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Transcript of Smile - Waukesha County Community Dental Clinic ... of Dr. Douglas Hastad President, Carroll...

  • Smile REPORT

    Dear Friends,

    The Waukesha County Community Dental Clinic believes that everyone deserves a healthy smile. Thanks to your continued support, thousands of Waukesha County residents leave the clinic with improved oral health.

    Ensuring that all of our communities are healthy requires devoting resources to help those in greatest need, and you have had a hand in this. Your support has allowed us to continue to expand our services and for this we are most grateful.

    Truth be told, though, there is even more work to do to meet the unmet needs for dental care for families in Waukesha County. Fees for services account only for 57% of our operating revenue. Annually we must raise 43% of the money it takes to be a best-in-class dental home.

    Making sure that every donation made to the WCCDC has the greatest impact, we are cutting our expenses and will not send out a separate spring/summer annual appeal. We are asking for your continued support by asking you to make your best gift donation by using the enclosed collection envelope. Your generosity has and continues to make a difference to thousands of vulnerable individuals in Waukesha County. Thank you in advance for your contribution and your support.

    Please take a moment to review our Smile Report and see first-hand the Clinic’s community impact. I welcome the opportunity to connect with you and invite you to call me at 262-953-4699 or visit for more information.

    With gratitude,

    Renée Ramirez, Executive Director

    Spring 2017

    Thank you Waukesha

    Sunrise Rotary Club for choosing the WCCDC as the

    recipient of the net proceeds

    from this year’s 20th anniversary

    golf event!

    Making smiles healthy & happy

    Laugh for a Smile S AV E the DAT E!

    A Celebrity ROA S T & TOA S T of Dr. Douglas Hastad

    President, Carroll University

    Partnership opportunities are available. Call 262.953.4692

    Nov. 8, 2017 | 5 p.m. Marriott West, Waukesha

  • Dr. DeAnne Blazek knows first-hand how important the gift of dental care is to those in need. She was one of six children in a family with very little money. Fortunately, their uncle was a dentist and he took care of the family’s dental needs.

    “At the time, I was not aware of the enormity of this gift. When I realized the generosity and kindness our family had been blessed with, I felt compelled to give back.”

    Dr. Blazek pays it forward by volunteering at the Waukesha County Community Dental Clinic (WCCDC). She finds that helping extremely fearful children is among the greatest rewards of volunteering at the Clinic.

    “As a fearful child myself, I remember being treated with kindness. Gentle care transforms children’s fears. It also boosts their self-esteem, because they no longer feel embarrassed. Leaving the treatment room after one such appointment, I felt the arms of a six-year-old girl wrapped around my legs. A smile had replaced her tears.”

    That hug means more than words can say about the importance of a dental home.

    Paying it Forward

    Everyone Deserves a Healthy Smile

    Thank you to the Delta Dental of Wisconsin Charitable Fund for the generous donation that supported the renovations to the Waukesha County Community Dental Clinic to accommodate the patients with special health needs being served by the Special Smiles Dental Program.

  • Give Kids a Smile Helps Single Mom

    Brittany Robertson is a single mom of three - Amor, age 8, Armani, age 6, and Aiden, age 4. The Robertson family is new to the area and was referred to participate in our annual Give Kids a Smile(GKAS) event in February 2017 at the WCCDC. The WCCDC has participated in the annual ADA’s GKAS event since 2008, providing free dental care to low-income children who have not seen a dentist for some time.

    All three of the Robertson children participated in day one of the GKAS event. Amor, who has Rett Syndrome, a neurological disorder affecting her ability to speak and walk, received an initial exam at the clinic, but, because of her special needs, required followup preventive and restorative treatment in a hospital. Armani and Aiden received their exams and cleanings on the first day, but needed to return for multiple appointments. They had significant restorative needs and it was difficult for them to sit for long periods of time.

    The value of dental care for Aiden has been $3138 and he has one more appointment to complete his treatment plan. Armani’s dental care totaled $3298. One of the WCCDC staff dentists was able to complete Amor’s treatment plan while she was under general anesthesia

    at an ambulatory surgery center. Her dental treatment, not including the costs of the surgery center and anesthesiologist, totaled $1322.

    This year, like other years, the WCCDC dental team partnered with area dentists and hygienists to provide preventive and restorative dental treatment to 33 children, valued at more than $24,000. All of the dental care was free to the children who participated in the GKAS program. All 33 children from the 2017 GKAS now call the WCCDC their dental home and have scheduled their recall appointments for this fall.

    Everyone Deserves a Healthy Smile Your donation will allow us to continue providing comprehensive services to support children, pregnant women, and adults with special health needs.

    $1,000 will provide complete restorative dental care for one child.

    $500 will enable 10 patients to receive preventive dental care.

    $250 will help us reinforce healthy habits for good oral health for 50 children.

    $100 will help us purchase disposable dental supplies for 10 patients.

    $50 will pay for one child to have his/her teeth cleaned.

    $25 will help us purchase oral health education materials for 25 patients.

  • Executive Director Renée Ramirez

    Community Relations & Advancement Director Dawn Wollenzien

    Development Assistant Kary Butryn

    Finance Coordinator Lourdes Rocha

    Clinic Manager Heidi Gaertner Community Dental Health Coordinator Kristal De La Paz

    Dentists Dr. Kathryn Connor Dr. Kristina Connor Dr. Lindsey Davies Dr. Adam Meinhardt Dr. Stacy Michels Dr. Katharine Nelson Suwalski Dr. Megan Panagopoulos Dr. Raluca Stuleanu

    Dental Hygienists Kay Fahl Meggin Hubacher Tabitha Jurkiewicz Debra McCormick Jenny Reyes Bridget Tourangeau

    Dental Assistants Jessica Astorga Viridiana Castro Courtney Chang Jessica Gurke McKenna O’Hearn

    Patient Care Coordinators Angelyn Kingston Federico Mejia Elvia Rodriguez Courtney Santistevan

    Board Members Dan D’Angelo, DDS, Chairman Nick Nelson, DDS, Vice Chairman Hanneke Deeken, Secretary Debra Lemke, Treasurer Saul Juarez Aguilar Bruce Ambuel, PhD Mark Falci Kelly Ratliff Ken Schellhase, MD Andrew Smith, DDS Bob Speer Edie Werner

    Thanks to our board members and staff for their dedication

    Smile Report 210 NW Barstow Street • Suite 305

    Waukesha, WI 53188 ■ (262) 522-7645 ■ Like us on Facebook @WCCDC

     Please send me information on leaving a legacy of compassion through a gift to the WCCDC in my will or other planned gifts. Complete form and return in enclosed envelope.

     I have already remembered WCCDC in my:  Will  Trust  Insurance Policy  Retirement Plan  Other Planned Gift

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