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Why do you need a social media strategy?

Transcript of Social Media Strategy 2012-03-31

  • 1. Why do you need aSocial MediaStrategy?Brent Robinson @BigBrainBrentBrent@SpringlineGroup.com479 790-0526

2. What is Social Media? 3. Social Strategy May Also Include 4. Social Media Traditional Media 5. Social Media Traditional Media 6. 7. The Facebook Front Porch 8. Caring and AuthenticityAt its core, social media requires that business leadersstart thinking like small-town shop owners.Theyre going to have to take the long view and stop usingshort-term benchmarks to gauge their progress.In short, business leaders are going to have to relearn theethics and skills our great grandparents generation used inbuilding their own businesses and communities.Only those that can figure out how to mind their mannersin a very old fashioned way and do it with authenticity aregoing to have a prayer of competing.From The Thank You Economy, March 2011 9. It is NOT Traditional Media Two Way CONVERSATION Open/Transparent/AUTHENTIC 10. Social Too Content is Evergreen & Recyclable Message is Highly Targeted Creativity is Crowd Sourced 11. Relatively Inexpensive 12. Climate WeirdingHow do I use SM for ___________? Be a Subject Matter Expert (SME) Create and/or Share Content Do NOT Sell Stuff Tell Stories! Maybe stories are just data with a soul. ~Bren Brown: The power of vulnerability Syndicate through your Social Media Channelsto your Influencers 13. What/Who are Influencers? Brand/Topic/Cause Advocates Recognized Industry Professionals Writers, Authors, Journalists, Bloggers Other SMEs Those Noisy People on Facebook (orLinkedIn or Twitter or Pinterest or)that you cannot help Reading theirnext status update! 14. What are Social Media Channels? 15. What is Syndication?,,,, Feedburner, NetworkedBlogs,( Affiliate Programs 16. Integrated into the Overall Plan? Paid: Ads, Endorsements, Paid Posts, Affiliate Networks Owned: Central Digital Hub w/ Social Imbedded Earned: Events, Blog Posts, Public Relations, Articles, Word of Mouth Shared: Syndication, Community Searched: SEO, Keyword Targeting 17. How Do I Stop Negative Posts? DONT Its anOpportunity!!! Respond Timely& Genuinely Remove theEmotion Couple theProblem witha Solution Set the Ground Rules Let Your Advocates Defend You 18. Where do I find the time? Build it into your Routine Make it a Team Effort Mobile Makes It Easy 19. Is That A Super Computer In YourPocket?The number of U.S. smartphonesubscribers surpassed the 100-million mark in January, up 13percent since October to 101.3million subscribers. smartphone-users-now-in-u-s/ 20. What Is Socials ROI? Measuring Social Impressions Followers, Likes Engagement Sentiment Search Engine Optimization Click-Thrus Conversion/ The Call toAction (i.e. Sales, Signups, Votes, Volunteers) Free: Google Analytics, Klout, Facebook Freemium: TwentyFeet, Booshka, HootSuite, Compete, Alexa Premium: Radian6, ScoutLabs, TweetReach, Neilson NetRatings,BuzzLogic, Sysomos 21. Think Big, Start A Movement Have Patience, Commitment and a Long TermView Build Social Into Your Culture Try New Things: Fail Fast = Innovate Faster The first follower is actually an underestimated form of leadership in itself. The first follower is what transforms a lone nut into a leader. rs_how_to_start_a_movement.html Start Small, Take Action, Create Momentum 22. Setup Your Front Porch Create your Content Creation/Sharing Plan Syndicate Consistently, Honestly andTransparently 23. With 21st Century ExamplesGet the Audible with updated comments. Free from Zappos with Hsieh interviewing Dave Logan 24. Social Media Strategies Tawlk Amongst Yaselves