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  • Smart Cities Smart Mobility
  • 1. Please to meet you 50 years of leadership in mobility engineering, since 1963 Born, raised and formed in The Netherlands: Rich planning tradition Mobility really matters (dense, open economy) World wide recognized for (urban) mobility planning 250 experts to cover all relevant aspects (Urban planners, traffic engineers, psychologists, process managers, IT-professionals, et cetera) Employee owned Consultancy, IT-solutions, mobility services Our mission is to use proven Dutch solutions on mobility to create sustainable, accessible, liveable and economic flourishing cities world wide
  • How we dealt with growth Our credentials
  • Strong growth in mobility Cost-efficient (public)transport systems The worlds highest use of cycling The worlds transport-safest country Healthy, liveable, attractive and economic flourishing cities Getting the most out of space and infrastructure: Intelligent traffic management 2. What we achieved in The Netherlands can we bring to your city We are proud to see we got the cities we planned for
  • 2. Our credentials: strong growth in mobility Car ownership People / km2 Our existence The Netherlands
  • 2. Our credentials: Cost-efficient (public) transport systems
  • 2. Our credentials: The worlds highest use of cycling In the Netherlands we are proud to have more bicycles than people Why we bike - Cheap, fast, fun - Healthy - Compact: less use of surface - Green: less noise, clean air - Reducing urban congestion - More mobility Cycling-inclusive planning - Potential driven investment (also e-bike) - Cycling culture - Parking facilities - Cycling highways - Bike sharing systems - Public transport alignment
  • 2. Our credentials: The worlds transport-safest country (source: Dutch Cycling Embassy) Despite growth in mobility, fatality rate dropped World champion traffic safety, even for vulnerable cyclists
  • 2. Our credentials: healthy, liveable, attractive and economic flourishing cities If you plan for cars and infrastructure, you will get cars and infrastructure, smart moving cities plan for people and places, so they get
  • 2. Our credentials: Getting the most out of space and infrastructure It is not only about creating more infrastructure, it also about making better use of existing capacity Melanie Schultz van Haegen Minister of Infrastructure & Environment
  • 2. Our credentials: current topics Young urban lifestyle Smart city development Intelligent transport Big data technology
  • Smart Urban Mobility Planning Our approach
  • 3. Our approach: interdisciplinary planning 1960s 1980s >2010s2000s In time infrastructure planning has become more complex and integrated Continuous improvement of technical tools and data collection methodologies assist us to deal with this complexity
  • 3. Our approach: using data and modelling tools
  • Multi modal network design Accessibility Dynamic traffic management Urban quality 2. Our approach: comprehensive urban mobility design as a result
  • Lessons Learned Our examples
  • Our examples: The Netherlands Amsterdam Metropool region Urban planning North-East expansion (Almere 2030) 220 km2 , 2.2 mln inhabitants, 5700 zones Dutch National Transport Model Multimodal network analysis and planning 25.000 km2 , 18 mln inhabitants, 6700 zones Greater Rotterdam area Planning second western river crossing Port of Rotterdam 400 km2, 3 mln inhabitants, 5000 zones Brainport region Transportation planning Brabant Breed 5000 km2, 2.5 mln inhabitants, 3300 zones Large scale transport planning Peak avoidance technology Personalized travel advice Serious gaming / rewards Utrecht, Rotterdam, Brainport region Bycicle highways Fast and safe infrastructure for (e)bikes Less congestions for cars Twente, The Hague region, Utrecht region Intelligent traffic management Connected cars, smart infrastructure Realtime (personalized) speed and routing Assen, Amsterdam, Brainport region Urban Traffic management Dynamic, Traffic centre, DRIPs, etc. The Hague, Groningen, Almelo, Utrecht Smart mobility solutions
  • Our examples: International Rio de Janeiro (Brasil) Transport Planning Model London (UK) Expansion plan Heathrow Urban Mobility planning Mini hollands Abidjan (Ivory coast) National transport model Cell phone data-analysis Kampala (Uganda) Road categorization plan Shantou (China) Urban Mobility Planning (Classified) Jakarta (Indonesia) National Transport Model Cell phone data analysis (Classified) Austin (USA) Bike-inclusive mobility planning (Also: Los Angeles, San Fransisco, San Jose, Montreal, New York) Ruhr metropolis (Germany) Trendanalysis, strategic planning
  • Amsterdam The Hague Eindhoven Leeuwarden Deventer and through partners world wide Jos van Kleef, CEO Goudappel Groep BV E: T: +31 6 570 666 222