Social Media Strategy

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Transcript of Social Media Strategy

  • 1. Executive Summary

    2. Social Media Audit

    a. Social Media Assessment,

    b. Traffic Sources Assessment,

    c. Customer Demographics Assessment

    d. Competitor Assessment

    3. Social Media Objectives

    4. Online Brand Persona and Voice

    5. Strategies and Tools

    6. Timing and Key Dates

    7. Social Media Roles and Responsibilities

    8. Social Media Policy

    9. Critical Response Plan

    10. Measurement and Reporting Results


    Our primary social media goal for this upcoming year (2016) will be to grown our online following as well as influence our community. We will focus on finding creative ways to share content, engage more and inspire our followers.

    Two major social strategies will support this objective:

    1. Increase how much content we publish on any given day 2. Boost engagement about our content


    The following is an audit of Sarah Acosta-Rubio social media presence to date. It includes an assessment of all social networks, web traffic audience demographics, and a competitor analysis.

    Social Media Assessment: Data as of February 20, 2016

    Social Media Assessment: At this time, the most interactions per post happen on Instagram. Little to no interactions occurs on Facebook and posting more frequently should be consider moving forward.

    Social Network

    URL Follower Count

    Average Weekly Activity

    Average Engagement Rate


    Twitter Svacostarubio 40 3 posts per week 1%

    Facebook Sarah Acosta-Rubio 3 1 posts per two weeks .5%

    Instagram Svacostarubio 473 2 posts per week

    Average interactions per post = 65

    Tumblr Svacostarubio 109 2 post per week 2%

  • Website Traffic Sources Assessment: Timeframe: Monthly average

    Source Volume % Of Traffic Conversion Rate

    Twitter 10 visits 2% 2%

    Facebook 1 0 0


    Tumblr 50 visits 5% .02%

    Traffic Assessment: At this time, Tumblr brings in the biggest traffic to our website. Although there is no direct data for Instagram, a lot of interaction and conversations happen on this network.

    Audience Demographics Assessment: Survey distributed in via email and upon subscription. Total applicant responses: 1000

    Age Distribution

    Gender Distribution

    Primary Social Network

    Secondary Social Network

    Primary Need

    Secondary Need

    70% 18 30

    20% 31 40

    10% 41 - 55

    0% 56 - 80

    60% Female

    40% Male





    20% Twitter



    20% Twitter

    Thinking content is cool

    Finding inspiration in content

    Audience Demographics Assessment: The majority of surveyed respondents are in the 18-30 age group. Instagram and Twitter are the core social networks. Thinking content is cool is the primary reason for liking content. Focusing on Facebook content should be noted to move forward.

  • Competitor Assessment

    Competitor Name

    Social Media Profile

    Strengths Weaknesses

    Aime Song Instagram: SongofStyle

    Post frequently, content is cohesive. Uses same filter. Interesting content. Gives tips, humanized brand.

    Doesnt interact with her audience. Questions go un answered.

    Danielle Josepth

    Instagram: HelloFucntion

    Uses hashtags #hellofunction to promote content. Posts work and tags companies looking for content.

    Its not cohesive. Brand voice isnt strong.

    Keya Vadgama TW: Kvgm

    Uses Twitter to showcase her work. Interacts with other graphic designers

    Low engagement. Doesnt post frequently

    Competitor Assessment Summary: The above analysis focused on three major competitors with a strong social presence on Instagram and Twitter. Good quality content is the main reason of engagement and community following. The use of hashtags plays a big factor when it comes down to brand reaching. On the other hand, they can improve on communication with audience and frequent postings.


    The primary objective of our social media strategy will be to increase followers and influence our community by posting creative content. In order to do this, we will schedule posts and engage more with our audience.

    Some specific objectives include:

    1. Increase followers by 100 in a matter of 5 months by:

  • a. Increase brand awareness by posting more frequently

    b. Use hashtags across social media platforms

    2. Increase volume of visual content published on Facebook and Instagram channels by 40% in 6 months.

    The following is the demographic example we are trying to reach:


    Adjectives that describe our brand:

    Lively Fashion forward

  • Colorful Fun Sarcastic


    Paid: Every two-weeks pay for ads that have to do with our brand. If possible, further our own posts. Every Friday boost most popular organic Instagram posts for the weekend.

    Owned: Introduce the use of #SarahSundays on Instagram and Twitter posts. Encourage community to use it. Promote hashtag through other social media platforms, as well as give incentive to those that use it.

    Earned: Monitor hashtag used and generate giveaways to those that use it. Also, partner up with other influencers and come up with a Day in the life of each advocate and share throughout social media platforms. Have them repost and shout us out.


    Approved Tools

    Hootsuite Behance Snapchat Buffer VSCO YouTube

    Existing Subscriptions/Licenses

    Photoshop Illustrator


    Key Holy Dates

    Christmas Valentines Thanksgiving Halloween

    Other Key Dates

    New York Fashion week London Fashion Week Paris Fashion week

    Weekly & Daily

    Keep in mind #hashtag trending during any given week or day Post three times a week

    o Mondays o Wednesdays o Saturdays


    Marketing Director Sarah Acosta-Rubio

  • Social Media Manager Sarah Acosta-Rubio Social Media Coordinator Sarah Acosta-Rubio Creative Content - Sarah Acosta-Rubio


    Social media is something that is used in our everyday lives. We use it to reach out across different communities, share content, and interact with our audience. As a representative of Sarah Acosta-Rubio, you are expected to conduct yourself with etiquette and respect. The following are some simple guidelines.

    Be respectful Dont bash other brands Be polite Solve problems Be nice When sharing our content on your own social media platforms make sure you follow the

    guidelines Sarah Acosta-Rubio has set forth.

    NOTE: Sarah Acosta-Rubio is serious about following these guidelines. Violation of such terms will result in corrective action plan. You may be subject to legal prosecution as well as termination of contract. Should you have any concerns please feel free to speak to Sarah Acosta-Rubio herself.


    Example 1: Inappropriate content posted on Instagram

    Action Plan

    1. When picture is detected: Take screenshot then proceed to delete post. 2. Let the Social Media Manager know. 3. Discuss impact of the post 4. If the media has gotten a hold of the post, Sarah Acosta-Rubio will deal with all direct

    contact. 5. Consider posting something else to address the issue to our community

    Example 2: Unsuitable Tweet Sent from Sarah Acosta-Rubio

  • Action Plan

    1. Take screenshot of tweet then proceed to delete it. 2. Alert the Social Media Manager 3. Discuss impact of tweet 4. Address the Tweet on all social media platforms

    IMPORTANT: These are only a few scenarios that could happen while on social media. If for any reason an issue comes up please alert the Social Media Manager as soon as possible. Action will be taken accordingly.


    Quantitative KPIs

    Reporting period: 3 month

    Website Traffic Sources Assessment - Timeframe: Monthly

    Source Volume Percentage of Overall Traffic Conversion Rate

    Twitter 20 visits 10% 2.3%

    Facebook 3 visits .3% 0%


    Tumblr 50 visits 5% .5%

    Although there is no direct data from Instagram, it should be noted that most of the traffic comes from interactions and visits to this network.

    Social Network Data - Timeframe: Monthly

    Social Network

    URL Follower Count

    Average Weekly Activity

    Engagement Rate

  • Twitter Svacostarubio 58 + 30% growth

    10 posts per week +5% increase


    Facebook Savacostarubio 20 + 100% growth

    9 posts per week

    +10% increase


    Instagram Svacostarubio 519 +10% growth

    3 posts per week

    +10% increase

    Average interactions per post = 80

    Tumblr 179+ 30% growth 6 post per week + 5% increase 30% reblogs

    Our Instagram following has grown by 47 followers in a month, keeping us on track when increasing out following. Its important to note that the most interaction happens on Tumblr, with the increase of 30%