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  • Where you were and Where you should beSMPChannel Management

  • Social Media Plan:Weunderstand it asthe setting up,by acompany or a person, of astrategy for a socialweb presenceor a meansof social participation,in order to tap a newchannel for communication thatcan report many advantages.

    Today, the presenceof a business in social media should bea major issue and notisolated actionswithouta goal ora clear horizon.

    So why do you want to be in Social Media????

  • Whydo we need to take action and realize a Social communication plan?

    Hereis where you have to briefly describethe problemsyou face:

    It isa loss ofmarket share?The launching anew product?The need tobuild customer loyalty?Improperpositioningofthe brand ...

  • What do you want to achieve?Herewe definewhat theideal solution to theproblem posed inthe previous question.. Thiswill become thetargetof the campaign.

    For example:...Increase ourpresence on the webTo increase ourbrand recognition.Generatetraffictoour corporate website.Increase the level ofinteraction of our usersor increaseour contacts.Position ourselves asreferences inour sector through the generationof content.Launch new products and give more visibility to our campaigns.Improving our customer service and promote loyalty.Improve our reputation if it is not entirely good, or have it start if you do not know us. Increase salesEncourage repeat useReposition the brandEtc.,

  • Who are we addressing?The definitionof the target/audience / community

    Hereyou should avoidpurelydescriptions socio-demographic(age, sex, habitat and social class).

    Complement them bydescriptionsof habits andattitudes (what they do,howthey are and wherethe peoplethinkwe're headed)

  • How is theirrelationshipwith ourbrand / product /services?

    This is wheretalkof "insights; expressionsthat describe whatpeople think andfeel aboutthe brand

    Try toput yourselvesin the shoes ofthose who purchase or use the product / service;what is it that prompts them touse or purchase the brand / product / service?This hasan emotional effect.

  • By now you have monitored What have you found out? What is cooking out there?

    So you have listened, did you locate your consumers? What did you assess about their social activity? Where is your audience?What do they say about you?Where are they talking?Who are you on the internet? REPUTATIONWho do you want to be? IMAGEWhat are your competitors doing?Did you define your Key words?

  • What tools have you used to monitor?

    Did you use Social Bakers to get you the evolution of their fans on Facebook?Did you graph followers on Twitter with Twitter content?Have you looked at the evolution of the conversations on blogs with IceRocket?Did you discover what social media sites send the most traffic to your website with Google analytics?Did you capture a screen shot of their Klout score?Did you look at the evolution of the conversations on various themes with Tweeter ven?

  • Give a reason why you need to use / improve your SM

    What have you learned so far? What is your diagnosis or conclusion/s?

    What opportunities will using Social Media give you?We no longer control our brand it is being shaped by our customers in social media with or without us, so we must engage with them to protect and enhance the brand.Social media is where our communities are shifting their attention; we ignore them at our peril.If we delay our entry too long we risk being left behind by our customers and our competitors.

  • Think about your Social Media Ecosystem

    Draw a diagram with your group: What is in your center? What (platforms) will feed into it and what strategies will you have for each one of those SM platforms? Seek engagement - Where will you engage?Create a link / bond with your usersChoose your formatsWhat is the CORE MESSAGE?


  • Objectives..Now you should be able to write out your objectives: This should reflect what you want to achieve. It should extend your brands strength online.

    Your objectives MUST be:


  • Strategies..Now determine your strategies to achieve those objectives: How and where will you do it?

    What actions will you take on SM?How will your relationship with the consumers change?Who is going to lead it?

  • Platforms.

    Now you should decide what platforms will be used as part of your SMP: Decide what will be your command base Web or Blog?Decide what tools you are going to use and whyHow will you monitor your success on each one (KPI)

  • Platforms.Twitter: Allows you to listen toour customers Allows you to engage with your customers immediately (customer service)

    Allows for creativity; promotions, coupons, prizesfor fans,funfor consumers towant to return What will be your KPIs Key Performance Indicators: N of Followers?, RTs?Facebook:

    Movestraffic,a complementary platform that can be reinforced by using twitter Organic Publicity a place that fans an visit, comment, participate in contests, surveys, etc. How will you create content and how will your fans interact here? What will be your KPIs Key Performance Indicators: N of Fans? Referrals from other sites?Blog:

    Share your storyShare creative and valuable contentShare ideas, give suggestions, expert opinionsWill you use the blog to redirect all your traffic to other platforms or will it be to your website? Think about your strategy here what is going to be your home the web or the blog?What will be your KPIs Key Performance Indicators: Comments, Posts on other blogs? Referrals from other blogs about your same industry?Etc., Etc.,

  • Manage.For each of these platforms you should have management tactics:

    Twitter: x hours / x days / x weeks / x monthsFacebook: x hours / x days / x weeks / x monthsBlog: x hours / x days / x weeks / x monthsYoutube: x hours / x days / x weeks / x monthsEtc., etc.

  • What is your Framework for measuring Social Media? How??

    Four common factors quantify social media success: Attention, Participation, Authority, and Influence.Attention. The amount of traffic to your content for a given period of time. Similar to the standard web metrics of site visits and page/video views.Participation. The extent to which users engage with your content in a channel. Think blog comments, Facebook wall posts, YouTube ratings, or widget interactions.Authority. Ala Technorati, the inbound links to your content - like trackbacks and inbound links to a blog post or sites linking to a YouTube video.Influence. The size of the user base subscribed to your content. For blogs, feed or email subscribers; followers on Twitter or Friendfeed; or fans of your Facebook page.

  • Its time to Listen and SHARE

  • breakyourmindsetandsets asidesomeof the old rules ofmarketing

  • Try to construct aCommunity

  • Take in thenew culture

  • Dont give up This is a distance race

  • Relax, have funBe yourself

  • Thank You!Olga Berbs