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Dont Get Left Behind -Why You Need to be on Google+

@MichelleCasti +MichelleCastilloVancouverCMGWhat is Google+Google+ is a Social NetworkGoogle+ is an Identity serviceGoogle+ is [email protected] +MichelleCastilloVancouverWhat is Google+Like Twitter - Users are able to follow anybody that they want to without requiring their target to accept a friend request.Like Facebook - Users are able to post rich content and detailed status updates to their profile and have this content show up in other users newsfeedsUnique to Google+, Circles - allow users to create custom groups of people that they would either like to receive updates from or send updates to.Many more features such as hangouts, events, business pages, communities

@MichelleCasti +MichelleCastilloVancouverGoogle+ - The Feed

@MichelleCasti +MichelleCastilloVancouverGoogle+ - The Feed

+1s (Likes)[email protected] +MichelleCastilloVancouverGoogle+ The [email protected] +MichelleCastilloVancouverLaunched by Google in June 2011Feb 2014 StatsGoogle+ is home to over 1 billion registered users, (Facebook's 1.19 billion). Over 540 million Google+ users visit their profiles every month to share photos, update their statuses, post comments, and more. +1 button is being clicked over 5 billion times a day across the web.

6Who is Google+ ?

@MichelleCasti +MichelleCastilloVancouverGoogle+ and Brand Names

@MichelleCasti +MichelleCastilloVancouverBeyond the Social PlatformGoogle+ integral part of the very infrastructure of almost all of Googles online products and services.

Google+ is the centerpiece of a broader strategy to create a unified profile for each person who uses any of Googles online products which will allow Google to deliver more targeted advertising, which is highly profitable for Google.

@MichelleCasti +MichelleCastilloVancouverGoogle+ is everywhereGoogle Places/Maps is now part of Google+

YouTube comments integrated with Google+

Google AdWords - social extension

@MichelleCasti +MichelleCastilloVancouverIn Local Search Results

@MichelleCasti +MichelleCastilloVancouverIn search results

@MichelleCasti +MichelleCastilloVancouver

AdWord Social [email protected] general rule is that people have a lot of free time and people are on the Internet, there are people who do really really evil and wrong things on the Internet, and it would be useful if we had strong identity so we could weed them out. Im not suggesting eliminating them, what Im suggesting is if we knew their identity was accurate, we could rank them. Think of it like an identity rank.

~Eric Schmidt in the Edinburgh Intl TV Festival on August 28th, 2011 (Nov 7 2011 - SEO by Sea)@MichelleCasti +MichelleCastilloVancouverGoogle+ as an Identity engineThe idea - When signed in with Google+, youll find personal results and profiles of people you know or [email protected] +MichelleCastilloVancouverPersonalized Search Results

@MichelleCasti +MichelleCastilloVancouverPersonalized results example

You need to develop you network in Google+ so when people search for your services they find you thanks to your friends

This is new word-of-mouth [email protected] +MichelleCastilloVancouverWhy does it matterGoogle+ Pages provide businesses, products, brands, and organizations with a public identity and presence on Google+

Pages can for the following categories:StorefrontService AreaBrand

@MichelleCasti +MichelleCastilloVancouverGoogle+ Pages

Google+ Pages interact in the Google+ world similar to the way that regular Google+ profile owners do - they canAdd people to circles (This is relatively new, might not last)Share things in Google++1 comments and photosConnect to its own YouTube channelCreate and join Hangouts

@MichelleCasti +MichelleCastilloVancouverGoogle+ Pages - ContinuedPersonal profile must be for people and Google is very strict about itYou can have as many pages as you wantA page can be managed by several [email protected] +MichelleCastilloVancouverPages vs. Personal ProfileIf you already use Gmail you practically have a Google+ accountOtherwise go to and create your [email protected] +MichelleCastilloVancouverGoogle+ Getting Started

@MichelleCasti +MichelleCastilloVancouverStep#1 -Optimize Your Google+ ProfileAdd a good headshot picture

Add relevant keywords to Introduction, Employment, Education or Places lived

Include hyper linksLink your profile to Your website(s) - (Under contributor to

@MichelleCasti +MichelleCastilloVancouverYour profile in the feed

@MichelleCasti +MichelleCastilloVancouverWhy does it matter

Your Tag LineEmploymentLocationCircles let you group people and pages together based on how you think of themCircling is a one way relationship like follow in Twitter. Can be used for both listening and talkingOther people cannot see your circles namesYou can circle up to 5000 @MichelleCasti +MichelleCastilloVancouverStep#2 Organize Your CirclesCreate a circle of people who post content that is relevant to your business. You can choose to see the content of only one circle on the stream.An excellent way to get updated about topics you are interested in . This is a bit like twitter but there much more information you can read right in the stream.Engage Ask questions, comment on post or Like (+1) [email protected] +MichelleCastilloVancouverUsing circle for listeningCircles can be used to indicate what piece of content is shared with who. It is used withPostsEventsYouTube [email protected] +MichelleCastilloVancouverUsing Circles for Broadcasting

The Google+ settings can be found under your Google account settings ( can controlWho can interact with you and your postsChoose which profile tabs are shown to visitorsChose when to get notified by email or phone when certain events occur

@MichelleCasti +MichelleCastilloVancouverStep#3 - Your Google+ Settings

@MichelleCasti +MichelleCastilloVancouverPostingAdd photosAdd videoAdd eventAdd a linkTag people or page using + or @You can edit after you post+1 = LikeTo bold text put *asterisks* around the word or phrase To underline text put _underscores_ around the word or phrase To strikethrough text put dashes around the word or phrase

@MichelleCasti [email protected] +MichelleCastilloVancouverSetting post visibility

When you are posting content to specific circle you can tick a checkbox that will send an email to everyone in this circle and push a notification to their phones if they have this feature turned on. @MichelleCasti +MichelleCastilloVancouverSend an Email to Your Circles

Be active on Google+Create both Personal Profile and a Business Page - Use your personal profile to build and reinforce your business brand.Post your own engaging content - Use Hashtags to Link Your Posts to a Certain TopicAdd Relevant People and Businesses to Your CirclesEngage with Other Users In a Meaningful WayUse Hangouts On Air to Build Your AuthorityCreate Events and Invite Your Followers

@MichelleCasti +MichelleCastilloVancouver