Social media marketing, best practices

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Designed for Kingston Chamber of Commerce. Event sponsor: VIVA productions.

Transcript of Social media marketing, best practices

  • Best practices: Cross-platform social media marketing design + development tips a presentation by Sidneyeve Matrix image: fd
  • successful social media marketing requires that we go where the people are... image: child of Atom
  • image: Danny Perez Photography and once we're there, we need to share great content that attracts interest in other words, it's about inbound marketing
  • and ideally, the ROI will be measurable value added to your bottom lines
  • but which bottom lines? it's imperative to define your objectives set criteria by which to measure success of SM efforts image: melissa gray
  • because your objectives determine your channels and content strategy image: bluman
  • Social media platforms are content aggregators and community networks image: Guillerm
  • today I'll present some best practice tips for engaging on these channels, and across them go where the people are. image: rogersmj
  • FB business page ranks high on Google (higher than your webpage?) image: Franco Bouly
  • are your clients on this site? visitors by age 19% 50+ years 32% 34-49 23% 25-34 27% 24 & under source: comScore 2009
  • if so, you should be there too because FB brand affiliates are more likely to buy.
  • some keys to a successful FB page image: .krish.Tipirneni.
  • image: "iPad Stand" by Veronica Belmont vanity URL 25 likes required pages/Wilmington-DE/Trolley- Square-Pet-Store/69131727923 much better! so long!
  • FBML customized and optimized landing page oops! 1 problem: no more "Become a Fan" button. We "Like" fresh graphics. example 1 of 2
  • mmm fresh custom/optimized landing page example 2
  • interactive open wall with regular calls to action
  • call to action
  • guidelines for participation part of your crisis communication strategy for example image: Angelina :)
  • think cross platform once you have a Facebook page you can drive Likes if you add LIKE box to your website/blog
  • some best practices image: priscila_tonon
  • customized wallpaper check out the balanced followbacks
  • varied & valued tweets: post updates of newsworthy items from your industry, + your original content, + retweet/promote your followers' content image: fdecomite
  • image: le vent le cri reciprocity followback and create lists of your VIPs
  • @MatrixMediaFX/kingston-business-network
  • active & continuous network development weekly tasks: add new tweeps to your lists and networks & unfollow dormant, irrelevant, or nonreciprocal tweeters
  • to raise clients' satisfaction index, provide consistent engaged interaction ask for input & add value image: dotbenjamin
  • example of asking for input: polling slide 1 of 3 Why do you read WWE Magazine?
  • poll:
  • results: wow 4+ votes per minute!
  • example of adding value: digital coupon slide 1 of 2
  • here's the digital coupon from Twitter well, not *entirely* digital, redemption requires print
  • example of adding value: mobile coupon slide 1 of 3
  • (think cross platform) tweeted link points to Facebook page with QR code
  • scanning QR code opens smartphone coupon image: vfowler
  • company listing delivers Increased visibility for your company, products and services & opportunity to promote events image: Josh Bancroft
  • business profile
  • telework Establish your expertise by responding to discussion questions Network with potential and current business partners and clients Recruit talent image Leonard John Matthews
  • (think cross platform) widgetize your personal profile add LinkedIn tab to Facebook profile & add LinkedIn URL to eMail signature
  • video marketing shooting for virality image: brittney bush
  • image: Laura Mary Don't make a ad. Tell a story.
  • A short story. atomize your content 30-60-90 seconds image: B_Zedan
  • types of videos how-to tutorials product reviews behind the scenes, making-of facility tour interviews (staff/client testimonial) video news release promotional event
  • optimizing video for social sharing & search keyword tags & titles embeddable post x-platform branded linked invite feedback image: jaygoldman
  • local advertising word of mouth, amplified. image: Mario Sixtus
  • image: wEnDaLicious join the conversation happening online today about your business
  • need some in your pocket? think: social + mobile
  • image: nan palmero become georelevant.
  • (cross platform) each venue user checks into with Foursquare is pushed to friends on multiple social networks
  • that's a lot of earned media/word of mouth P2P promotion nice work @tifffanyandco! cross platform Foursquare + Facebook
  • image: fazen best practices in social media marketing stretch your content & networks cross-platform multiplying the touchpoints.
  • Questions? hope you get in touch. @sidneyeve about the author SidneyeveMatrix,PhD. Queen'sNationalScholar,Film&Media@Queen'sUniversity ThankyoutoAlexandraMacgregorfor researchanddesignassistance. Contentsofthispresentationincluding imageshaveCreativeCommonsAttribution NoncommercialShareAlike3.0Licenses. social media design + build