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  • Project SociaL ABility

    European Social ability Network

    Social networks toimprove social abilities


  • SociaL ABility is a social and multimedia LAB which involveddisabled boys and Europeanyoung volunteers (18-30) in a

    linguistic and multimedia lab, up to the collective and sharedcreation of a Social Network.

    All the boys uploaded photosand videos (automatically

    created through free softwares) about the mostexciting moments of their

    journeys and activities duringthe SCI international summer

    camp (Service CivilInternational).

  • Promoted by Social LAB AssociationStarring:

    Salvo, The PresidentLivia, General SecretaryMichele, Vice- President

  • Here there are some videos created by the boys through free softwares which automatically synchronize the pictures to the musicSociaL ABility videoSocialL Ability it-videoVideo by Maja, Czech volunteerVideo Guide to create videoclipVideo Guide to create videoclip (spa)

  • We encouraged a linguistic and cultural

    exchange with the Volunteers during the

    Camp and, then, throughmessages on the social network, sharing photos

    about the most interestinglandscapes

    We created an on-line community that extended

    the existing integrationbetween disabled people

    and young Europeanvolunteers

    Using digital interfaces, a metaemotional lab, theylearned how to recognisetheir own emotions in a controlled environment , such as in a protected

    social network.

    We created a multimedia lab where boys were notonly the final users, but

    the actual maincharacters. They wereable to create contents, uploading photos and

    videos to keep sharingemotion with their

    international friends.

  • Sharing contents on the net with the foreigner volunteers of the International SCI CAMP (Service Civil International) created a

    great friendship, an emotional exchange which positivelyinfluenced on young disabled people, and the creation of a really

    European network, even on Facebook in Italian, English (and Spanish.

  • Activities realized with the cooperation of Social LAB No

    Profit Organization, Project Social Ability Active Principles Young

    ideas for a better Apulia" cofinanced by the Youth Minister

    - Apulia Region, in association with ASL TA1 and City of

    Grottaglie.Fundings only ensured the launch of the project and

    the costs of the programmefor the voluntary

    cooperation to the SCI Camp (Service Civil


  • Partecipation at THE WORLD YOUTH MEETING

    COM-PA 2009The European Exhibition of Public Communication and Services to the Citizen

    FB Group developed by Social LAB FB Event promoted by Social LAB

    Social Albums & PhotosSocial NMC Profile

  • Facebook Group promoted by Social LAB

    The Event on Facebook

  • Festival & Promotion

    European Job Days withEURES &

    Europe Direct


    Handimaticagoes on.. -

    Foundation Asphi

    Youth in actionCampus SCI -Service CivilInternational

  • SociaL ABility in figuresAbout 3.500 Facebook,

    Myspace, NingEuropeanMembers

    515 photos

    25 videos

    70 users on the network

    SociaL ABility

    15 disabledpeople

    15 Service Civil


    Young people

  • Future development

    Promoting the project to European

    Organizations, spreading all the goodexperiences of Social

    Welfare and the achieved goals.

    We must support and improve this service, using free OpenSource

    softwares, touchscreen peripheraldevices that are

    alternative to mouse and keyboard for a better

    use of computer.

    Promoting the Internet and Social

    Network use tosupport social

    inclusion, the Voipand toll-free numbertelephony, even to

    European Institutions.

  • A Window In The Sky:

    What Our Project Has Done

    Watch the Video

  • In short:

    Social LAB Association site in Italian, English and Spanish:

    Site of the video about the Project:

    Social LAB Cultural Association

    Site of the Project:

    Toll-free number 800 02 91 77