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Most businesses start using social media as a way to get in front of their customers. They believe customers will flock to them and they will see a huge growth in revenue and traffic. This is rarely what happens though. In fact, it’s been shown that the more followers or fans a company has, the less they see your updates and posts.

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  • 1. Easy Social Media Advertising Make a Big Difference in Your Brands Growth

2. Social Media Facts 22% growth rate in terms of impressions, (Source: eMarketer) 55% increase in recall (Social Media Today) 53% increase in recall of Twitter ads (Social Media Today) 45% of companies using social media advertising for branding 3. Benefits Targeted Audience Budget Word of Mouth Control Community 4. Social Media Advertising Differs Cost Engagement Interactivity Consistent Communication Model Dynamic Reputation Management Technology 5. How to Stand Out Include a Contest or Competition Stand out with Colors Use Well-known Images Offer Something Free Current Events Clear Objective Demographics Get to the Point 6. Facebook Common Objectives: Clicks to Website Website Conversions Page Post Engagement Page Likes App Installs App Engagement In-store Offer claims Event Responses. 7. LinkedIn Useful for business- to-business sales or services. Your on-site ads can appear on profile pages, on your home page, a users LinkedIn inbox, within search results page or on group pages. 8. Twitter Much simpler advertising format than Facebook. Twitters paid ads consist of Promoted Tweets, Promoted Accounts and Promoted Trends. 9. Pinterest Promoted pins are seen on both the web and Pinterests mobile app in the search results and category feeds. Ads show up based on content relevancy. 10. Tumblr Tumblr doesnt use traditional ad units, but Sponsored Posts instead. Your posts get exposure throughout the network. 11. Making Your Choice Make your advertising decision based on the purpose of your ad and who you are targeting. Tumblr, Instagram and Pinterest are just a few of the newer social media platforms starting to utilize advertising as well. 12. Be Social With Us When you finish your PowerPoint presentation, you can upload it to: Contact Us If you have any questions you can email them through to shelly@thesocialcafeclub Stop by the blog, you can subscribe and get your free e-book each month Need More Information?