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Social media metrics for nonprofits

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  • 1. Social media measurement:Tools & tips Social Media Forum JD Lasica Founder,

2. What well cover todayMeaningful metrics:1. Tying metrics to goals2. All about keywords (hands on)3. Google Analytics (hands on)4. Facebook Insights (hands on)5. Metrics as data visualizationQ&A, hugs, tearful goodbyes 3. Relax!Flickr photo relaxation, themaldivian way bynotsogoodphotography 4. Todays hashtagCreative Commonsphoto on Flickrby Prakhar Tweet this preso! Hashtag:#netnon 5. Metrics tool handout 6. MEANINGFUL METRICSBefore you start, measure! 7. Data is better than gutGather, analyze, act Photo on Flickr by Vee Dub (CC-BY) 8. Set goals, map metricsGoals Metrics to measureGrow email list of supporters # newsletter, RSS subscribersIncrease comments on blog avg. # comments/postIncrease website visibility increase in trafc or linkback #sIncrease positive mentions of mentions in blogs & socialorganization or cause networksHave visitors stick aroundstick rate, bounce rateMake our content more viral # of sharesGet people to take action # of petition signaturesGet people to attend event# of registrants, year over year 9. Lets get geeky! SEMRush search on 10. HANDS-ON DEMOKeywords are keysearch on Marin Agricultural Land Trust 11. Google Keyword tool 12. Google Keyword tool 13. HANDS-ON DEMOGoogle Analytics 14. Google AnalyticsWho loves ya, baby? See which Twitter users drive most trafc 15. Keep track of traffic referrers Write down keywords driving trafc & attention 16. HANDS-ON DEMOFacebook Insights 17. M E T R I C S A S D ATA V I S U A L I Z AT I O NData visualizationTransparency from the Indianapolis Museum of Art 18. M E T R I C S A S S H A R E A B L E D ATAMap mashups with open dataBroadband speeds at schools & colleges in Miami 19. Other metrics tools (metrics dashboard) (Twitter) (inuence score) Socialbrite roundup of Twitter tools 20. RESOURCESSocialbrite Sharing Center 21. Dont settle for the status quoIf you do not changedirection, you mayend up where you are heading. Lao Tse 22. Thank you, lets talk! JD Lasica, founder email: Twitter: @jdlasica@socialbrite