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Social Media &Museum CollectionsBest Practices and Emerging Trends

Why Social Media Matters

Audiences are there

Audiences are there

Social messages are worth 13x standard marketing messages

Audiences are there

Social messages are worth 13x standard marketing messages

Museum visits are social activities

Best Practices

PrioritizeWebsiteEmail NewslettersSocial Media Platforms (in order of popularity and relevance)

FacebookPost once per day or less.Quality over quantity.Dont automatically cross-post.Create events selectively.Be visual.Be responsive.Videos are favored.

PinterestStart with 10 or boards or fewer.Space out pins to your boards.Link pins to your website.Include a short description.Use searchable terms.Post timeless content.

InstagramShare at least once per week.Add hashtags and captions.Use @mentions to engage users.Follow, like, and tag others.Use location tagging.

TwitterInclude a photo.Dont only post your own content.Retweet and reply to others.Limit hashtags to one or two.Tweet up to six times per day, spaced out.Include a link.


FollowersSubscribers, followers, likesWont necessarily see every message.Quality over quantity.

ReachNumber of people who have seen your content.Typically 510% of followers are reached.Can exceed follower count when content has high engagement.EngagementLikes, comments, and shares.Number of people interacting/endorsing the posts.Most important metric.Use to help guide content.


SchedulingBufferListeningRespondlyTweetDeckGoogle AlertsGoogle AnalyticsContent CurationBuzzSumoFlipboardFeedlyDigg


#LetMeLibrarianThatForYouNew York Public Library

VanGo YourselfCulture24

1840s GIF PartyTate Modern


#MobilePhotoNowColumbus Museum of Art