brand through to future employers and people interested in what I create.Be polite and respectfulHave an open mindIf reposting something that may be offensive or that I do not personally agree with, make it clear that it is posted for informational purposesBe welcomingPromote positivityUplift othersEngage with readers

Critical Response PlanScenario 1- Inappropriate or offensive content posted- Delete if there has been no engagements on it- If a person has commented on it, respond as soon as possible apologizing and stating that it was posted for informational purposes. Then delete post if appropriate.Scenario 2: Negative feedback left on a post- Respond with concern and curiosity as to why they feel how they do.- Private message if necessary to continue conversation.

Measurement and ReportingQuantitative KPIsReporting Period: 3 monthsData as of January 1, 2016

Website Traffic Sources AssessmentUnavailable until plan is implementedSocial Network DataUnavailable until plan is implemented

Proposed Action ItemsImplement Action Plan to reach goals.