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In Plastics Additives & Concentrates Market Leveraging Social Media


Leveraging social media to grow companies in the plastics additives and concentrates market. We are all in an online social world and this is not going to change, only get more intense. We must adapt and adopt strategies to capitalize on this networking opportunity, and fitting it into our overall marketing strategies.

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  • 1. Leveraging Social Media In Plastics Additives & Concentrates Market

2. SummaryPoints to CoverWhat is Social Media?Item 1OMG did I really post thatDrowning in MediaItem 2So many choices so little budget Social Media for Industrial ProductsItem 3 Converting chit chat into cash flow Top Trends In Social Media Item 4 The top 10 trends targeted for 2012 and beyond Applying Social Media To Plastics Additives Item 5 What can I get out of this2 3. Who Am I Eric Albee, President/CEO of AFI Global Started and moderate Plastics Additives & Concentrates group on LinkedIn Started AFI on folding table in the basement, and currently run the fastest growing privately held company in the plastics additives industry. 2010 - #205 on Inc. 500 list 2011 - #214 on Inc. 500 list One key to success: Social Media3 4. What is Social Media?Officially, social media is a group of internet-basedapplications that build on the ideological andtechnological foundations of Web 2.0 and that allowthe creation and exchange of 4 5. Its also a fancyway to describethe zillions of conversationspeople are having online24/7 -Marta Kagan5 6. A dynamic way to interact with yourindustry and community globallyThe obliteration of privacy, get usedto itA leveling of the playing fieldEnhanced customer and industryconnectionThe way of the futureWhat is Social Media? 6 7. 1. 3 out of 4 Americans use socialtechnology 2. 2/3 of the global internet populationvisit social networks Why should3. Visiting social networks is now the 4thyou caremost popular online activity ahead ofpersonal emailabout Social 4. Time spent on social networks isMedia?growing 3x that of the overall internetrate 5. Social media is word of mouth onsteroids 6. Social media is a force to be reckonedwith7 8. Yesterdays Conversation8 9. Todays Conversation9 10. Drowning in MediaSocialWe have reached a saturation pointwith modern media.MediaWhere do we focus our marketingand sales dollars? Talking OnlineUnlimited options with limitedbudgets and limited timeTrying the untested, versus stickingwith what you knowStepping out of the comfort zone tomove ahead with the timesTrade Shows Journals10 11. Which Media Is Dying? 11 12. Which Media Is Thriving?12 13. And Growing13 14. Social Media for IndustrialProducts Finding the right tools to do the job.14 15. There are nocookie cutterapproachesMust integrate aprogram thatworks with otherparts of yourmedia plan. Thismay requireoutside resources. 15 16. TOP TRENDS IN SOCIAL MEDIAFOR 2012 16 17. 17 18. 18 19. 19 20. 20 21. 21 22. 22 23. 23 24. Make sure to learnand understand thesimple basic rules ofsocial media24 25. Rule #1 Listen Google Alerts Tweet Deck Social Mentions RSS25 26. Rule #2 Engage Blogs Tweets Posts Be part of the conversation Show (YouTube, Flickr)26 27. Rule #3 Measure Audience Engagement Loyalty Influence Action27 28. And Remember:Social Media Is ADialogue Not AMonologueThis is a complete full-duplex channel of communication.Once you start to talk, beprepared to listen. 28 29. What this means for PlasticsAdditives & Concentrates Market? 29 30. LinkedIn remainsthe dominantsocial medianetwork formanufacturingcompanies, Including niche andspecialtymarkets 30 31. Plastics Additives &Concentrate Group 31 32. Plastics Additives & Concentrate GroupAKASH JAIN (Sunisha Polymers; India) Found help to identify a low cost plasticizeralternative to CPW for PVCROBERTO DeCOL (Sirmax; Italy) Found material supply leads for his new compoundingplant in BrazilAdditionally Several Employment opportunities have been generated A dynamic exchange of dialogue has been stimulated Smaller international companies have connected who would otherwise not have met New industry peers have been made 32 33. Share yourShare yourpresentationsexpertise andpotentially earnsome moneyfor it. Additional Resources to Consider 33 34. 34 35. Questions? Very happy to help you! Eric Albee President/CEO AFI Global 3185 Tucker Road Bensalem, PA 19020 P: (215) 244-1830 C: (609) 346-9937 [email protected] Twitter: @Ealbee 35