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Transcript of Social Media Strategy

  1. 1. SOCIAL MEDIASTRATEGYUptown Chamber of Commerce, 9/11/2012
  2. 2. Kelly OConnellecom Client Relations AssociateHallmark Data Systemsemail: koconnell@halldata.comtwitter: @kelly_virginia
  3. 3. Why is social important? 84% of marketers say socialmedia has helped their business Build brand awareness Strengthen relationships Drive more traffic to yourwebsite Improve search rankings More robust customer service Tracking/monitoring
  4. 4. Benefits of Social MediaMarketing
  5. 5. Demographics of Consumers
  6. 6. Social Media ExplainedIt may seem like thesocial media sites areall saying the samething, but they aretargeting differentaudiences and focusingon different keyelements.
  7. 7. Facebook 845 million active Allows for fans onusers Facebook pages Ages 26 to 64 make Engage with currentup half the and potentialFacebookcustomerspopulation Promote other Most popular social content you createmedia network (blogs, webinars)overall
  8. 8. Facebook PagesOffers the chance to promote deals,have fans share your information, andto interact with your customers
  9. 9. Twitter 127 million activeusers Concise messaging Promote alternatecontent Conversationfriendly Followers canpromote yourproduct/services totheir followers
  10. 10. Ways to Interact on TwitterInteractions with Companies Promote Events with#hashtags
  11. 11. Linkedin 150 million registeredusers Join groups to marketyour product orservices Be seen as a leaderin your industry Connect with peopleyouve done businesswith and receiverecommendations
  12. 12. PinterestIn a change of one month, from December 2011 to January 2012, Pinterest increased its user population by 155%
  13. 13. Pinterest info 21 million uniquevisitors Visual promotion Pinners can shareyour product in oneclick Cross-channelpromotion Links to source For businesses thatrely on traffic on
  14. 14. Scout - AndersonvillePins from Scout in Andersonville drive traffic to the store thatmay have previously been overlooked while walking up Clark St.
  15. 15. Instagram >80 millionusers Mobile Hashtags Share to othersocial sites Others promoteyour product
  16. 16. Other SocialMedia Foursquare Tumblr Youtube Yelp Blogs
  17. 17. Twylah
  18. 18. Rebelmouse
  19. 19. Which ones are for you?Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr Content/copy based Visually based Conversations with Easy sharingcustomers Quick paced SEO Rely on site traffic to Proactive instead ofgenerate salesreactive Your customers doyour work
  20. 20. Creating a Social Media StrategyThe rush to use social media tools shouldnot outweigh the strategy
  21. 21. Your StrategyFirst Things First Goals Research Content Converse StrengthenRelationships Measure Results
  22. 22. Goals & Objectives Increase Sales DriveAwareness CustomerService Website Traffic Promotions Thought leaderin industry
  23. 23. Research Target audience Demographics What is already out there Hashtags Customer praise/complaints Competitors
  24. 24. Content Promotions Events Information Behind-the-scenes Transparency Frequency Cross-channel
  25. 25. Converse Information Customer Service Q&A Blogs Tone
  26. 26. Track your successTracking your social media efforts are justas important as creating the content
  27. 27. Klout Free service Tracks facebook,twitter, linkedin,etc. Showsincrease/decreaseof followers Displays topmoments Easily view yourinfluence
  28. 28. Tweriod Best times to tweet for exposure Chart of @replies to trackinteractions
  29. 29. CrowdBooster Schedule tweets based on best tracked time Track tweets forimpressions andreplies
  30. 30. Tying it all togetherSocial Sites Strategy Drive business Goals Website traffic Research Customer service Content Awareness Measure
  31. 31. Q&A
  32. 32. Thank you!