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  • 1.Social Media Strategy

2. about Superhighways.... Providing tech support to the sector for 15 years Support Training Consultancy Digital inclusion E-news sign up 3. About You 4. Objectives Set your goals what do you want to achieve? Identify the right social media tools for your organisation / audience Plan how to best implement social media including timesaving tools Develop engaging content Measure your success 4 5. Social media What is it?? Social media is the interaction among people in which they create, share or exchange information and ideas in virtual communities and networks Source: Wikipedia 5 6. Changing communications Decline in print media Web 2.0 & beyond Increase in online media + Circa 1995 2005 Broadcasting mode The website was the centre Circa 2005 - now Social mode The user is the centre 6 7. How much do you know already? What social media tools are you familiar with? What have you tried for work / home? What are the opportunities? 7 8. Social media quiz? 8 9. Why is social media important? + 9 10. What about different age groups? Global Web index 10 11. The rise of Mobile 51% of UK adults own a smartphone (2013), almost double that of 2011. 29% own a tablet computer, more than doubling in a year from 12% in 2012 (Source: Ofcom) 12. Resources required People Time Support from the top Policies Measurement 13. Success factors Building up a network of supporters / followers Creating engaging content to initiate your calls to action 14. Content creation Capture content Set it in a context Share it with others Remember COPE (Content Once, Publish Everywhere) 14 15. Images Put photos onto a site like Flickr or Instagram Include the images in your social media posts and across other comms tools Encourages sharing you can also embed slideshows on your own website! High quality images can be used in promo materials use them for your Audioboos, Twitter, Facebook 15 16. Video / digital stories Easy to make short films with smart phones or basic video cameras Powerful way of telling stories, what difference are you making, what are the benefits Easy to share via sites like YouTube and Vimeo. Now also Vine for Twitter 16 17. Audio Use your phone and Audioboo to make audio recordings and post straight to the internet Record volunteer / client experiences / interviews & use for e.g. for campaigning / communicating your impact Contribute to discussions 17 18. Adding context to your content Capturing content is great but adding context makes it better! Write stories about what your content is saying case studies, reports, impact Put this on your website or start a blog Weve captured the contentweve set some contextnow its time to SHARE! 18 19. Twitter Anatomy of Twitter Tweet Following Followers # @ Retweet Reply . Build up a community, have conversations, make requests, promote services & activities. 19 Things to do Listen first Build up a community (Twitter Search) Have conversations Make requests Promote services & activities 20. Facebook 20 21. Integrate with other tools 22. Your identity Take care with profile information Pay attention to your brand Create good Avatars and be consistent Be clear whos posting 22 23. Promoting your social media Business cards Websites & embed feeds Presentations Email signatures E-bulletins 23 24. Huge potential - online fundraising e.g. 24 25. Social Media Dashboards p-10-social-media-dashboard-tools/ 25 26. Measuring success Did you achieve your goals? Social media stats? Not just about numbers of Followers & Likes Its Conversions that count How many Retweets? Clicking on Links? Use tools e.g. dashboards, Link trackers e.g. & Facebook Insights 27. Community How To community/social-media (if registering please use our Centre ID 3453271 in the promotional code box) 27 28. Dos & Donts Do Decide on your communications aims Allocate resources Learn about your audience Decide on what youre going to say Dont Do it just because everyone else is Speak too soon Just broadcast Source: Charity Comms Guide to Social Media for Charities 29. What will you do after today? 30. Superhighways 0208 255 8040