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Eddie Datz Actor2/19/17Edward Datz#DatzRight

#Datz the Table of ContentsCover Page Table of ContentsExecutive SummarySocial Media Audit Social Media ObjectivesOnline Brand Persona and VoiceStrategies and ToolsTiming and Key DatesSocial Media Roles and ResponsibilitiesSocial Media PolicyCritical Response PlanMeasurement and Reporting Results

#Datz the Executive SummaryAs of 2/19/17, I really only feel comfortable on Facebook and Instagram. My major social media priorities for 2017 are to yield more consistently high engagements on all of my posts, and to become accumulated with and grow my followings on the rest of the major social networks, including but not limited to: Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest, YouTube, Google+, and Medium.Strategy=1. Put out well-developed, visual content on every network at least once a week.2. Analyze what works and what doesnt for each network and plan future content accordingly.

#Datz the Social Media AuditWhile I have the biggest quantitative following on my Facebook Page, I have the most qualitative and loyal following on Instagram. I am still getting started on Twitter and clearly need to up my game on that.Social Media AssessmentDate: 2/1/17Social NetworkURLFollower CountAverage Weekly ActivityAverage Engagement posts/week191 People Engaged. 16%Instagram posts/week119 Likes/Photo, 2.8 Comments/Photo. 19.1 %Twitter Tweets/Week2 Likes, 1 Retweet/Tweet. 10%

Even More social Media Audit? #DatzRightWebsite Traffic Sources AssessmentDate: 2/1/17SourceVolume% of Overall TrafficConversion RateFacebook95 Page Views 16%8%Instagram6513 Likes, 210 Comments Total19.10%16%Twitter49 Tweets, 74 Likes3%1.50%

Again, I can see that I am most efficient on Instagram. I want my Facebook to be my main traffic driver, so I would like it to eventually surpass Instagram.

Even MORE Social Media Audit? #DatzRightAge DistributionGender DistributionPrimary Social NetworkSecondary Social NetworkPrimary NeedSecondary Need75% 14-2554% Male60% Instagram78% FacebookStudent Organization GroupsFriends/Family Interactions20% 26-4045% Female34% Facebook15% Twitter4% 41-605% Twitter6% Instagram1% 60+1% Other1% Other

It seems like my demographic is mostly my friends/fellow students/co-workers, which are teens/young adults. I definitely am trying to pander to all age groups but I feel most comfortable with this age group. Im glad my genders are almost even, because I wanted to be an actor beloved by everyone. While most of my users go to Instagram first, I still want to increase traffic on my Facebook Page because I think that panders more to all demographics, whereas Instagram just happens to reach my current main demographic but not my goal objective (every demographic). Like me, most of my users are on social media either because they have to for their clubs or want to for their friends/family.

Even More Social Media Audit? #DatzRightCompetitor Assessment:Date: 2/1/17Competitor NameSocial Media ProfileStrengthsWeaknessesAmanda Young - ActressFacebook. 426 LikesRelevant pictures/posts about her life/careerStill seems to be in it's beginning stages and doesn't have much content right now.LeBron JamesInstagram. 28.2 Million FollowersShares posts about his community work, family, and accomplishments. This encourages audience loyalty.Sometimes his posts seem pretentious. As someone who wants to be on his level in my respective field, I need to remember to stay humble and grounded.Ansel ElgortInstagram. 7.3 Million FollowersPosts have variety and are pleasing to the eye! As we know, visual is key.Posts a lot of pics with a girl, which is a turnoff for young teenage girl fans.

A fellow student actor, Amanda, is closer to my level right now. LeBron is obviously the King of social media. Ansel is a famous actor, so closer to where I want to be. They all seem to have in common that they post pics of family, which everyone can relate to and enjoy. When their posts start to get a bit self-indulgent, their audiences lose interest. As we learned-dont think about what you want, think about what the audience wants!

Social Media Objectives? #DatzRightAs an aspiring Actor, my career goal is to be a well-known celebrity that directors/producers are willing to trust because of name-recognition. As the Social Media Manager of the brand called Me, my main Objective is to increase my following to the point where I can feasibly use my online following as another reason for directors to hire me (more followers=greater reach=greater potential show/movie tickets sold).

Even MORE Social Media Objectives? #DatzRightQualitative KPIs:KPIsPage Likes/Follows/Subscriptions on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Medium, YouTube, Pinterest, and Google+Engagement on specific posts through Likes, Comments, Shares, Retweets on the above mentioned networks.Overall tone of audiences responsesUse of Emoticons

Quantitative KPIs:Reach 1000 Instagram Followers by 12/31/17Reach 1500 Facebook Page Likes by 12/31/17Reach 200 Twitter Followers by 12/31/17Reach consistent Klout Score of 75 by 12/31/17

Key Messages:(Insert any Datz pun here)#DatzTheWay

Online Brand Persona and Voice? #DatzRightAdjectives that describe my brand:EntertainingFunnyFunPassionateWhen Interacting with my audiences I will be:Knowledgeable RelatableReliableGrounded

Strategies and Tools? #DatzRightPaid: N/A (I do not have any expendable money to spend in this coming year). However, when the day comes that I can afford to spend money on social media, I will utilize Facebooks paid targeted advertisements first. When I see how I like that, I will then move on to other networks.Earned: I plan on doing interviews and posting insights from audience members, fellow actors, and facutly at UF in order to spread my following.Owned: Create mixture of pictures, videos, posts, discussion-starters, and curated content. Started the hashtag #throwbackthespian instead of #throwbackthrusday where I can post theatre-related throwbacks.Tools:Hootsuite-Post Calendar/SchedulingBuffer-Post Calendar/Scheduling (for networks that I dont use on Hootsuite)Canva-Photo Editing/Graphic DesignFollowers+-Monitor/Analyze Instagram Followers/PostsPhotoGrid-Photo Collages

#Datz my screenshots of Canva and Hootsuite

Timing and Key Dates? #DatzRightValentines Day-Start Discussion about Favorite Romantic ComedyHalloween-Favorite Horror Movie/ShowsNovember/December-Holiday Movies/ShowsAward Shows Predictions:OscarsEmmysTonysGolden GlobesMLK Day-Discuss Fences Play/other African American Art PiecesHolocaust Remembrance Day-Holocaust movies every person should watchPresidents Day-Favorite Political shows/MoviesJuly 4th-Favorite Patriotic Film/ShowVeterens Day-Favorite War Movies/Shows every person should watchNew Years-Favorite Movies of current year and what movies looking forward to most next year

Key Holidays

Even More Timing and Key Dates? #DatzRightKey Events:Upcoming ShowsStudent Films

Target Demographic: Ages 15-60.Ideal Timing for Target Demographic: Around 4pm.

Social Media Roles and Responsibilities? #DatzRightLike paid advertisements, I do not have the money to afford to pay someone else to take part in my social media. Therefore, I will have the sole responsibility to develop, schedule, and publish the best content that I can.I will start by making an editorial calendar. I will start broad and get more narrow: Year, Month, Week, Day, Hour.I will continue to put myself out there offline and have share-worthy experiences. This will help me get the most out of life and give me great, natural content for all of my networks.

#Datz the Social Media PolicyI have to be extra careful on social media, because my brand is ME. If someone messes up behind a computer screen working for a big company, no one will ever know from the audience who messed up. However, if I post or comment something unflattering, inaccurate, or inappropriate, everyone will know I am solely to blame.

Even More social media policy? #DatzRightWhen interacting with audience, I will be:AccurateInspiring KindReassuringEncouraging of dialogueOpen to all ideasOpen to all people regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, political party, or sexual orientation.Promotional about fellow actorsI will avoid:Curse WordsNegative thoughts about actors or people/aspects of entertainmentPosting things that would be more appropriate on my personal, private Facebook Profile.

#Datz the Critical Response Plan Scenario 1: One or multiple accounts get hacked and something is posted without my authorization.Action Steps: 1. Change Email/Password2. Report Hack to the network3. Report Hack to the police.4. Make sure account is secure before proceeding with message.Pre-Approved Message:Unfortunately, it appears some people have too much time on their hands. I was recently hacked on this {and other} account(s). I have reported this to {insert network here} and the police, so the situation should be secure and under control. If you received or continue to receive any kind of interaction from me that is inappropriate in any way, I give my sincerest apologies and ask that you tell me exactly when and what was said. Thank you, and I hope this will not happen again. #DatzRight

Even More Critical Response Plans? #DatzRightScenario 2: I post something that unintentionally offends a majority of audience members.Action Steps: 1. Get general idea of how many people are offended2. Get general idea of demographics of offended persons.3. Decide whether the post was worth posting and if it is worth keeping, despite its controversy.4. Delete Post5. Apologize to all audience with emphasis on offended persons.P