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CoStar Social Media Series: LinkedIn for Commercial Real Estate Brokers - maximizing the platform.

Transcript of Social Media for Brokers: LinkedIn

  • 1. Social Media for Brokers:LinkedIn June 26, 2012

2. Todays PresentersBarbi Reuter,Angela BrownRPAExternalCommunications Principal Manager Cushman & Wakefield CoStar Group | PICOR CommercialReal Estate 3. Todays Presenters Barbi Reuter, RPA Principal Cushman & Wakefield | PICOR Commercial Real Estate @PICORcres @BarbiReuter 4. Todays PresentersAngela BrownExternal Communications ManagerCoStar Group, @TheCoStarGroup @angelambrown 5. HousekeepingRecording and slidesA link to a recording of todays presentation will be availabletomorrow keep an eye on your inboxes for the link and a PDFof todays presentationQuestionsQuestions will be addressed at the end, but you may submitthem at any time both through gotomeeting and TwitterTwitterPlease use the hash tag #CoStarSocial when live-tweetingduring this program or submitting questions via Twitter. Sendquestions to @TheCoStarGroup. 6. DisclaimerAll information provided is based on the bestresearch available to CoStar. CoStar providesno guarantees concerning the effectiveness ofthe methods or advice presented herein. 7. What Well CoverLinkedInfor brokers What you can do with Testimonial: Is it worth yourLinkedIn time? Which account type is Nailing your strategyright for you? Dos and donts Is your profile up to par? Getting engaged Third-party apps Next-level networking: Navigating groupsRecommendations Building your network Testimonial: Group participation 8. LinkedIn 9. Quick Facts About LinkedIn 161+ million users in over 200 countries and territories 87 million monthly visitors 61% of companies have acquired a customer throughLinkedIn LinkedIn, more than any other social media site, isdriving customers for B2B organizations 80% of LinkedIn members influence business decisionsSources: LinkedIn website, June 2012;Hubspots The State of Inbound Marketing, March 2012 10. What Can You do with LinkedIn? Build your personal brand Promote your company Expand your network Become a thought leader Generate and nurture leads 11. Which Account Type is Right for You? 12. Which Account Type is Right for You? LinkedIn currently offers four premiumaccount types for: Business Users Recruiters Job Seekers Sales Pros 13. Which Account Type is Right for You?Basic Free Ideal for lightweight LinkedIn use Simpler, more limited search capabilitiesBusiness $24.95 - $99.95/mo More powerful search with higher results andpremium filters Ideal for open, aggressive networking and research See full list of whos viewed your profileSource: LinkedIn website, June 2012 14. Which Account Type is Right for You?Sales $19.95 - $99.95/mo Similar to Business, but entry level optiondoes not offer InMail Offers Lead Builder, which allows you tocreate and save lists of prospectsSource: LinkedIn website, June 2012 15. Which Account Type is Right for You?Think about Your individual and business needs what isyour role within the company? How open do you want your network to be? How often do you need to connect withpeople outside your network? What are you trying to achieve? Who do youwant to connect with? How might your needs change in the future? 16. Is Your Profile Up to Par? 17. Is Your Profile up to Par? Did you spend enough time setting up your profile? A good rule of thumb is to spend at least two hours on initial set up. 18. Is Your Profile up to Par? Have an informative headline (be specific) Use an appropriate photo Keep your status up to date Make sure education and work info are complete and current Take advantage of opportunities to highlight other sites Use a custom URL 19. Is Your Profile up to Par? The summary statement, specialties and skills & expertise fields give more context to who you are what is your skill set? What territories do you cover?Fill the Specialties and Skills & Expertise sections withkeywords and phrases that you want associated with you and yourareas of expertise 20. Third-party Applications 21. Third-party Applications LinkedIn has partnered with companies such asWordPress, TripIt and Microsoft to develop freeapplications to help users enhance their profiles A new way to define and showcase what you and yourbusiness have to offer Best for business: WordPress, SlideShare, BlogLinkand 22. Third-party Applications 23. Bonus: LinkedIn Productivity ToolsOutlook Connector Build your network from frequent contacts Manage your LinkedIn contacts in OutlookLotus Notes Widget Get your email and LinkedIn updates all in one place Quickly learn more about people who send you email Search for people you want to contact and work with Share your status, see what your connections areworking onSharing Bookmarklet Share webpages to LinkedIn from your browser 24. Navigating Groups 25. Navigating GroupsGroups are a great way to build visibility andmake new connections, but The simple act of joining a group wont get youvery far You can join up to 50, but only join as many asyou can actively participate in One or two are better than ten The CoStar CRE Forum is a great place tostart! 26. Navigating GroupsFeeling things out Understand that its a process joining a group wontresult in closing a deal right away Read the group rules in the top right corner ispromotional activity allowed? 27. Navigating GroupsFeeling things out Take a look at the group stats (right side) isthe group active? Who are its members? Observe first participate where appropriateand take time to build trust with othermembers 28. Navigating GroupsBecoming an active participant Target the most active discussions in the group forthe most visibility Wait until youve spent some time participating in topdiscussions before starting your own Study the most popular posts what do peoplerespond to? Add value respond to existingcomments, provide an insight oropinion or ask a thought-provokingquestion 29. Building Your Network 30. Building Your Network Start with professional contacts you know andtrust 31. Building Your Network Make the effort include a personal notewhen you send invitations to connect Follow up with new connections - send apersonal note back when you accept aninvitation Have a goal in mind what types ofprofessionals do you want to connect with?Why? Did you just return from an event? Take actionwith those business cards (and be timely) 32. Building Your Network Are you asking for anintroduction or connectingwith someone you dontknow personally? Explain themutual benefit. Take advantage ofintroductions but tread lightly- the most effective introtactic is to pick up the phone Connect with purpose focus on quality, not quantity 33. Building Your NetworkRemember the social media golden rule:Take online relationships offline for maximumbenefit. 34. Summary 35. Summary Make sure your profile is complete andprofessional Keep your profile and your updates current Get involved in groups but dont go crazy Make note of group rules and stats before you join Listen first before engaging in groups Actively pursue new connections but make itpersonal and avoid spam Take online relationships offline for maximumbenefit 36. for brokers 37. A Word About Experts 38. Value PropositionIs this worth my time? Industrial user requirement found via Search State Commerce Authority connection resultedin event attendance/key listing tours Presentation opportunity lunch/learn on CRE 10,000 sf law firm tenant rep via Groups 39. Know Your StrategyWhat do I want to accomplish? Visibility and credibility Lead generation Thought leadership Branding Network growth Research Track competition 40. The Dos Engage3 Be consistent & authentic Follow traditional rules of Networking Communication Business etiquette Give credit to sources 41. The Donts Post listings Be a taker give back Spam (groups, individuals) Over automate 42. Engage! Consistency over frequency Status updates personal, company, groups Comment and like keep discussions active LinkedIn Answers LinkedIn Polls Springboard to personal contact 43. Connections People You May Know Always personalize ask Second degree connections Accepting invitations which? Connecting with competitors should I? When do I disconnect? 44. ConnectionsContacts > Add connections > People You May Know 45. Recommendations Quality over quantity Strike while the iron is hot Client testimonials over co-workers Personalize requests Make it easy Reciprocate Handling requests 46. Search and Research277% more effective for lead gen than Facebook& Twitter for B2B Powerful search tool Prospecting Basic vs Premium accounts Company research Who can introduce you? 47. Search and Research 48. Get Your Group OnTop source of referrals to PICOR Connect 49. Get Your Group On Types of groups to target Location centric Prospects business Associations/networks Companies 50. Get Your Group OnHow to interact Two way Discussions & polls Be relevant and user-focused Respect group rules Control digest frequency 51. Get Your Group On 52. Summary 53. Recap Focus and target Will this activity drive business? Will it expand my network? Can we help each other? He that gives Resources HubSpot How To Guides WindMill Networking LinkedIn Category Social Media Examiner LinkedIn tag YouTube InTips playlist on LinkedIn Channel 54. Questions?