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  • 1. Where technology and craft meets. Business Proposal By: Ambreen Hussain & Jennifer Dopazo
  • 2. MISSION STATEMENT Snaps and Pins was made as a result of two crafters and geeks, Jennifer Dopazo and Ambreen Hussain, who wanted to keep their hands and minds busy with simple experiments in craft technologies. As both graduates of the MFA Design & Technology program at Parsons, they started their passion of electronics and soft circuitry in their theses discoveries. Jennifers thesis, Tikos, were three interactive toys that helped preschoolers learn numbers. Ambreens thesis, Spin on the Waltz, were two garments for both male and female Viennese waltz dancers that created an interactive sound environment for a new form of dancing. Both spent a majority of their time sewing and coding, and it is in the combination of these two interests and projects that the blog came about. Yet that first year was a huge learning curve, and much of it was trying to find a starting point that had it all. How could we learn how to sew? Where could we go to find an outlet or forum for the basics for soft circuits? How would we ever find a resource on electronics that didn't look like it was speaking Yiddish to us? This blog is dedicated to those individuals who were stuck at some point in their lives and knew what their passions were, either in crafting or circuitry, or better yet, both, but had no means to find a resource to get them started. I guess you could say, feel free to assimilate this site as a Crafting Technology blog for dummies. We keep things simple. That was our tactic throughout our thesis projects and learning process, and we try to keep this principle and philosophy alive in this blog as well. We believe that crafting is easy, seamless and fun. That ideas can be as well. That clean and sophisticated design is approachable. That new platforms are hard to jump into, but they shouldn't be. We acknowledge that a well-developed product had a starting point. We hope that starting point is here.
  • 3. RESEARCH STATISTICS FUNDAMENTAL PROBLEM In many design schools and at Parsons, soft electronics, meaning the combination of using soft, cloth-like fabrics and materials in conjunction with electronics is now commonly becoming a form of communication.The general consensus, however, in these design schools is that students should already be familiar with the basics, and the assumption is that there is a forum for Lilypad users and soft electronic users - there is not. Similarly, craft blogs, like instructable, give you how-tos on sewing, but they forget that some users are not aware of the fundamental basics of stitching styles, and even lack knowledge of materials and fabrics thatare being used. We dig deeper and start from point A. USER GROUP PRECEDENTS AGE: late teens to early thirties ETSY --- Community-driven website that targets the buying and selling of crafts. Provides how-tos on the basics of selling and from time-to-time, GENDER: crafts. Targets a huge crowd of crafters and their predominantly female, though we welcome supporters. male enthusiasts as well INSTRUCTABLES. --- Community-driven website TWO NICHES: filled with various instruction sets of all kinds. craft enthusiasts Targets a number of learners and instructors. soft electronic enthusiasts IHEARTSWITCH --- website dedicated to the information of fashionable technology. Specifically COMMON HOBBIES: for users of a smaller niche of people. level 1 learners, hand-makers, crafters, geek chic electronic and robotic users, Arduino/Lilypad fans
  • 4. BLOG FORMAT CYCLES CASE STUDIES The blog will run in a form of cycles and The inclusion of case studies, within a phases. These essentially will be variety of categories (ie. material studies, partitioned to three which entail : did you know, we are currently obsessed with, etc.) will always be a continuous Cycle 1 :a craft component component within each cycled phase Cycle 2: a circuitry component Cycle 3: a combination of the two FAVORABLE MATERIALS Arduino - default for grasping the basics of physical computing and rapid WITHIN EACH CYCLE prototyping Each cycle will contain levels of easier or Lilypad - sizable/suitable for on surface basic offsets and progress to more materials rigourous levels felt - easy surface to shape, sew snaps - easy for connections COMPONENTS OF CODE Cycles 2 and 3 will contain code once they Refer to next pages to find visuals of cycles, obtain to higher levels. sample text and look and feel of blog
  • 5. CYCLE 1 - CYCLE 2 - CYCLE 3 - CRAFTING TECHNIQUE PHYSICAL COMPUTING SOFT CIRCUITRY TECHNIQUE (CRAFT + PHYSICAL stitching COMPUTING TECHNIQUE) basic LED circuit did you know? - cross-stitching history of soft comp. basic LED circuit w/switch knitting material studies 2-3 LEDs w/switch did you know? - soft circuit switch DIY evolution CYCLE 2.1 - PHYSICAL COMPUTING + CODE TECHNIQUE soft circuit switch -2 crochet intro to Arduino soft circuit switch w/MC sewing patterns currently obsessed - intro to Lilypad CYCLE 3.1 - SOFT CIRCUIT aprons (CRAFT + PHYSICAL 1-2 sample codes COMPUTING TECHNIQUE) using the sewing machine + CODE photos for inspiration soft circuit switch coding MC -Lilypad
  • 6. CYCLE/STEP 1 - stitching cross-stitching How-to video CRAFTING TECHNIQUE did you know? - knitting crochet DIY evolution current obsess - using the sewing patterns aprons sewing machine CYCLE/STEP 2 - basic LED basic circuit 2-3 LEDs PHYSICAL COMPUTING circuit w/switch w/switch TECHNIQUE photos for How-to video Viral Event inspiration Overview CYCLE/STEP 2.1 - PHYSICAL COMPUTING intro to Lilypad 1-2 sample intro to Arduino + CODE TECHNIQUE codes CYCLE/STEP 3 - did you know? - soft circuit switch material studies SOFT CIRCUITRY soft comp. (CRAFT + PHYSICAL soft circuit soft circuit COMPUTING TECHNIQUE) switch -2 switch w/MC Twitter Q&A CYCLE/STEP 3.1 - soft circuit interview w/ How-to video SOFT CIRCUIT with Lilypad Alison Lewis (CRAFT + PHYSICAL COMPUTING TECHNIQUE) EASIER TASK HARDER TASK MARKETING CONTEXTUALIZE + CODE