Social Media Strategy

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Transcript of Social Media Strategy

  • 1. Social Media Strategy
    By Push Creative

2. What is Social Media?
Social Media is a conversation supported by online tools
The social interactions of real people
Its all about the Cs
3. Social Media Tools
4. The Rules of Social Media
5. Objectives
Reach and approach customers to engage in the community
Create a destination point for customers to connect
Connect to your audience creating trust and honesty
Increase customers and drive sales
Spread the word
Make the location of your company easier to find
6. The Goals
Extend Brand Awareness
Leveraging social media to generate sales
Increase walk through in stores
Increase calls
Increase new business
Increase positive talk
7. Brand Awareness
Spread information about events
Inform the public about your companys facts
Tap into conversations
Interesting facts about your business
Profile customers
Humorous stories
8. Leveraging Social Media
Promote current offers
Promote new products
Advertise events
Reward influences
Request feedback
Business location
9. Increase Walk through
Encourage new customers to visit
Encourage existing customers to try new products
Educate aboutyour company
Rewarding through Foursquare/Facebook/Twitter
Connect with customers
Collaborate via Face book
Encourage influences
Follow other users
Follow conversation and reply
Recruit brand ambassadors
11. Listening
Expressed Need
Measure ROI
12. Conversation
Comments are fed from customers point of view
What information would the customer like to receive
Successful social media marketing begins and ends with respect to your audience
Understanding what your audience wants to hear isessential
13. Community
The community are invited to voice their experiences
Conversation is key
Personality should be vibrant, engaging and resourceful
Consumers help define your brand and they want to feel valued
Implement and share the communitys ideas
14. Measuring Results
Quarterly for first 3 months, then monthly
Holistic approach
Number of meaningful comments
Responsiveness to communications
Quality of shared content
Number of links from other sites
Number of posts quoting or linking the brand
Number of quality blog posts
Number of followers
15. Content
Creating fun and sharable content
Notification of events
Charity Sponsorship
The happenings of the company
Staff profiles
16. Engagement
Customers sharing stories
Sending in photos
Foursquare Mayor discount offers
Respond to common confusions by selecting important questions posted on Facebook and Twitter
17. Our Voice
The voice of Push Creative can be found in these locations
We would love to connect with you, share a giggle and let you know about a fabulous new project.
Twitter: @PushCreatives
Foursquare:Push Creative
Should you require further information in regards to PUSH Creative putting together a Social Media Strategy for your business, please don't hesitate to contact us on 02 9975 2006.
This document is copyright to Push Creative 2010.