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  • 1. Social Media For Schools

2. Ease of Creating New Content
Adding Content is simple anyone can do it.
Squareberry makes Social Media easy.
3. Publish Social Reminders
Use Social Media to keep your community up to date.
Publish events throughout the year or Instant Messageimportant news.
4. Social Media Calendar
Manage all of your schools activities in one place!
Create Events and Messages to automatically post to Social Accounts.
Place the calendar on your existing website.
5. Social Media Dashboard
View and edit the events youve created and even tally the number of people planning to attend.
Keep track of whats going on with your schools Social Media accounts.
6. Smarter Fundraising
Raise money for your school by selling ad spots to local businesses.
Purchase packages of ad spots for a low flat annual fee.
How much you charge for ad spots is up to you.
7. Location Services
No more excuses when parents dont know where events are taking place.
Squareberry delivers maps and directions through Google Maps!
Enter location information into the events in Squareberry.
8. Go Mobile
Everyone is using smartphones these days. Squareberry uses mobile optimized events that can be viewed on different mobile platforms.
Let your followers spread the word with Social Media sharing buttons.
Get directions to events with location data right from the mobile event.
9. Allow Your Staff to take Charge
Event Authors have access to specific categories so you can delegate event creation.
Give Administrator access to anyone that will help manage the account.
10. Social Media For Schools