Social and Political Impact Globalization and Localization ... Arts and Humanities are the best

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Transcript of Social and Political Impact Globalization and Localization ... Arts and Humanities are the best

  • Social and Political Impact Globalization and Localization

    of Universities

  • What is a Global University?

    1. A clear mission with international impact Social Political Economical

    2. Comprehensive Excellence Research Teaching Facilities Leadership Governance Academic autonomy


  • What is a Global University? 3. Innovative Research

    Centrality of the area Groundbreaking, paradigm shifting Multi-disciplinary Global impact

    4. International Curriculum with a global Impact MOOC Student mobility

    5. International student and faculty demand


  • What is a Global University? 6. Impact on Global Policy and Formulation 7. Global and Local are NOT mutually exclusive

    Global university can still preserve its uniqueness Global university should still address the local need Global university is not standardized

    8. Arts and Humanities are the best disciplines to be Globalized Values Ethics Cultures


  • Mission of University

    To train the future citizen of the world

    Citizen, who have Right to claim Responsibility to shoulder

    Global perspectives

  • How do CUHK fulfill social responsibility?

    Forum to discuss and debate social issues

    Provide experiential learning for students

    Practice social responsibility in the campus

  • University is a forum for social education

    If universities in the 21stC do not provide their students with the forums and tools to discuss and figure out what their responsibilities are to their fellow human beings, and to develop the requisite normative compass for navigating the treacherous water of global inter-dependence, then they would be failing in their mission

    Hakan Altinay

  • Sichuan Visit 23-28 Dec 2008

  • Experience Global Issues

    Poverty Ageing populations Racial discrimination Gender discrimination HIV/AIDS Drugs Natural disasters

  • Practice Social Responsibility in University Campus

    Green initiative Save energy Change behavior

    Corporate social responsibility in action No shark-fin in banquet Minimum-wage in outsource work Procurement of fair-trade products and service Incubation of social enterprise

    Learn from crisis and dispute

  • Environmental Sustainability in CUHK

    Green Building HK Beam Standard Old building renovation to meet building efficiency standard Green roofing Vertical greening

    Ecological preservation Tree plantation scheme Preservation of important habitats Monitoring of stream water quality

    Energy efficiency Solar energy fed hostels, office and street lighting Indoor LED and energy efficient light Automatic light sensing system Chiller plant installation

    Waste Management Paperless office Waste reduction and recycling Greywater treatment and reuse

    Community Environmental sustainability ambassador Carbon audit scheme Pedestrian friendly campus Health walk campaign

    Campus Master Plan: by 2025 reduce energy consumption by 25% reduce greenhouse gas emission by 20%

  • Global and Local are not mutually exclusive


  • A Global University should Today, to be a cosmopolitan, to see oneself as a citizen of the world, is to maintain ones sense of place, country, ethnicity, religion and culture, while respecting, learning from, adapting to, and embracing global diversity; the emergence of this global civil society need not compromise the richness of distinct cultures. John Sexton (NYU)

  • A Global University should Internationalization of higher

    education is the process of integrating an international/ intercultural dimension into the teaching, research and service functions of the institutions. This definition understands internationalization as a process, as a response to globalization (not to be confused with the globalization process itself) and as including both international and local elements. Hans De Wit

  • Internationalization is NOT Internationalization is NOT equivalent to standardization.

    It is not about learning and adopting values and way of

    living from other cultures. We encourage students to learn other languages and global issues, but maintain our own identity and uniqueness

    We should learn to understand and respect other cultures and and at the same time share our culture with others.

  • Internationalization Strategy

  • Internationalization at CUHK

    Internationalization at CUHK means understanding the world and also bringing China to the West, including the promotion of the international recognition of the Chinese language and culture.

  • Contemporary China Studies To equip students with most up-to-date

    knowledge about China

    To nurture talents with knowledge and understanding of China, cultural sensitivity and a mastery of the Chinese language

  • Arts and Humanities as a Global Subject Migration Urbanization Youth Ageing Climate change and energy Cultural studies


  • The University of Sydney

    WUN Projects

    Network of 16 research-intensive universities in 9 countries; platform to strengthen intl research collaboration

    16 research projects between CUHK & Sydney:

    3 Public Health 4 Global Higher Education & Research 5 Understanding Cultures 2 Climate Change 2 cross-disciplinary


    Slide Number 1What is a Global University? What is a Global University?What is a Global University?Mission of UniversityHow do CUHK fulfill social responsibility?Slide Number 7University is a forum for social educationSlide Number 9Slide Number 10Slide Number 11Sichuan Visit23-28 Dec 2008Experience Global IssuesPractice Social Responsibility in University CampusEnvironmental Sustainability in CUHKGlobal and Local are not mutually exclusiveA Global University shouldA Global University shouldInternationalization is NOTInternationalization StrategyInternationalization at CUHKContemporary China StudiesArts and Humanities as a Global Subject The University of Sydney