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  • 1. Starting a social media strategy

2. Youre stalking other companies on Facebook and youre thinking: DAMN THEY REALLY ARE GOOD! 3. There is no secret formula! Lets see what can you do to start a great social media strategy. 4. First, gather your teammates! Start brainstorming about your goals. Every team member, from sales to brand ambassadors HAVE TO AGREE with your marketing and communication goals! 1 5. Analyze all internal marketing and sales assets to understand what have you been promoting until now. Published reports Presentations Online videos Mobile-apps 2 6. Review and analyze your current activity to see what content did or did not drive engagement. Blogs Communities Facebook Just analyze them all! Twitter Pinterest 7. Measure these: How have you been communicating? What have you communicated? Frequency of communication Engagement and interest? 8. 3 Review your SEO program What keywords delivered qualified leads? How did you used them to make them visible online through your SEO program? 9. Now, pick up your weapons and.define your social media marketing goals! 4 Tip: They need to resonate with authentic customer engagement! (build brand, attract new customers, support sales and engage with your fans). 10. Social media marketing is the ultimate communications tool for reaching a target audience. How? Excellent customer service Updates on brand/product/service Educate customers around your values Make your brand go viral on web Inform target about your changes Act as a leader in online education 11. 5 Know your audience, determinate the prospects and customers with whom you want to engage. Understand you target markets point of view and activities. Consider influencers, buyers and end users. Know where your target engages on social media Consider their behavior. 12. 6 Consumers are everywhere! You need to start a media fragmentation. Play catch-up and shift away from your strategies from the past. 13. So, remember: you need to educate, inform and solve problem in your social media marketing strategy by gathering your communication assets, understanding your audience and fragmenting the media youre in. and BOOM, goes your strategy! 14. Thank you for the images: