Social Media and Growth Hacking for Startups

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@alimirza2kSocial Media Marketing& Growth hacking For Startups


@alimirza2kSocial Media For Startups

1 - What is Social Media ?2 - Why use Social Media ? 3 - Is Social Media the future or just BS ? 4 - Startups and social media 5 - Simple social media plan for early traction6 - Finding & building relationships with news journalists (Real life examples) 7 - 20min per day social media management 8 - Growth hacking for startups


@alimirza2k1 - What is Social Media ? Its Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & LinkedIn Mediafor social interaction Real time communication Digital interaction between people Platforms for engagement and networking


@alimirza2k2 Why use Social Media ?


@alimirza2k2 Why use Social Media ?



@alimirza2k3 - Is Social Media the future ?



@alimirza2k3 - Is Social Media the future ?Quick Social media Survey


@alimirza2k3 - Is Social Media the future ? Why do people use SM anyways ?

Social Media Is Making Us Lazy Do you think this TREND will stop ?



@alimirza2k4 Startups & Social MediaWhy should startups use SM?

Thats where people are (Our potential users) Already talking about the problems we want to solve 2 way communication (TV / Radio is 1 way) Real time communication


@alimirza2k4 Startups & Social Media The Ultimate Challenge


@alimirza2k4 Startups & Social Media The Solution Do what you do in REAL LIFE


@alimirza2kBUT HOW .. ?


@alimirza2k5 - How to create a Social Media Plan ?

WHAT is your business about ?WHO is your target audience ?WHERE is your target audience on social media ?HOW - to connect / engage with the target audience ? OR (What to post / tweet / share)


@alimirza2kBEST Practices for Early Traction

START BE CONSISTENT (magic) USE VISUALS (Photos & Videos) START with 1 or 2 channels BUILD TRUST Follow 80/20 rule Focus on THEM Be human Talk about benefits (not features)

BUILD RELATIONSHIPS (esp. with news journalists) Practice social listening Help first & then ask


@alimirza2kContent Ideas For Startups (What to post)

Share your WHY Talk about your team Show off your product / MVP - Post about relevant events Share your milestones Talk about the community Share industry news


@alimirza2k6 - Finding + building relationships with relevant news journalists

1 Local events RUN into them and exchange business card Only pitch after they remember your name/startup

2 Set up Google Alerts See who is talking about your niche Get daily updates & comment on their articles

3 Use Twitter lists Add journalists & baggers in a twitter list Engage on consistent basis


Example 1 Local + Personal relationships


Example 2 Google alert WIN

Step 1 Google alerts on right keywrodsStep 2 Email the blogger / JournalistStep 3 -


@alimirza2k7 - 20min per day social media management

1 - Update social media channels (5min) Use FREE tools like Hootsuite Or Buffer

2 - Listen + engage with relevant conversations (5min)Likes, Shares, RT & Comments

3 - Build relationships with news journalists (10min)Reply + ReTweet Comment on their relevant articles


@alimirza2k8 Simple Growth Hacks for startups

Growth + Hacking

Growing Increasing Going upBeing tactical Tracking Experimenting Growth hacking = Planned experiments with specific goal


@alimirza2kHomework before Growth Hacking

1 Make sure you install analytics (Google Analytics)2 Have a coming soon page3 Email capture box (list building) 4 Mobile friendly 5 Branding 6 Contacts us OR Email us page


@alimirza2kGrowth Hack Experiment (Lets get press coverage)

Steps Details Hypothesis If we submit our startup to RIGHT blogs, they will cover usPlatform(s)Startup publications + blogsResourceMyself How long 2 weekHow to measure Press article Pass / Fail 2 articlesProcess Submit our URL to startup blogs + publicationsStartup list Beta list has 100s of directories


@alimirza2kDark Truths About Social Media

Pay to play FREE ONLY to start Requires hard work & time No short cuts

Social media is NOT optional


@alimirza2kHome Work - Lets Start TODAY!!! Embrace social media Create at least 1 or 2 social media channels Create a simple content plan Integrate social media into your startup Start sharing / posting / tweeting Believe & tell others that you are the BEST !!!



Ali Mirza